Spying On My Husband for 24 HOURS with GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL! | Rebecca Zamolo

Spying On My Husband for 24 HOURS with GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL! | Rebecca Zamolo

– Matt just disappeared, he left and he never came
back to the safe house. – So he just did the Quadrant symbol. – We’re gonna spy on him,
but we need your camera. Okay, I just won’t move at all. – Don’t move.
– He’s coming. – [Daniel] Look, Red Hood. – You don’t think he’s
cheating on me, right? I don’t want to follow him anymore. The Game Master’s about
to do a face reveal, we need to see who the Game Master is! – [Daniel] Okay. – [Rebecca] Matt! Matt?
– Matt? – Hey guys!
– Hey. – Daniel can you check up on the roof? – Yeah, I’ll check up there.
– Okay. Matt, where is he? He just disappeared we
can’t find him, Matt! Do you know where dad is? Is this a prank? Matt? – Matt, Matt! Matt? Matt’s not up here. I have no idea where Matt is. All right, I’m gonna have to
go check the tracking device. I swear I brought it up and it looked like he came here, to the apartment. – Matt, this is so, Matt’s laptop’s gone. ZamFam, Matt’s laptop is always here. Oh look! This is just the case. His laptop’s missing. – Hey Rebecca.
– Hey. – [Daniel] He’s not on the roof. – He’s not?
– No. – He’s not in his room
and his laptop’s missing. – [Daniel] His laptop’s missing? – [Rebecca] Yeah, but
the case is still here. – [Daniel] Oh weird. – Where do you think he went?
– I don’t know. Okay, so the tracking
device said he was here. But I’ve been having some issues with it. – You guys know we were doing a challenge on who knows me better, and then Matt just disappeared. He left and he never came
back to the safe house. So I’d thought he’d be here at home – It looked like he was
here but now he’s gone. I don’t understand. – Okay, well what does
the tracking device say? – Wait, this is weird. – What?
– It says he’s in Hollywood, of all places. – Hollywood?
– Yeah let me zoom in a little bit.
– Why would Matt be in Hollywood?
– I don’t know, it looks like, oh no, it looks like he’s at a Starbucks. – [Rebecca] What is he
doing at a Starbucks? – You remember that Rocky found out, and you guys found out too, that the Quadrant has
meetings at Starbucks. This is really strange. – Okay, well we need to to find Matt! He’s missing.
– Yeah, I know, I think we need to spy on him, see what he’s doing for the next 24 hours. – Well, I was supposed to do that collaboration with Jordan Matter. – But its more important for us to be at that Starbucks right now. – I know but we potentially want him to join the Game Master Network. What if I call him and we do the shoot in a Hollywood location? – Oh okay, what’s in Hollywood
that you could go to? – Oh, you guys remember the upside down house, yeah!
– The upside down house! Yeah!
– Where the Runner had the secret meetings,
maybe we can go there. – At the Museum of Illusion. – He would like that, right? Hey, Jordan? Hey I know we were supposed
to film a video today. Is there anyway you could do
it, possibly in Hollywood? Okay great. Yeah, we’ll see you there. I’ll text you the location. Okay so this works out. Hopefully we can go and spy
on my husband, AKA Matt. ZamFam, smash the thumbs
up button right now, if you agree with Daniel and I. I mean, him missing is kind
of suspicious right now. – [Daniel] Yeah I really wanna find him, and find out what he’s
doing at that Starbucks. – Okay, well let’s get to the Starbucks, and we’re gonna start spying on him. – Okay, before we head to Hollywood, Rebecca asked me to grab some disguises, ’cause if we’re spying on Matt, we need to be undercover. Let’s use a bunny hat. Oh, cool, this is cool. Wigs, maybe a wig? Another morph one. Black, black would be really good. That’s a lot of items, I think that’s good, lets go! There’s a Starbucks right
here around the corner. – Yeah! – Tracking device shows
that he’s right inside. This is it, this is Starbucks. – Daniel, it looks like
he’s in line, Daniel– – Oh!
– But I can’t see anything. We’re blocked.
