St Patrick’s Day Treats!!  DIY St Patricks Day Craft | Marissa and Brookie

St Patrick’s Day Treats!! DIY St Patricks Day Craft | Marissa and Brookie

hey guys, I’m Marissa and I’m Brookie and
today we’re doing a St. Patrick’s day video. We’re going to be showing you some St patricks
day fun. Including some of our favorite treats and
crafts. Let’s get on to the video. For our first on we’re going to be showing
you one of my favorites. First you will need a big bowl and put some
green ice cream in it. We’re using some green sherbet. This is actually rainbow sherbet but we’re
just trying to get all the green. Now just add some squirt in it and just mix
it around. To jazz things up a little bit we are going
to put some lifesaver gummys on the straw. do that again. do better. It’s so good! mmmmmm And there you have it. a slushy st patricks day drink. for a little bit of a healthier treat we are
going to make a rainbow fruit parfait. we’ve got this fruit cut up and ready to go. Start with the blueberries and then the kiwi. Shake that baby up. I’m goona do more. mmmm, yeah baby. okay my turn. that looks so good. I’m going to stand up for this. oh, it’s so good. that’s good. I’m going to try some pineapple. another good idea is to whip cream inside
or in between the layers. get a bigger cup. I’m going to try all of it. ready, cheers! Now we are going to make a diy st patrick’s
day shirt. we just traced out the word lucky in a font
we like. It works good to just tape it to your table. just place the sheet of wax paper on your
word. Now just use a glue gun to trace out the word. WHen it’s cool, peel the glue off the wax
paper. This one is just a little bit messy so you
might want to use an apron. Get your paint brush just a little bit wet,
dip it in the paint and use your thumb to like splatter it. We just picked up a plain white tee shirt,
anything will do really, just cut out any image you’d like, we’re using a four leaf
clover. place that in the middle of the shirt or where
ever you want it to be . I’m taking a pencil with an eraser and dipping it in the paint.
and using it as a dotter to kind of outline and doing it again and just repeating the
process until your desired look. It doesn’t really need to be perfect you cant
even go outside the clover a little bit. kind of give it a more artsy look. just peel the design off. look at this. here is the final look of our shirt. I think they turned out really good. how about you? yeah! For our last St patrick’s day treat we are
going to start by mixing up some lemonade. just pour one cup of lemonade into a bowl
an open up a cool aid packet. take out some kool aid take out a little bit
to color the lemonade. and mix it up. it smells good. now we’re just going to pour this pink kool
aide mix into about 2 of these ice cube trays and then after that we are just going to repeat
with a different color of kool aide to represent each color of the rainbow. We just pulled these out of the freezer with
all the colors in them. now we are ready to assemble our drink. Now we’re just going to put some squirt in
it. There you go, you have a rainbow fruity drink. Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed the video. Make sure to give this videoa a like and ring
the notification bell down below so you don’t skip a beat.

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