Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #10

Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #10

*Iconic intro music plays* Hey guys what’s happening? *Plays table piano* Wut what are you looking at? Today’s another squishy makeover! Let me just go ahead and introduce you to today’s victims Meet Pickle the dinosaur *Funny music plays HI If you missed out on last week’s video (Flashback) “I’m offended” I tested out some cheap squishy kits and he was one of the results of that I call him pickle because (Flashback) “It’s a pickle!!” The paint ended up being such low quality that it started flaking off So he’s getting a makeover today and the next victim. Come on in here chap…(???) *high pitch voice* Hi… I usually keep this guy in a bag because Ink is kind of rubbing off on my hands. I need to be careful about that *drops squishy* (Squishy dies) *smirk* yay So he’s been quarantined (He really needs help) Also, these two cakes and finally an ice cream cone and a lonely ice cream scoop ;-; So this is what I’m working with today. Let’s get into SQUISHY ROASTING This hamster has been living out his days trapped in a plastic bag. So let’s let him out of there so he can breathe again *HEAVY BREATHING* (weird laughter) geez (so dramatic) And yes, that means I am putting myself at risk because he’s highly contagious (ew) Obviously this squishy has been scribbled on with some kind of marker which of course is very tragic… I noticed he has this weird spot on his face that (ew he’s spotty) Collapses and gets stuck. (???) It’s really annoying. I believe this is a hamster with a…… Uhh.. Umm.. What is that corn? Let’s go with corn. I am very eager to fix this one because this is getting real messy (i’m guessing green corn is a thing) (tip) So he is one of those very like slippery smooth squishies. So to prevent any problems with the paint peeling off later I’m going to sand him to give the foam a little bit of texture (he shall be sanded) Which I realize is kind of weird to do but it’s never let me down now Let’s try to figure out what up with his face. So I slice open his face and surprise! (time for surgery little guy!) I found a massive air pocket. It’s like a gopher hole. It just keeps on going so to fix that I’m gonna just use some scrap foam. Shove it inside his face testing. OK Now I’m just gonna glue him up with some fabric glue and it’s like it never happened. It looks so perfect Until it dried (HONK) slight scarring But I’m just gonna go over that with some puffy paint to blend it in and while I’m at it I’ll fix up some other rips and tears he’s got going on and now you can see his face rises completely normally… *Fart Sound* Kind of…. Surgery successful. Now. I’m going to make him a little accessory out of memory foam. I’m not really loving the uhh Corn thing… don’t take my corn away! So I’m gonna replace the corn. no! I’m not gonna take the corn away (baby voice incoming) I’m just gonna cover it up with a little blankie because Itza wittle baby hamstow wifa wittle bwanky! *Whispers* GOSH. I’m gonna throw up Now to seal in the memory foam I’m gonna cover it with a real thick layer of slick paint So yeah, it does look like he’s hanging on to a thick slice of cheese. That’s Kool. And now I’m gonna mix up a color for his little body Yeah, that looks just like a baby hamster. Perfect. And you can see how much of the ink has rubbed off it got everywhere So we’re finally putting an end to that madness and, yeah, it’s gonna need a couple coats You can still see his nose and mouth ghosting through there But not to worry just a thousand more coats of paint and they’ll be gone and now time to paint the cheese blanket (oh thank god) I’m going in with a baby pink for that making sure to take care of all the little edges and everything get around those corners And I’m realizing that this hamster is too fat for the blanket. OH! He’s an ADULT BABY! No, he’s not an adult baby Time for his backside Beeee Da Booooo Da Beeee BOP BOP BOP Five coats later. Here we are so this baby is gonna have accessories galore We got a little hat which kind of looks like a scrub cap right now and then I’m gonna give him a little purple Pacifier, so he’s got that going on and of course, you know we had the the tiny little blanket, but yes, he is uhh very well prepared for For some reason I decided to finger paint his cheeks Um, it actually turned out okay, though. So I’m just going in neating things up, you know… adding his eyes which are… very uneven. Let me just fix that. So he’s a And uhh, paint those little uhh… Lima bean holes (wait, wut?) that are always on pacifiers I don’t know the inside of his ears which conveniently match with his blanket Mm-hmm now since he’s not potty trained yet *pbbt* I am gonna add a diaper on him because I just I don’t feel like cleaning up hamster turds It’s just not the day for that. I thought about painting the diaper around his tail, but that looked really dumb… So it’s clearly, you know, one of those spandex diapers that are skin tight You know those of course and the final touch is the little safety pin to keep the diaper closed. (that looks a little more than just a safety pin 0-0) That’s Critical and baby is complete! (finally like ten years after painting) This squishy has so many little details I love all the little accessories and how they go together. It’s so cute As you can see his head squishes completely normally now, so no more face collapsing yay you may be thinking this could be the child of the hamster couple or maybe I was the only one thinking that… But there’s a slight problem with the size difference… That may (really) not work ( Baby Crying ) ( Sweet Lullaby Music ) Awww Next I’m gonna work on pickle the dinosaur who is Frankly a mess as you can see the more I squish this the worse it gets Number One, the foam had a very smooth surface that the paint is not sticking to. Two. The paint is so weak and low quality it’s breaking apart. And Three, he’s very unhappy So it’s a bad situation, but I’m gonna give pickle a chance The first step is to remove all that old dead skin ( ASMR? ) Kind of satisfying! (satisfying crunch-sound-thing-montage) Okay enough of that now that the squishy has been skinned, ew we’ve got another smoothie So it’s sanding time once again, once that’s done I’m going to prepare the paint and I am gonna stick with a green but it is a much lighter Brighter shade of green so he doesn’t look so depressed. So here we go pickle 2.0 (why did that rhyme) Oh, he’s looking so much better already. I LOVE IT Okay, sorry got a little intense there. And now for the other side good good and for the Horns, (???) or whatever still don’t know what to call those I’m going to do a darker green originally that part was purple But that was kind of like the reverse Barney.