Stamp Layering Tips for a Beautiful CAS Floral Card   Altenew!

Stamp Layering Tips for a Beautiful CAS Floral Card Altenew!

Today I’m sharing the new Stargazer
Build-A-Flower from Altenew Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and I’m
really excited to be here as part of the new release from Altenew and it’s a new
Build-A-Flower called Stargazer I’m going to be making a very clean and
simple card today and just sharing a few tips and tricks along the way I want to
layer up this flower and it’s it’s fairly easy to actually layer it has
only three main layers and then a couple of center pieces as well so I have a
piece of Neenah white card stock it’s cut just smaller than my card front and
it’s the 80-pound I’ve got some 80 pound card stock here my card front I do like
to make out of the hundred and ten pound and I have actually placed my flower off
the edge of the card design I’ve made my own combination of colors because hey
I’d like to do that and I didn’t want an all pink or an all blue or an all green
or an all purple flower so I did start with the morning frost gray and then I
decided to come in with my pinks and I have got my mat behind my Misti now it’s
laminated and I’m really liking using this although I do have to wipe any
excess ink from it because it does pill on top so if you have done that just
beware and doesn’t it look awful with just the pale pink on there but
seriously I just love how this flower finished and actually the photos you may
notice they’re a little bit Pinker than the actual flower the I really struggled
to get the depth it’s more of a purple pink the rubellite on top of the gray it
looked really gorgeous so I just followed the layering guide on the
packet and came in with a couple of yellows now I did offset the Centers of
the stamen tips because I wanted it to look a little bit of dimension and this
is actually the second time I’ve made this panel the first time
was not concentrating and I didn’t stamp my leaves properly so this time I’m
going to show you how I fixed this and made it foolproof I’m using my dies yes
and I’m not actually cutting anything out I’m just using it to get the
placement for my stamps I set the stamp on top and then picked it up with the
Misti now I’m using the green fields greens and starting with the lightest
color which is the frayed leaf and I’m just making sure to press it nice and
firmly against the stamp masking paper and I had a little bit of trouble
layering up this leaf so what I’ve done this time is I re-stamped the frayed
leaf on a piece of scrap paper and now I’ve lined up the second leaf and
stamped it with the forest glades to make sure that it was correct before
I stamped my proper image if I hadn’t done this the first time I would have
had this card finished by now but no I had to start again so for all my leaves
I did this I actually stamped them off on that scrap piece of paper and then
layered them up and that way I knew the layers were going to be correct before I
committed to my actual card because that’s the problem when you have a one layer
clean and simple card it’s really difficult to hide mistakes unless you’ve
got some beautiful sequins and then you can hide anything (almost) and how gorgeous is
this flower I just love it now all I have to do is add a simple sentiment and
I chose two different sentiments from two different stamp sets and the wavy
roses is this little one that I’m doing here and I’m stamping both of them with
the Obsidian black and this fabulous retro font is from the geometric flowers
set and I thought this was such a fun combination for a sentiment
I’ve popped up the panel on the front of top fold card and I will have lots of
pictures and all the links to the blogs also you can find out how you can win if
you’re here in December 2019 head to my blog which will be linked in the
description below I’m so glad you could join me today if you did like this
please click on the thumbs up button which lets me know that you did like it
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I’ll see you again here real soon til next time happy papercrafting bye

35 thoughts on “Stamp Layering Tips for a Beautiful CAS Floral Card Altenew!

  1. okay.  I have to be honest, Therese.  The lily might be my least favorite flower of all [it might be the scent?] – until today.  You've made me love it!!  I also love the sentiment!  Well done, my friend! xx

  2. Absolutely loved the card, it was so beautiful – you made it look so easy but I was glad to know that you struggled with the leaves – it lets me know that even you struggle sometimes with cards – but you worked through what was giving you a hard time and came up with a solution…

  3. Gorgeous card but perfection would have been obtained with just a touch of shading under those flower petals. So pretty!!!! Leaves are lovely! 🌱

  4. Hey Therese….another color combo of yours that I've added to my Crafty Journal! Love it so much that I'm off to my craft room to give it a go! Thanks for sharing, Therese, and thanks for all the crafty fun you have given me over the past year. And in case I miss you over the next few weeks, 'wishing you a wonderful Christmas Season creating special [insert 'cards' here if you wish LOL] memories with your loved ones! Take care, dear. Gentle hugz, your Canadian crafty friend, Nancy.

  5. Absolutely GORGEOUS CAS card, Therese! I love that you started with Morning Frost …such a lovely way to begin layering this beautiful bloom! Fabulous CAS design, too 🙂

  6. Beautiful card and your choice of colours is great. These flowers are really beautiful but the smell of them just kills me.

  7. Hi Therese, I’m with the comment below. Not a lily lover. Neither the flower, nor the scent. Can’t bear to have them in my home, but you have created a really beautiful flower and I have to say I love your card. It’s gorgeous. I might even be tempted to buy the set now. Thank you.

  8. When I was on the Altenew website, my eyes went directly to this very card, I took a picture of it (my favourite of the bunch). My gut told me it was made by you.

  9. WOW! This is one CRAZY BEAUTIFUL card!! I especially LOVE the colors you used and the sentiment is also perfect! Fabulous job! Thanks so much for sharing and even more for the INSPIRATION! Arlene

  10. Stunning card! The colours are so beautiful.
    I loved all the tips today.
    I'm a big fan of the die method of stamp placement.

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