Stampin’ Up! Designer Series Paper Charts- Annual Catalog 2017

Stampin’ Up! Designer Series Paper Charts- Annual Catalog 2017

hi thanks for joining me this is angie
chic-n-scratch and today i’m sharing with you my designer series paper charts
you can head over to my website you can print the free pdf you have two choices
you can print the the blank template and cut your designer series paper and two
inch squares or you can just print the PDF with the scanned copy okay I’m going
to show you the scanned one then we’re going to assemble this one this is the
only one that hasn’t been assembled yet okay birthday memories and it does have
the item number if you wanted to order it and then all the coordinating
cardstock the colors within this pack so that’s birthday memories and then we’ve
got bundle of love same thing the item number along with the colors coffee
break color theory has two so if you decide to
print the template you’re going to make sure that you print two of each stack I
did not insert an additional page just print two of each one of them that has
us that’s a stack okay delightful Daisy Eastern Palace foil
frenzy now the fresh florals has it’s very own chart all by itself and it’s
because the in colors have five colors so there’s you’re going to have two
holes but I think if you look at it you can kind of understand why I decided to
just keep it really clean the just add color the same thing I didn’t go ahead
and add the white which is the flip side of these naturally eclectic petal garden
is another stack so you would want to print two of that page pick a pattern
and then we’ve got a whole lot of lovely then last but not least is the wood
textures love this pack now what we’re going to do is add our square so if you
decide to print the template all you’re going to do is well let’s start with
this first one so I’m going to place adhesive here and I’m doing something
different this year that I’ve not done in the past I used to go through here
and position them wherever I thought they looked the best someone asked me
why I didn’t just put the front piece up here and the bottom to it the flip the
flip side of it below it I’m like well to be honest I never thought of that so
to the person that recommended that thank you
it’s crazy at how sometimes our brain just don’t work anyway so this is the
front side and this is the back side so all of the charts that is the case so
this is going to be the front side that’s going to go here and I’m probably
attaching these just a little bit crooked because I don’t want to put my
head in the camera again this is the back side of that one and I usually use
my glue sticks use your favorite adhesive whatever your
favorite is so this is the V meri designer series paper this is the
Christmas paper that we have in our annual catalog this year you’re going to
see me using more of this in August okay let’s see I’m talking and forgetting
where to put my adhesive a couple more or I should say four more see is that
the right direction yep and last one okay so that wraps up the paper charts
don’t forget head over to my website and print either PDF for free have a great
day thanks a lot bye

6 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up! Designer Series Paper Charts- Annual Catalog 2017

  1. Thank you so much. I have never added a comment but this is so wonderful to have and be able to refer to that I had to tell you how appreciative I am.

  2. My fave designer series paper for this new catalog is the be merry Christmas paper I love the traditional Christmas colors in paper and decor

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