(No one wants that) So now that I can choose whatever colors I want I’m gonna steer clear from the Barney vibe to add some detail I’m gonna put some little tiny dots on there kind of like confetti. You know, how all dinosaurs come with colorful confetti on them? Yeah I’m just trying to be realistic here and I added some little freckles on his body as well since you know Original pickle had those and I painted the same derpy face on there and some toenails This was a pretty simple makeover. I didn’t want to change it up or add anything too different because ya’ll loved this shape So much as it was but I think it is a big improvement what a difference paint quality will make only Downside of this makeover is he doesn’t look much like a pickle any more, (R.I.P old design) but you know what? He will always be a pickle at heart. I don’t know what that means. (GOT EMMM) And this is the grand finale all of these are going to be combined into one squishy ( Cymbal Sounds ) So let’s meet them individually first, we have the lonely ice cream scoop, who knows what happened to its cone What happened to its cone? There’s also some drizzle that’s been drawn on but it is a little wild so it could use some cleaning up. What is that? Then we have this ice cream cone it’s very cheap looking lots of missing flaking paint and some tacky looking sprinkles all clustered in the center to me It looks like an ant infestation (ew) You know when there’s like a crumb on the ground and all the ants swarm around the one crumb And then we have this cake it has a “Rainbow” on it, but it’s missing all the secondary colors and it’s just not cutting it for me And honestly, it’s an And the walnut clouds aren’t much better anyway, we have this pink to white gradient kind of going on some white pimples scattered around (Squishy roasting is going savage today..) a Starfish falling off the edge. Hang in there buddy and a dolphin W-what is this, who designed this??? finally this cake Which I’ve actually already used a cake like this in a past makeover. It had different colors This one’s colors are definitely not as bad but it is very used and damaged and it does have this kind of like Dingy worn out dead look to it first things first. I’m going to perform a head transplant so off with its head *Sword cutting noise* Get out of there and now I’m gonna take some fabric glue and I’m gonna glue these two together rubberband them to secure them and once the glue dries Voila, it’s like a brand new squishy. Now. I’m gonna get working on the cakes I’m just going to flatten out the top by cutting off all the little pimples One By One And once that’s done It’s ready last member of the gang. I’m just going to remove all this nonsense from the top. We don’t need that anymore Although I kind of like this little dolphin. I think I’ll keep him Okay, now everyone’s ready so I’m gonna create a two-tier cake with an ice cream cone on top I cut off the top of the ice cream scoop. So it looks kind of like it’s melted onto the cake You know I saw people making these ice cream cone cakes on a baking show and I decided I had to make a squishy like that. So ( Cough ) Here I am quick tip because I keep on getting this question if you’re ever having problems using fabric glue Remember just a thin layer will do you don’t have to glob it all over just enough for it to hold? Okay? Okay. That cone is alive. Okay, so here’s the shape I’m working with I’m gonna secure all the little joints and rough spots with a nice thick layer of slick paint And finally, it’s painting time starting with the purple tier Wonderful, okay ( Cough Cough ) Quick announcement So mm I’ve gotten some requests from people who are interested in seeing real-time videos of my process for squishy makeovers slash drawings slash Everything so I have decided to open a patreon account and I’m gonna be posting a lot of raw Content also like behind the scenes kind of stuff photos poles Unedited videos updates of what I’m working on and just whatever else it’s I don’t know. It’s very new I have a grand total of one Supporter currently. Thank you. All the funds will go back into my channel So I’m not just gonna be like buying Doritos with it….. (I’m not lying) There’s some new equipment that I’m saving for and there’s also you know the constant stream of P.O. box fees and And supplies and And general art supplies and a lot of if you want to help out, that would be great If not, Back to the squishy this paint job took forever I went super blendy with it lots of gradients here I go adding some little drips coming off the top because the ice cream is melting just a little just not a ton just a little it would have worked out perfectly if the cake with the Actual like big pronounced drips was on the top, but it was bigger than the other one So it had to go on the bottom Oh, yeah, the backside let’s do all of this again When I first unboxed all these cake squishies so many people were asking me to make a tiered cake So yeah here I am with the tiered cake. You got it I decided to paint on the sprinkles instead of using my regular polymer clay sprinkles because I was feeling very Matchy-matchy, and I needed the colors to match exactly with the ones that were on the cake So, you know, “Ew! I don’t like the painted sprinkles, They look fake!” I’m literally arguing with myself right now and here goes the chocolate. Yeah. Yes the chocolate this is one of the only colors of fabric paint that I Consistently use straight from the bottle because it is just perfect for chocolate It’s so beautiful except for that little spot, but I fixed that later and some final touches. Oooo Aaahh Oh get your hand out of there And here’s the before and after I actually kept very similar colors for the bottom cake and Just added a gradient and the ice cream stayed pink as well. So basically the squishy didn’t even change (I’m super original) No, I’m just kidding. It changed a lot. I’m very happy with how this came out. I think it looks so cool It’s very slow rising Okay, hurry up also perfect for ASMR Okay, so that’s it for today I will see you guys next week remember I don’t do squishy makeovers back-to-back I do other things on this channel. I know I know Sometimes I even skip two Friday’s before doing another one. So it will definitely be something different next week Please try to be patient Remember that these videos take me an enormous Amount of time to make I can’t just throw them together in a couple days. It takes a long time So I’m doing my best. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you guys next week. Bye!!!

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