Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #7

Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #7

music *dying* *ahem* hYELLOW. …Oh gosh… let’s cut to the chase. Today’s a squishy makeover. You know it. I know it HELLO! (If you’re reading this, save OPIEE) Last week I posted this and asked you guys to vote on which one(s) You wanted to see and you guys are such good citizens. So let me pull out all the squishies from the picture *SHPLAT* Here they are. Guess who won the popularity contest with flying colors… this guy, by far, the most requested … what are you doing? Next Empty space~ this fat pig was mentioned a few thousand times. So yep. That’s a go. You’re so fat and amazing. And soooooooo many people wanted to see this injured narwhal couple as well So yeah, sure. I’ll take those too And for the last one I’m gonna choose. And I pick this rainbow, and you know what? I’ll take it a step further because I’m willing to spend 60 hours on this video. Yeah, sure No problem, and I’ll do this cake as well. So here’s the group. Oh wait, the narwhals must be together. That’s uh.. yeah XD Yeah, here’s the group. So let’s get to squishy roasting. Where do I even begin with this koala? Although the design is really cute. The condition is not…… it’s not cute we’ve got paint smudges on the face, he’s moments away from joining the earless squad AYYYYYYYYE missing ear squad And on top of that, There’s a clear slice through the top of his ear. He bleeds purple blood I’m also diagnosing him right here with acrylic paint disease. Also, he has a little toilet paper stuck to him. It’s okay It happens to all of us. Eww. Enter fabric glue. Yes. I hold on the cap with rubber bands. I’m not sure what the problem is I’m gonna spread some glue on the mutilated ear and stick a chunk of memory foam on there. Secure that on, let it dry and once it’s dry I’m gonna trim down the foam and try to get it looking As close to the other ear as I can. Watch where you’re pointing those scissors man. Geez, and that’s it That’s the best I can do I also tried to patch up the little hole that’s in the cup the same way but that was with worse results and looks suspiciously Like a pimple popping video *shudders* But hey, let’s keep going. Now I’m gonna glue the ears back in place and then throw on a thick layer of Puffy paint over all the cracks and repairs to seal everything tOgetHa Once that dries. It’s time to accessorize Rhymes. Hmhm Don’t get me wrong, I love koalas I’ve got nothing but respect for them brah, but I do want to change this into something different just for fun So I’m shaping some marshmallows out of memory foam because this is gonna be a hot chocolate themed bear. So I’m gonna glue those on (bounce sound) And then smother them in puffy paint to fill all the holes this looks pretty weird right now, but just BEAR with me (que laugh track) Okay, so I need to try to remove some of that disease by just scratching it off I did remove a good amount of it and revealed this top-secret message underneath it says Kode or Kody or Kade, Katie, Kody? I don’t know what this says I’m going to paint the cup with a nice maroonish color. I just mixed a bit of brown with some red I don’t use this color too often, but I wanted something nice and cozy and comforting since it’s a hot chocolate theme. The bear is supposed to represent the actual hot chocolate So this is the moment when this guy loses his identity as a koala 1 liek if u cri everitim ;O; No, it’s it’s not sad because he’s becoming hot chocolate last time I checked that’s a good thing maybe in the future There’ll be an opportunity to change something into a koala hint* hint*. But uh, yeah for now the koala’s dead. So here we go It’s got a nice cozy look to it. Yeah, now let’s do something about those alien marshmallows I’m painting those white which is the traditional color for marshmallows here on earth. MMMMmmmMMM And then I’m taking this MIGHTY CHALK and sketching the face this way I can wipe it off or paint over it easily if I make a mistake, which is bound to happen All right, so that’s what we’re working with. That’s what I decided was perfect. So now I’m going over that with some actual paint I did make his eyes closed because he’s just too cozy to open his eyes right now I’m adding some shading to the marshmallows to try to make them look like they’ve been toasted This is some gourmet hot chocolate okay? To finish off those marshmallows I’m gonna spread some puffy paint around to make them look like they’re melting because hot chocolate is hot bONGOS back to the face ehhh HHH I’m just gonna put a nice little expression on him and final touches I’m gonna add some dark chocolate to the ears and coming out of the cup for some reason And since this cup is such a large area and it’s so daggone plain I decided to add some snowflakes to make it more interesting. So here’s the final squishy. He’s gone to the dark side Not evil, but he’s just literally a darker color than the original and I love it. The repairs went really well You basically never know it was damaged and I put so much detail into this with the snowflakes and the shading on the marshmallows It’s like a thousand degrees in here right now, but this little bear makes me want hot chocolate still I just want to drink his face off *adorable giggle* Not in a weird way. Okay, and next there’s the fat pig. stop calling me fAT This one is so stinking adorable I’m always a little confused when everyone chooses a super cute ones because it’s like why do you want me to