SS Georgie – BARCO de PAPEL IMPERMEABLE de IT | Te Digo Cómo

SS Georgie – BARCO de PAPEL IMPERMEABLE de IT | Te Digo Cómo

To make the SS Georgie … To make the SS Georgie you need only one
paper sheet Fold it so And after so … …no but… That yes! Fold it so And after so … And then you turn around here you stretch ah And you put the name Ala, you have the barquito IT … no, but that … Well, okay, I managed a little Ready! SS Georgie No, this is the SS Georgie Barquito design of IT is much more
sharp on the candle And of course it is completely waterproof In this video we show you how to do this and
the film of the year 90 The latter you can do with a sheet
Newsprint, but we’ve left a template This time you have to print double
expensive To be well The first step is to paint with a white candle
the entire surface of the template Both sides For the next step we need a dryer
of hair Apply heat to the wax paper
it melts This step can also be done in a
oven or microwave If after heating remain
areas without obscuring We return to paint with candle And we heat So we should be One side of the template has a
black edge Cut the paper that line This is the piece that will be used for boat First we folded in half lengthwise Unlabelled long double Then we bend to one side Only to mark the center We folded about 2 cm. the bottom edge
above We turn the paper over and do the same
with the other side Here comes the first difference with a boat
normal We turned one of the top corners From the center to the bottom corner And back to bend to the opposite side Until you see the center We turn to the latter double to
the tip is inward And raise the bottom tab to
it is below With the other corner will do exactly what
same We turned the tips of the lower lashes
in this way Open the bottom forming a template
cornet And we turned and Here comes the second difference Plegamos the bottom corners up But only about 3 cm Without the double reach corners
the sides Return to open and fold the other side Stretch of the two side peaks And we have our boat To remove marks only doubles
we need to apply heat If we want the boat to sail We advise you to close the ends You can do it with melted wax and a brush The aplicáis as if an adhesive And you presionais to be close In this way the water will not enter the boat To make the ship’s last film You need the yellow template Also printed duplex This comes with the SS Georgie already written We do the same with the other template We place the paper so we can read
name And we began to bend as in the other
model But in this model there is a very weak line
just below the name There is where the tabs will fold
lower To fold the corners the name should be
in the layer below Other are equal to almost doubles
the end This is where changes These corners fold them everything we can Until the double reaches the side By forming the sail boat is smaller
with the rest Remove heat marks And we have our SS Georgie If you want to make larger models
you just have to print on a larger role This is an original costume for this Halloween Ponte a yellow raincoat In a hand wearing a red balloon and the other
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  1. La Plantilla Hay que imprimirla en A3 ????? Si la respuesta es SIIII , quizas lo Imprima en A3 gigante Barcote !!

  2. Quien rayos te enseño hacer esa gran barco y también flotaras también flotaras también flotaras y aaaaaaaaaaa

  3. de echo en Mexico la película de it 2017 se estrenó justo un día antes del terremoto de 19 de sep

  4. Srgjflxyddkdxhxlsbdufbbwzlbdwo. Jd/nkx!xncxkxkxmhx d d d d. d d d d. d. d d f f f f f f f f f. Ciejjf fjenejejejwbeibfd

  5. Si muy bien pero me surge úna "Dudilla"…¿Cuáles son las medidas de las plantillas cuándo éstas quedan recortadas..?,si se vizualizan 2 plantillas fotocopiadas pero visualmente no se distinguen las medidas en Cm. de lo recortado,no sé si me entenderéis…La verdad es que realizáis vídeos muy interesantes,especialmente me agradáron bastante aquéllos Barcos pop pop y aquélla Fuente de agua casera,muy chulos…Like y Saludos.

  6. Yo encontré la palabra oculta, la palabra es: flotan georgi y cuando estés aquí abajo tú también flotaras 😖

  7. En vez de pintar con la vela y el secador de pelo mejor derretimos la vela y ase lo pintamos con un pincel y ya está pero aganlo con un adulto su eres menor de edad 😏

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