Squishy Makeovers: Fixing Your Squishies #4

Squishy Makeovers: Fixing Your Squishies #4

Hello Everyone, my name is Rainbow Brite. And if you’re one of those people that’s scared of dolls go away So anyway, welcome to another squishy makeover. Are you gonna give this video a thumbs up? I know the weird intros are out of control So last week I unboxed a bunch of squishy packages full of some old broken or unwanted squishies that some of my awesome subscribers Gave to me to use for makeovers and if you didn’t show up to that party We have a lot of fun there. So don’t miss the next one which will be happening this coming Monday So, let’s see which ones you guys picked out for today? So the first, most highly requested squishy was this yummy bear Oh. My. Gosh. It’s yummy bear the excitement is real and next of course you guys picked out one of the most tragic squishies I’ve seen in my life. It’s a mermaid, right? You’re falling apart dear and somehow this little tiny squishy got everyone’s attention His story is a compelling one. There’s a lost soul This little tiny mango who fell out of someone’s package. I don’t know who sent this, but thank you No one gets left behind Gets me every time and the final choice is this one which I unboxed quite some time ago But a lot of you were still bringing it up, that’s awesome. I’m so excited about this one Okay. So here are the four victims. Let’s jump into squishy roasting… So let’s start with the stack of macarons now to me this design looks a little lazy, is lazy the right word? Like each one of them is a solid color and to me it just looks kind of boring also I don’t know but it always looks like it’s upside down, like which way is right side up It’s condition is okay some rips some dirt, but it does have some nice detail going on And a good squish to it, and this is one of them smooth Squishies that we have to sand a bit before painting and look at this scary thing Since I’ve been doing a lot of sanding I got this mask to wear so that I’m not breathing in the dust It’s not that comfortable. I’m gonna rub this squishy up until it gets little rips all over it Which you really can’t see but… uh-huh Now I’m gonna break out some matte fabric paint to use on this and I’m going for some more appetizing colors Which ill that does not look appetizing but it’ll get better once the color builds up a bit, by the way I will provide a link in the description to a big Giant list of materials and it will have every supply that I use in my makeover videos and where to buy them So if you’re wondering about the paint or the glue or any supply that your eyeballs are looking at check the list it will be There so I went with a chocolate vanilla and strawberry Theme and before I move on I’m realizing that these macarons look a little lonely. They need a little friend So I’m gonna grab some memory foam to shape a little topping friend for the macarons also I thought this would help with the which side is up issue that we discussed earlier So I made this little dollop of whipped cream and hey the dollop needs a friend, too So I shaped a little cherry to fit inside the whipped cream And of course the cherry needs a friend – I’m just kidding that could go on forever now I’m gonna paint the whipped cream with a nice thick coat of white paint. Yes The foam is already white But I want it to match with the rest of the squishy and not look like an unfinished chunk of pillow Which is exactly what it is, so I’m double layering that white paint and while that second coat of paint is still wet I got a throw on some sprinkles. I Love sprinkles So adding those for a little cute pop of color if you don’t like sprinkles yikes. This may be a rocky relationship because I can’t stop with the sprinkles and now I’m stabbing and painting the little cherry and I definitely should have glued all these pieces together first and then painted them together as one piece because that Usually works out a whole lot better, but whoops brain fart So now I got to glue these together with some fabric glue rubber band them and wait 30 minutes Remove the rubber band and now the cherry has a butt crack perfect So I’m gonna wait for that to come back to shape in the meantime I’m gonna go back to the three amigos and add in some white fillings so they don’t look so darn basic What is this finger doing? Who are you pointing it? And then I’m adding some dripping fudge on the top which is not typically seen on macarons, but just go with me Okay And finally gluing it all together all the friends come together and I’m gonna add a little bit of white paint Between them to seal everything up and join them together and there we go. I think this came out super cute Wow, that is a heck of a pile of whipped cream there I’d say it’s a little it’s a little on the tall side But I still like it and I think it’s really cute without the white filling. They kind of just look like blobs So I think that was definitely an improvement. You don’t see a lot of toppings on macarons I feel like but I don’t know it adds something interesting to it And it looks like a macaron ice cream sundae or something, which I really like Now I’m gonna tackle this mutilated mermaid This squishy has a very serious illness called acrylic paint as you can see This is why acrylic paint doesn’t work So well on squishies because it just cracks and crumbles and creates a big mess the severed torso The violently bleeding scalp the black lipstick. I don’t even know where to start with this girl I do wonder about her neck as well. Like why she doesn’t have one, but you know what? This girl has been through some stuff. So let’s be nice to her Okay, so I started by peeling her face off because you know, she hasn’t suffered enough and then I just started going crazy Peeling pulling picking cutting. I was originally just gonna paint over all this mess But I didn’t like how crunchy the squishy felt with all that cracking paint And so I just tried to remove as much of it as possible to get the softness of the foam back and the more I looked at it the more I Didn’t like this tail. I was just gonna work with it because I felt like she had enough problems to fix already But it’s bent up