change this? I mean to be fair. It is really really worn out. There are cracks over its entire fat body WOWYou just keep going Paint missing Ripping it’s definitely had its time the first step I’m gonna take is to cut off the ears Why you ask? Well, I just think pigs look better without ears. Just an opinion. Just kidding I’m gonna be replacing them with a different kind of ears So you just lay down over here and wait for me to decide your fate. Here’s a familiar chunk of fun I’m gonna use that failed tail to shape a nice What is the shape called? You see it then cut it in half to create two bunny ears So now you’re thinking I know I know you’re changing it into a bunny wrong I’m changing this into a pig wearing a bunny costume if that’s not high concept I don’t know what is So let me glue those on make sure that there’s somewhat straight and even pull the fluff out of his butt. This is humiliating. Oh and don’t forget. How could I almost forget the fluffy tail? We got to make that happen too. Good Now seal everything with puffy paint of course, of course I’m gonna paint over him with a nice fresh coat of paint so we can get rid of all the cracks and rips and just Rejuvenate and freshen up his nice pink pig skin. I’m just stalling right now Can you tell? Ah, here we go with some nice pink cheeks That’s a must and I’m giving him some Happy eyes, because he’s getting a makeover so he should be happy about it and finally here I go painting on the costume Why did I choose yellow for the costume you may be asking? Initially I wanted to do white but the tail and the stomach area are gonna be white pink is obviously a naw Blue would kind of look like cotton candy. I just did a huge purple square She recently orange is a little too close to pink grey was kind of boring and that’s how I landed on yellow Wasn’t that interesting? I wonder how many people clicked out during that explanation and finally painting the tail? Ah, the lighting is incredibly washed out here. It’s blinding Here’s the final the old one didn’t look naked before but now it looks kind of naked do I need to blur anything out? but seriously It’s not that huge of a difference the before and after but I definitely think the squishy has been refreshed and it’s rocking a new getup So that’s cool. I’m definitely getting some Easter vibes. Why have I gotten all seasonal in this video? First it’s winter now it’s spring. Once upon a time. There was a little bunny hopping through the forest. Excuse me, little bunny. What? Anyway, I was completely stumped on ideas for this one. So I’m just glad I was able to come up with something So now I’m gonna work on these two, but you know what? Let’s roast them one at a time Hmm. So this cake I feel like nobody voted for this one because it’s honestly not that attractive. Maybe I’m wrong Maybe y’all think it’s great. Maybe I have weird taste in colors . I just I don’t get the thought process behind choosing these colors Well, you know, I think we should make the main color greenish yellow. It’s definitely the most appetizing color We could choose then some brown drips not like a chocolate brown, but like a diarrhea brown. Perfect Then the bottom has to be hot pink that’ll really tie it all together. Mm-hmm squishy roasting is brutal today. On the plus side Look at that squish Yes, now the little rainbow. It is adorable And maybe this is just a weird personal thing coming from someone who has an unhealthy obsession with rainbows But I don’t appreciate when the order of the rainbow is WRONG It’s not dramatic at all. Also, it has a rip in its… Umm…(middle lol ) Okay, where’s the cake there it is so I’m first going to remove the strawberries from the top and you know what It’s weird because the strawberries were the one part of this cake. That didn’t bother me I’m actually gonna hold on to these because they may come in handy at some point. Also, I have hoarder tendencies I need that space cleared because I’m actually going to attach the rainbow onto the top eventually to become the new cake decoration I did remove some of the little Pimples that were gonna be in the way as well and then I painted over the scars to cover them up and there we go I’m gonna start painting on the little rainbow. My brush is a little crunchy Hmm, I did mix all these colors myself. A lot of people ask why I sometimes use pink instead of red for the rainbow I only do this when I’m using lighter versions of all of the colors and pink is just a lighter version of red and Here’s the part where I leave my camera on literally for an hour by accident. Oh crap I felt like the colors did look a bit off. So I adjusted them I made some of them lighter and some of them darker for the second coat just to make sure that they look nice together Small difference but in my mind it helped while the rainbow is drying it’s take time. Ooh nice And I’m painting it with the same colors I used for the rainbow of course, and I’m very happy to say goodbye to those old colors I decided to do rainbow stripes down the side of the cake and all The way around which took a long long time to do a very long time to do like just to give you an idea That’s how slowly I was making progress on this and of course one coat is never enough So we got to go for coat number two. Let’s get through this not a lot a lot. Okay there now It’s time for the two squishies to finally connect So I’m gluing the rainbow on but as you can see there are still gaps between them So I use puffy paint to fill in all the gaps better. Now that the two have