100 thoughts on “Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #16

  1. i think it would of been cool if you put brown piece of squishy to make it look like tea was coming out of the spicket and connect the two of them

  2. One day theirs a unicorn who love squishies..but a few weeks unicorn cries because her squishy is ruined and she goes to..

    The one and only Moriah Elizabeth
    Edit:Thanks for 10 likes😊

  3. BIG DOLLUP: you got a small dollup man little dollup: waaaaaa!! 😭😭😭 me: what the hekk dude btw I’m a girl heh I just like saying that

  4. Uhhh yeah I think touching that cake is called, “tampering with evidence”.

    Someone was definitely covering up a murder

  5. I saw a tiki toy from MIRACULOUS LADYBUG that Elizabeth found in the ugly squishy like of you saw

    And comment if you watched MIRACULOUS LADYBUG

    I just liked my own comment and commented my own video

  6. My daughter is 5. She wanted me to tell you she wants to help you with creating your squishies. So loves your videos and said that she would help you because that’s what friends do!

  7. I don't know why but for some reason this makeover scared me to death like it was just creepy Somebody explain why I thought this

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