under her So strangely like doesn’t that hurt so I decided to go ahead and chop off her tail at this point She’s basically a cut up ball of foam. I mean, look at this half her body is shredded on my table So I’m gonna get out a block of memory foam and construct a new tail for her that hopefully won’t look so uncomfortable And after spending a bunch of time on this I decided I hate it It’s stiff and terrible and so I started on tail 2.0 and tried to give this one a little more curve Don’t be fooled by editing. This took me forever and I was so convinced that I was gonna lose her Her coffin was already picked out her funeral was being planned I thought she was gonna die But I held on to hope and kept on believing and finally it looked like maybe she had a chance don’t stop Believin. So I’m using my trusty fabric glue to attach the tail and securing that on and getting into a wrestling match with my rubber band ball Don’t worry. I won wait for it to dry. And wow, that does not look good. Not at all Like how the tail is touching the bottom of the hair and how there’s a huge valley in between the two pieces So she’s going back in for more surgery. I’m trimming up the foam more I am using some skin grafts to blend the new tail onto her body She also had some holes in her head that I’m filling with scrap pieces of foam It’s just surgery after surgery with her And now finally we can start painting and this foam is just too smooth to paint on just kidding So I’m gonna cover the entire Squishy – her shell bra because I didn’t want to cover the detail and a thick coat of some random Fabric paint and this is just to smooth out the surface a little bit and seal in all the cracks and once that dried She’s still looking pretty lumpy. So let’s do this again round 2 of paint I was a little worried that all this paint was gonna make it Firm or just nasty feeling but that actually wasn’t a problem at all It still feels very soft and flexible. So now it’s time for the backside I don’t know why this green tube of paint just pops and randomly your guess is as good as mine and after two coats of This obnoxious orange paint. Mermaid is looking a lot like a giant cheeto. Hey, so let’s fix that Shall we finally I’m starting on the real paintwork with her skin many people last episode We’re very confused about why I used to only use a popsicle stick for painting and now sometimes I use a paintbrush Why well my friends I used to only use slick paint, which is the glossy paint It’s very thick and for that you need a popsicle stick, but recently I’ve started using the matte paint Which is actually very thin so you can get away with using a paintbrush That’s why you’ll see me go back and forth between the two I have a very long frequently asked questions section in the description where I explain a lot more things like this in detail so you can find a lot of answers to your questions there if you have any and here’s where I go lavender with the Hair and girl she has got some hair on her I mean, geez, she could fit like 20 of her arms inside her hair, which is cool. You know, it’s cool I always appreciate a nice head of hair And now I had the brilliant idea to paint Individual scales on the tail because apparently four hours wasn’t enough time spent on her not including drying time So I spent another 35 minutes drawing scales But I will say I do like how that came out. And finally I’m adding the finishing touches I did give her a little headband with some little stars on it I think the original had something like that on it But of course it was hard to tell what was going on with that and here she is I know she’s not perfect I think some people expect to see like factory perfect squishies But like of course, it’s gonna look handmade because it is I’m very proud of my creations They come from my heart and I have a lot of fun doing them and considering the train wreck I started with I think this turned out pretty well and I have to say it is now one of my prized possessions I really do hope that you guys liked this squishy though because I worked my tail off making this Now it’s time for the tiny lost soul and he’s in some rough shape either Aliens came down and sucked out his brain or maybe he’s just mind blown either way his head got some problems He’s kind of cute though. Of course, the first step is brain surgery So I’m shredding some foam to stuff inside his head And actually this is one of the more difficult rips that I’ve ever had to fix because it’s not just one straight rip It’s like five little rips that go in different directions I had to glue one section at a time hold it together and then use my hairdryer to dry it and I darn near melted off my fingers doing this would not recommend and I just keep moving along sealing the ribs and Then I’m gonna use some puffy paint to fill in the cracks until we have mango Frankenstein And at this point, I’m thinking what in the world do I do with this How creative can I really get with the paint job? So I used the shrink plastic pin that I made a while ago Which is actually the exact same size by the way I wanted to do something Similar with the coloring and I decided to give this paint a try which I’ve never used on a squishy before it’s matte paint with tiny little specks of glitter in it and let me tell you this paint has Zero coverage power it is so see-through And this took like ten coats of each color Also, the paint has kind of a bumpy texture to it, which is okay. I don’t know. I’m not sure I’m really in love with this specific paint somehow I think the bumpy texture kind of works from the mango But I’m not really sure how often I would want to use this on other projects I didn’t end up being able to completely cover his face, but that’s okay because I’m just gonna repaint it on anyway And look at this tragedy. I didn’t like the mouth. So, uh, I tried to wipe it off. Why Okay, let’s try this again. It was really tricky to paint such tiny details what that’ll do You know, I really kind of like the color of the original better It’s not as neon but the shading and the additional color on the new squishy is really nice, too And obviously the brain surgery was urgently needed so I have to say