– Oh, you know what? – What do we do?
– I got this spy camera, this little GoPro spy camera.
– Okay. – [Daniel] I’m gonna walk inside. He doesn’t know that we’re following him. – Yeah, of course not! – [Daniel] And then I’m gonna walk inside, and then just see what he does. Maybe I can overhear something. – Whatever you do, you
can’t be seen by him– – I know.
– Or it’ll ruin everything. – [Daniel] I’ll walk quickly okay? – Okay, okay, do you want me to hold this? – Yeah, take the camera.
– Okay. – Yeah. – ZamFam, comment below what
you think Matt is doing, why he’s been acting so suspicious lately. Also, you guys, we’re
gonna be meetin’ Jordan, and we wanna test him to see if he will fit with the Game Master Network, but he can not know at all. So I just really hope
he doesn’t figure out what we’re actually trying to do today, and he thinks it’s just a fun challenge. – He’s on his laptop? What’s he doing? Did you see that? Did you see that? So he just did the Quadrant symbol to the cashier at Starbucks. – Why would Matt do that? – I have no idea. – You don’t think he’s a hacker? – Is he a part of the Quadrant? – No, no, no, no, no, no. There has to be an explanation. We gotta get going. I have to meet Jordan right now. – Okay, I’ll keep the tracking device on, so we’ll see if he’s
still, stays at Starbucks or if he moves and I’ll let you know as you are filming with Jordan. – Okay, well let’s meet up with Jordan. – Okay.
– Hey! – Hey!
– Hey, hey Jordan! – Nice to see you Rebecca! – Thanks so much for meeting me here. I’m sorry about the change of location. – No, it’s totally great but can you, do you mind changing?
– For your, yeah, yeah! – I think we need something
different for the shoot. – Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah,
I’ll change into whatever, and then we can kinda go into
what I’m doing after that. – Okay, sounds good.
– So yeah, 10 minute– – Yeah, perfect.
– Photo challenge. – Awesome!
– Perfect! – Can’t wait.
– Okay. – Cool.
– Yeah. – Just don’t let her land on me. – Okay, no, no, no! All right.
– Pinky promise? – I promise!
– Can you get a spot? – Oh, oh, hold on, sorry, sorry, one sec. Hey Daniel.
– Hey. – Where’s Matt?
– He’s still in Starbucks. – He’s still at Starbucks?
– He’s still there, yeah. – Okay, well we were setting up for the 10 minute photo challenge, so maybe after that, we’ll
go spy on him some more? – [Daniel] Okay sounds good. I still got the tracking device on him. – Yeah, I haven’t told Jordan yet, he still thinks we’re just doing this and then doing a spy challenge. – Okay.
– Okay. – All right, I’ll be here.
– Cool. – [Daniel] Oh no, Rebecca! – What?
– Matt is here. – What?
– Right here, right now. – The tracking device says he’s here? – [Daniel] Yeah, and I just
saw him walk through the door! – What do we do? – [Daniel] Maybe we can get
Jordan to help us out right now. – Okay, but we can’t let him
know that we’re testing him. – [Daniel] Okay. – We’ll just say it’s a fun spy challenge. – Yeah.
– Hey, Jordan! Hey, yeah! That was such a fun 10
minute photo challenge. – It was amazing. – We were wondering, for our video, we kind of wanted to do this
really fun spy challenge. We have my husband, Matt here. But he can’t know we’re here. It’s just like fun, yeah. So do you think you could help us spy? – [Daniel] Take some photos of him? – Yeah!
– Yeah. – Sure, yeah!
– Yeah? – I’ll do it, totally. – And you have a really long lens right? – I do, very. – We’re gonna spy om him,
but we need your camera. – Okay.
– Yeah, okay. – [Daniel] And we’ll tell
you to take some photos, once we see what he’s doing. – Yeah, just for fun. – Just fun spy fun.
– It’s just a fun thing, yeah. – Yeah fun, fun, yeah totally awesome. – Here, yeah, let’s do it right now. – No, they have no idea I’m here. They think I’m still missing. So where do I find the
location of the secret meeting? Behind the giant flowers? Okay. – Wait, Jordan, you guys.
