Stamp like an EXPERT with Make Art Blendable Ink – Inktoberfest Day 19

Stamp like an EXPERT with Make Art Blendable Ink – Inktoberfest Day 19

Hi everyone and welcome back to hedgehog
Hollow we’re on day 19 we’re nearly on that home straight so today I’m talking
about Wendy Becky’s and make art blendable X now
many of you will know that I did a class with her last year at Ranger HQ I
learned tons of information I do not have time unfortunately in this video to
distill all that information to you but I want you to share a couple of neat
tricks and things you might not know about makeup blender balls and also
Wendy’s stamps if you haven’t seen these so you can get them through stampers
anonymous she has arranged them she also has a range with Ranger try and see that
a few times fast and the ones with stampers anonymous are red rubber and
the ones with Ranger art photopolymer so I’m going to start stamping out makeup
blendable and works great as a blending ink it’s gonna work great for filling in
and coloring it’s in its water reactive as well so you can do really cool
backgrounds with it you can smush with it too you can do all of those kinds of
cool things she also has this range of small detail blending tools like these
which we’re going to be using I’m gonna grab a couple of those out and so
they’re water-based they’re a ranger ink and we do have a little Wendy vet goodie
bag that we’re gonna be giving away so you can hop on over to the blog post
after this to find out when where how all of those kinds of things you can win
that as well but I’m going to start this out just on my tag here as always and I
hope that you’re enjoying inktober Fest – look how lovely that is the great
thing about red rubber is it does give you huge amounts of detail which is
something I really really like about red rubber in particular and the other thing
you can do if I grab this over here is you can apply multiple colors to the
stamp itself so you can take some Tigerlily and you know we can apply a few
different colors which is what I’m going to do here make sure of course you’ve
hit subscribe rung the bell all of those great things I’m gonna make myself a
little bit of an autumn leaf here and these are her mini blending tools so
everything as always will be linked in that description for you I’m gonna add a
tiny bit of red geranium as well now you have a couple of options now this back
in the day we used to do think with the huffing technique which was this on your
stamp and that little bit of moisture kind of just activates it you could also
spritz it with a spray bottle and what I would do is just hold it a little bit of
a way away and let some of that and on there or you could just go in a little
bit drier what we’re gonna do is we’re adding that bit of water just to mix the
colors and add some patina and look at that beautiful patina we’ve got on that
leaf look at that isn’t that gorgeous and the lift it all the way up and you
can see those water droplets in there so you can depend on how much patina
depending on how much moisture you want to add in but I really love those kinds
of techniques but the one thing I wanted to show you is Wendy’s stamps all come
with this little mask and you might wonder why but it’s a super cool
technique you add this mask over the top just like this so it fits your stamp
perfectly also fits her chipboard elements if you’re using some of those
and then you can start adding color without having to worry about coloring
in the lines which i think is just an awesome idea so what you can do is just
start adding in like this I mean how cool is this so I’m gonna add that and then I can
start adding my shading in so I might want to add a bit of sunflower again I’m
gonna add that over the top and maybe add some highlights in here because I
want to make it look round and super cute and you see how easy this I’m not
having to worry about stay within the lines any of those kinds of things a
little bit of tea rose as well just one with my tea rose a little bit of peat
moss just to go on that stem the other thing about her colors is they are all
the same colors as archival inks which we’ll be featuring later on not in this
video but later in inktober fair so you’ll want to make sure you’re signed
up to get those videos I mean how easy was that to color and of
course I’ve colored it perfectly in the lines and you can see if I add water I’m
gonna get the patina to it I can have multiple colors to my stamp there’s all
sorts of fun things you can do and there’s endless things I could do with
these inks they are all water-based so they’re not gonna be permanent they’re
always going to react with water unless you seal I’d micro glaze those kinds of
things on but I just love this I’m going to add a couple of notes so this is
adding color and water to stamp and then this is stamp mask blend with makeup
blendable so you can add of course as many notes as you want to but I just
want to know for myself that that’s what we were doing on this day so that was
today double check my tax 19 and then I’m gonna add it to my book Krang and if
you’ve been joining us for the rest of inktober fest or maybe this is the first
video you found these are all in ink first playlist you can go and check that
playlist out we’ve done everything from embossing through stencils and using
different mediums we’ve talked about water coloring with hybrid inks and no
line coloring we’ve got more in depth tutorial coming up we’ve done color
burst powders we’ve had flicking techniques shimmer powders easy coloring
harder coloring practicing make brush markers we’ve talked about pearl alcohol
inks one of my favorites we’ve got to have pigment inks different
think shapes you can make coloring your own custom colors of glitter so lots and
lots of fun things so go check out the rest of that playlist as well thank you
so much for joining me at Hedgehog Hollow and I’ll see you again tomorrow
for day 20 I’ll see you then bye

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  1. These inks and stamps with coordinating masks look beautiful. This video wasnt available earlier on Facebook. Happy I was able to view it here on the blog.

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