overall I do like the new one better most of the squishies that get requested are the Jumbo ones But I’m really glad that this little guy got a chance and this just goes to show you you don’t have to be the biggest Or the smartest because you know the aliens stole his brain. So we ain’t that smart to reach for the stars and achieve your goals Also, this is definitely better to squish now. Finally. It’s yummy bear. Yay I don’t know why I get so happy to see yummy bear. Now. This is the knockoff version So I feel like the colors are not that great like to me the face looks a little lifeless and pale I don’t know. He just needs some sort of color or something And of course, we have the small little issue of his head being about to fall off now I wasn’t sure if this foam needed to be sanded or not So I test out a little spot with some random paint and once it dried I realized yeah, that paint is not going anywhere So we can proceed as usual so first Of course We have to glue the yummy bear’s head back on before he loses it derp get those rubber bands off and then for extra reinforcement I’m sealing the rips with some random paint, and I’m also filling in the waffle texture I know that’s like a signature yummy bear thing, but I’m taking my own route with the squishy. Oh It works what he has a cold And I’m gonna go with the soft pink color for this bear I haven’t really shown a whole lot of mixing paint colors in this video, but like 90% of the paint I use any time. You see these little plastic containers. It’s a custom mixed color I use a lot of pastels and other weird colors that they don’t make so I have to make them myself But I’ve created quite the collection of custom colors already So I didn’t really have to do a whole lot of mixing in this video. And now that yummy bear is all pink I’m adding some white details to keep the design nice and light and fluffy And I’m going rainbow for the frosting or whatever It’s a very similar shape to approve squishy actually, but I’m guessing something called yummy bear doesn’t have a poop on its head So yeah frosting and some people ask why do I use so much rainbow? Sometimes they’re just curious and sometimes they’re legit angry about it, but I just like it. I love color I love how all the colors look together and rainbows just make me happy I know maybe it’s not everyone’s taste I see some comments saying You know do this or stop doing that because they want me to do exactly what they would do, but you know Everyone’s got their own style and their own taste and that’s okay. We don’t all have to do things the exact same way Of course, I do try my absolute best to create designs that everyone will love but honestly You don’t have to love every single thing that I do in order to get some ideas or just enjoy the video And I am going in with some thin layers and a paint brush to blend the colors a little because they were a little Choppy and chunky and I thought about putting more rainbow on the bear itself, but I decided to just stick with one rainbow accent So it doesn’t look like just a big rainbow barf, you know And finally the face I love how the little rosy cheeks came out because they’re so soft and light and I just think it looks Really cute. I am beyond happy with how this came out. I love it It can also sit up on its own which is more than the old one could do But honestly, this has to be one of my favorite makeovers I’ve done so far It does kind of remind me of something though. Remember this from my first makeover video? Yeah I just I just I just I just Love it to death The best part is I can use the top of it to hypnotize people you love rainbow You will not complain when Mariah paints things rainbow. What? Oh, no, I wasn’t I wasn’t doing anything and yeah Today I’m doing a bonus waffle I’m not gonna be doing bonus squishies every episode, but I do have a lot of squishies to paint So I’m trying to include as many as I can wall bonus squishy is getting a makeover I want to take this time to talk about some stuff so as you guys know I get these squishies from subscribers because they’re damaged or not wanted anymore and on top of that a lot of people are excited about being able to see their squishies in unboxing videos and eventually in a makeover video so story time I Started this whole series back in May and by the end of June I had received probably over 200 squishy packages Which I was over the moon about I was so excited and so shocked but also a little bit overwhelmed So at that time I made a bunch of announcements saying I’m not gonna be taking any more squishy packages I’m gonna ask that you guys hold off on sending me any more at this point and the main reason for that was because I really wanted to be able to show every package on camera and the Unboxing videos and be able to thank every person Individually, and at that time I was even sending out thank-you letters to everyone So I put an announcement in every single squishy video and even removed my p.o box Address from the description to buy myself some time to catch up But that didn’t stop the packages from coming not even close over the past month I’ve probably gotten another 400 packages and since I’ve gotten so many it’s going to be really tough to feature every single one in a video now and Thank-you notes are basically out of the question Like there’s no way one person can write 600 thank-you notes, of course getting so many packages It makes me so happy and if you watch the unboxing videos, you know How grateful I am for these but packages sent after I made all those announcements are not guaranteed to be on camera I never wanted to disappoint anybody and that’s why I used every method available to tell everyone that I wasn’t taking any more Packages, but a lot of people either missed all of the announcements or disregarded them and now I just can’t keep up So yeah, sorry for talking your ear off about this whole thing But it’s got to be said and I’ve tried to say it in so many different ways and it’s just not getting through So, thank you so much. If you actually listen to me, and I will see you guys on Monday for an unboxing video. Bye You

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