– Gotta go behind the flowers. – [Jordan] Okay. – [Daniel] Go, go, go. – What does that say? Jordan, can you get in on that? – Sure.
– Okay. He’s walking away. Can you show me what that note says? – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– ZamFam, did you guys read what it said? It says, “Don’t pop the wrong bubble. “Movie premiere with the stars.” And that looks like, “Its all about perspective
in a tiny room.” Daniel, those are clues! Those are riddles we have to solve! – Is this like a cool scavenger hunt? – Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah! – Scavenger hunting.
It’s part of the challenge today.
– Yeah, exactly. – So much fun.
– Yeah! – I’ve been to the Museum
of Illusion before, so, those are probably rooms here. So what if we can get to
that room before Matt does? We can find the clue and
hear what he’s saying. Daniel the costumes I
brought, the morph costumes. – [Daniel] Oh, okay. – I could try to blend
in with the background. – [Daniel] So he has no idea you’re here? – He has no idea. – This is so much fun! – Yeah, it’s a fun challenge. And then you guys can
take photos of the clues, and I can hear whatever he’s saying. – Perfect.
– Okay, so let me grab the morph suits and let’s, the bubble room I believe is upstairs, so we just need to get
there before Matt does. – Okay.
– Come on! The bubble room, I believe is black, so if I just wear this, Daniel, then I would blend in–
– He’ll have no idea– – With the wall.
– You’re there. – The Bubble room is upstairs. Matt doesn’t know that, he’s
never even been upstairs. – Ooh, there’s Matt I wanna say hi. – No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
– No, no, no, no, no! – It’s part of the challenge. – [Daniel] Yeah, we can’t let
Matt know that we’re here. – Oh, okay, sorry. – Let’s go upstairs. – Do I have to like sneak?
– Yeah, sneak, sneak. – It’s a spy challenge. – Oh, oh, oh, I’m sorry. He doesn’t know we’re here. – Yeah, it’s part of the fun. – This is so much fun, what a fun game. – It’s a giant bubble. Oh, wait, oh, the door opens!
– It opens! – [Daniel] Oh, we can hide in there! – Oh!
– Okay, great. – We can barely fit, look, look, look! It’s like, it’s really tight.
– Oh, okay, okay. – So I’m gonna hide there,
make sure you take photos of anything that you
see Matt holding, okay? – Okay.
– He might find a secret hidden note or something. – Okay, and you wanna photo? – We need it, right, Daniel? – [Daniel] Yeah it’s part
of the scavenger hunt. – Yup.
– Yeah, right, I get it. Yeah, okay.
– It’s part of our challenge. – [Daniel] Wow Rebecca, I don’t think we’re gonna see you at all. – I can’t even see you and
I’m standing next to you. Whoa! – [Daniel] Whoa. – [Rebecca] Can you tell? – [Daniel] I have no idea where you are. Oh, what is he doing? Where is he going? I think he’s comin’ upstairs. I think he’s comin’ upstairs! – Ahh, I’m scared!
– I think he’s coming! Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry! Here he comes now, here he comes. – Okay, okay, hide, hide,
hide, hide, hide, hide. Hide, hide, hide. Okay I’m taking pictures.
– Okay. He doesn’t know where to go. – Let’s sneak out. He’s on the phone, go, let’s
go hide, let’s go hide. – I got your signal. Yeah. This is amazing. I’m seeing the page again. – Okay.
– I’ll tell you what I heard later Daniel. What did the note say? I couldn’t see it with this thing on. – All of these.
– Look, Daniel. – Meet.
– Meet. – [Daniel] Meet, huh? – ZamFam what do you think meet means? Well, yeah, oh, I mean it’s
just part of the challenge. – [Daniel] I know, that’s challenge one. – Challenge one, okay,
what was that first note that we saw with the flowers? Movie premiere with the stars. It’s down stairs! It was by the secret meeting. We have that one that’s
like a tuxedo, Daniel. – Oh yeah!