become one It’s time for this to really come together And so I’m gonna paint the top and all the little drips Pink to complete the rainbow on the cake in the process. I did get a little paint on the clouds Just just a little so I’m going over that with some white to lighten it up. In the beginning It wasn’t my plan to use a pearly finish for the clouds But the original clouds had that kind of going on and somewhere along the line I decided I liked it So I totally just stole that idea from the original squishy It did get a little tricky painting in the area under the rainbow As I’m doing the finishing touches you may have noticed that you can still kind of see that darn drizzle underneath and to that I say “Oh well” It really wasn’t the kind of drizzle that’s easy to remove so it’s just gonna have to stick around but it’s not super noticeable So I’m fine with it I know I was very harsh about the original cake design but I will say the ugly ones are the most exciting to me They’re my favorites to work on because there’s the most room for Improvement and just look at it now unless you don’t like rainbow then just don’t spoil it for me. Okay, I Absolutely love how this turned out I want to keep doing more of these combination squishes because I think it’s a really cool idea to combine multiple squishies and create something brand new some where over the rainbow WHAT So now I’m gonna work on the narwhals. The only difference in design between these two is the color They’re literally the exact same otherwise. I’m assuming that one is a boy and one is a girl They do have very different injuries. The boy is missing his horn. So wait, is he still a narwhal? Or is he just a whal, whale and she has a Hole in her fin, a scar on her back and is just barely holding on to her tail Just barely I don’t know what tragic accident left them like this, but we’re gonna help so first. Oops Her tail is gone. Let me just find that. Okay, so ladies first Let’s glue her tail back on pretty easy surgery and its back now He is gonna be a little bit more difficult and I actually have someone I want you to meet. It’s a corpse he passed away During a failed operation and that is truly truly awful, but we’re gonna cut up his dead body and use it for parts So we’re gonna transfer his horn on to the other whale once it’s removed I’m gonna trim it down and try to make it fit properly glue it on and there we go Thank you for your donation rest in peace now back to her I’m gonna fill in her fin patch up her scar and reinforce her tail with some paint and doing the same with him I’m also cutting off the protruding eyelashes cuz I don’t want to see those in the end and painting over those areas Looking good, my dude and now he’s going in for his first coat of paint I wasn’t sure what to do for this Narwhal couple But I knew I wanted to do some sort of theme that would tie them together So he is a chocolate chip cookie And what goes well with chocolate chip cookies? Milk, so it’s milk and cookies I’m sorry about the way I said that so once I got him painted all the way around. It’s time for the details. I painted His heart white originally, but I changed that later. So just disregard that Now I’m putting on the face by really just following the face imprint that’s already there and also adding the chocolate chips Which kind of looks like a leopard print but it’s chocolate chips. And here’s where I changed the heart to chocolate I liked the white heart But I don’t know it just it just needed more chocolate more chocolate So back to this girl now that I’ve got a solid white color all the way around I’m going in for the face and She seriously looks like a ghost like it’s kind of scary But let’s keep going trying to make her paint job interesting was really tricky because like what do you do with a milk theme? It’s wet. It’s white. It’s white. That’s pretty much it. But I didn’t want to leave her entire body. Just a plain white so I ended up using the white pearl paint on her horn and gave her like a drip, dripping kind of thing coming down and I also made her heart pearl too. So here they are. Of course. I still love the original designs They’re classic, but I think these are so unique and a little bit more interesting now as a couple Oh and here’s my hand. Just popping in to ruin the scene. What what was I thinking? Okay, whatever. They went through some tough surgeries, but it was worth it and now full recovery. We’re fine. We’re good and it’s great Everything’s wonderful. Now if I didn’t tell you it was a milk and cookie theme do you think you could tell I don’t know it does kind of look like a leopard and a ghost wearing a magical hat but I know it’s milk and cookies. So that makes it cool. Also, did you know that narwhals are real? I’m totally not joking So basically I did six squishies in this episode. It was crazy it took me so long to make this video You have no idea but I’m really happy with all these guys and girls and things so I’d say it was worth it But yes in the future I’m not gonna be doing so many per episode cuz it’s just really hard trying to finish all the work within one week Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. I will see you guys next week. Bye

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  16. Hey Moriah… FBE reacted to this video. They sAiD: she's so creative and her voise is so calm. It's soooo cccuuutte."i'm not lying i just watched the video.ps i don't know if you know. Well byeee☺️❀️go 🌈 s

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