– In your hood! I’ll put that on, but we
gotta get down there though. Matt’s gonna find it quickly. – [Daniel] Okay, okay,
here you go Rebecca. – Whoa, that was in your hood? – [Daniel] Yeah, a lot fits in this hood. – He has a lot of spy gadgets
and ninja gadgets in there. – Is there anything else in there? – Yeah, but we’ll probably
have to use ’em later. – This works out perfect. Do you guys think that I will blend in with the wall down there? It’s a tuxedo. – Yeah, you just blended
in with this one, why not? – Yeah, okay. Perfect, are you having
fun on this challenge? – Yeah, you guys really do crazy scavenger hunts, I gotta say. – Yeah!
– They’re pretty elaborate, but you know–
– Well there, for me, I just leave a note for my
kids, but this is intense. – Yeah, yup, yup, we do it all. We come up with everything. – Yeah it’s fun. – Okay, let’s go. – All right.
– Okay. – What do you mean by secret meeting? – Oh, it’s, this– – [Daniel] Totally this scavenger– – It’s part of the scavenger
hunt, you’ll find out later. – Okay, cool.
– Yeah, Okay.
– Where you going? – I don’t know, where’s Matt? Wouldn’t he have figured out
that this is the location? – [Daniel] I would think so, I don’t know. – [Rebecca] Do you
think I can pull it off? – Whoa man I don’t know.
– Do you need help? – Okay.
– Okay, you can get the GoPro. – Yep, okay.
– Okay, good luck. – [Rebecca] Where are you guys gonna hide? – [Daniel] We’re gonna
hide around the corner. – [Rebecca] Okay, Jordan,
just make sure to take photos as best you can of the note. – [Daniel] Scoot, scoot, scoot. – [Rebecca] Like I’m a mannequin. – Yeah!
– Okay, I’m camouflaged though, right? – [Daniel] It’s okay. – What about over here? That’s better.
– There you go. – [Rebecca] Okay, I
just won’t move at all. – [Daniel] Don’t move. Okay, where, you think around the corner? – Around the corner, okay. Where’s Matt? Oh, oh!
– He’s there, he’s there. Hide, hide, hide! – [Daniel] Okay, yeah, grab some photos. – I got it, got it, got it!
– Okay. Rebecca!
– Did it work? – [Daniel] Did you hear anything? – [Rebecca] He didn’t say anything. – [Daniel] Oh, weird. – [Rebecca] He just got the note. Did you guys see what the note said? – [Jordan] It looks like it says, “Today?” – Today, meet today.
– Meet today. Daniel, Daniel, can you unzip me? – Oh yeah.
– Okay, I hope Matt isn’t at the last location. It says something, it’s– – About perspective?
– About perspective. That was the room, the room
we were spying in, Daniel. Remember the green room? – Oh.
– Can I have the green morph suit?
– Right, right, right. – Yeah, from your hood. – Here it is.
– Wait that was in your hood too?
– Honestly, yeah, I know. – Okay, what? This is like the most
bizarre scavenger hunt. – Yes it is. – [Daniel] I know, it’s
pretty interesting. – It is, okay, sure, here.
– Want me to take these? – Let’s get to another location. – [Daniel] Okay, where’s the room? It’s right, oh, here’s the
green room, there’s the green– – Here okay, now’s our
chance you guys, where is he? – [Daniel] Matt could be anywhere, he could be right behind us. – So this is it.
– I get it, you’re gonna hide in that? – Yeah, because it’s green, right? – Right.
– Okay, wow these are working out great, Daniel. – [Daniel] I know. I’m glad I could carry
all of them in my hood. – Where will you guys, maybe you just hide behind here, and when he comes in, this little– – [Daniel] The wall there? – Yeah you can just hide,
and then peek through here. – [Daniel] Great idea. – You guys, this is supposed
to be the final clue. Comment what you think it’s gonna say. We have meet.
– And today. – And today.
– Today. What do you think the
next clue’s gonna be? I mean, for this fun challenge? – Cupcakes! – [Daniel] That sounds fun. – Yeah!
– Cupcakes is good! – I love cupcakes! – It might be that, okay so, so you really have to make sure you get the note that Matt finds, okay? – [Daniel] Yeah I think this photo’s gonna be the most important. – Yup, it really will.
– Okay. – And I’ll listen if
he makes a phone call. – [Daniel] Matt’s coming, okay, come on. Hide, let’s hide right here. – Do you keep your
camera in your hood too? – [Daniel] Yeah, I have
multiple cameras in my hood. – Wow. – [Daniel] There he is, there he is. He’s in the room, he’s in the room. – Okay, he’s in the room. He’s picking up a note. – [Daniel] Oh, oh, oh. – Got it. – [Daniel] Keep calm,
he’s making the call. – So the meeting’s at the same
spot as the Battle Royale. I’ll meet you there.
– He’s coming! He’s coming! – [Daniel] Okay, c’mon, c’mon. Great job, great job! – I think I heard 3:00 p.m. It’s 3:00 p.m. Daniel. – [Daniel] Meet, today, 3:00 p.m., oh! – At 3:00 p.m., that’s it, Daniel! – [Daniel] That’s the next fun clue! – Did you have fun on this challenge!? – So much fun!
– This is fun! – Family scavenger hunt.
– Yeah! – Yep, so smash your thumbs up button if you guys like Jordan and you think he should join
the Game Master Net, I mean. – [Daniel] Yeah, he should
do more collaborations. – Do more challenges. – More fun challenges– – Uh-huh, exactly.
– Together, yeah! – Make sure to check out the
10 minute photo challenge that we did on his channel. – So much fun, so much.
– Yep, that was awesome. – Maybe my favorite one. – Yes, it was. We gotta get somewhere soon. – Okay, okay, okay, well thank you. – Yeah, okay, bye Jordan! – Bye ZamFam!
– Bye! – You guys subscribe
to him if you haven’t. – ZamFam, bye bye! – Okay, so we left the Museum
of Illusion with Jordan, and you guys, we found
out so much information. There’s a secret meeting
at three o’clock today. – Right, right, right, but we don’t know, it’s like Red Hood is meeting somebody? – Yeah, Matt’s been acting
so suspicious, you guys. Do you think that he might
be working with the Red Hood? – Is he gonna meet with the Red Hood? – I don’t know you guys,
let us know what you think, but right now we have
tracked him to this location, which is Michael’s, and
we’re waiting to see what Matt is going to do inside. – [Daniel] There’s Michael’s. All right, let’s go. – Stop, stop, stop, stop!
– Oh, Oh! – [Rebecca] That’s Matt. – [Daniel] There’s Matt, what’s he doing? He’s using a camera,
what’s he doing there? Is he crafting or what? – I don’t know, all I know is that whenever I go to
Michael’s, he never wants to go. This makes no sense. – [Daniel] This is really strange. Okay, so we’re gonna have
to spy on him, right? – Yeah, what spy gadgets do we have left? – [Daniel] Okay, hold on,
let me check, hold this. – Okay, okay? – All right, so I got
binoculars, we can use that. – [Rebecca] Oh yeah, those
didn’t get destroyed during E3. – No, yeah, there’s nothing
electronic really about ’em, it’s just so that we can see. – Okay that’s perfect.
– So that’s good. This is a motion detector. – [Rebecca] Oh, you unboxed that on the Game Master Network. – Exactly, it’s okay, but I don’t think we’ll
need it right now, right? – No, we don’t need motion–
– And then I have one more item. – The voice changer, right?
– Gone! The voice changer. – [Rebecca] Wait, where is it? – I don’t know, it’s
usually here in my hood. I don’t know where the voice changer’s at. I don’t know, we’ll have
to look for it later. Maybe I dropped it somewhere. – Okay, well that’s weird that you’re missing the voice changer, but we wouldn’t even use that right now. We’re spying on Matt, so let’s just take the binoculars and wait till he gets out. I mean, I wonder what he’s getting inside? – [Daniel] Yeah, I don’t
even know why he’d be here. What do you see?
– He’s coming out, he’s coming out.
– Oh, oh! – [Rebecca] He’s holding something. He has a bag. – [Daniel] A bag? – [Rebecca] He’s running
in, he’s running fast. – [Daniel] Wait, what’s in his hand? – I don’t know.
– Why is he running? – Okay, we need to get up closer. – [Daniel] Okay, let’s go. – C’mon. Look, it’s something white. – [Daniel] What is that? – Looks like he’s drawing something. – [Daniel] What’s he drawing though? – I don’t know, Matt never does this. – [Daniel] This is so weird. Is he doin’ some sort of DIY project? – You’re right. Matt never does DIYs. Do you guys know what’s
going on right now? He’s talking to someone. – [Daniel] He’s leaving,
he’s leaving, he’s leaving! – Look, look, look, look, look! Hide, hide, what way is he going? – I don’t know.
– We have to get back here. He’s driving off. – [Daniel] There he goes, there he goes. We gotta follow him! – We have to continue
tracking him, I guess. We said we were gonna
do this for 24 hours. – [Daniel] There he goes! Okay, okay. – We just need to figure out
where the next location is. Do you have the tracking device? – Yeah, let’s go. – We gotta go.
– I’ll keep tracking. – Daniel, are you sure about this? – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah,
yeah, you’re gonna have to get really close to Matt,
and he’s right over there. – What about my shirt? – [Daniel] You don’t need
to get, oh, you’re right. Okay, just don’t face him. – Just turn?
– Keep your back to him. – Okay, do you have the GoPro?
– Yeah, here. – So I can film?
– So, film, hopefully you can pick somethin’ up. – Okay, what is he doing
here at Whole Foods? – [Daniel] It looks like, I don’t know, he’s near the flowers, is
he trying to buy flowers? – I mean, I don’t know, maybe
he’s buying flowers for me. I hope so. – [Daniel] Hopefully she
finds out some information. – Yeah, I’m getting them now. No, no, she has no idea I’m getting them. – You guys he just went in,
he grabbed some flowers, and now I think he’s going in to buy them. Why is he buying flowers? Hopefully those are for me. – [Daniel] Look at this, wonder what he’s doing with those flowers? Oh, oh, here she comes, here she comes. – We need to follow him–
– What happened in there? – He bought red roses. – [Daniel] What? – He turned, he turned! Where is he going?
– What? – [Rebecca] And I don’t know why he’d be giving his friends flowers. – [Daniel] There’s no one that you would, oh, he’s smelling the flowers. Oh, he stopped, he stopped! – Ready?
– I think he went inside. – Should we follow him?
– No, no, no, let’s hang back, hang back, let’s just see what happens, ’cause what if he’s meeting somebody here? We can catch them too. – Why does he have flowers though, Daniel? – [Daniel] I don’t know. – You don’t think he’s
cheating on me, right? – [Daniel] No, I mean– – Been acting so suspicious though. – [Daniel] Yeah, but I
think it has somethin’ to do with the Quadrant, maybe. – Yeah, maybe, you’re right. It’s probably something to do with that. – [Daniel] Oh, he’s coming
back, he’s coming back, hurry. – Oh my gosh. – [Daniel] He looks really happy. – What?
– And he’s texting. – [Rebecca] Stop. – [Daniel] Oh, what? He just was like really excited. – Hurry up.
– Okay, okay. – Wait. – [Daniel] Oh, oh, oh! He’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone. – Hold on, hold on. I don’t want to follow him anymore. – [Daniel] What, we have to follow him. We have to find out what’s going on. – I think we should confront him. – [Daniel] Right now? – I don’t know you guys, what should I do? Let’s just keep going.
– Are you okay? – Yeah I’m good, just, let’s keep going. – Okay, okay. – There’s Matt’s car. – [Daniel] There’s the
car, there’s the car. Are you okay?
– I’m gonna confront him, I’m gonna confront him–
– Okay, okay, okay. – About this. – [Daniel] You don’t know
what’s really happening though. Let’s just talk to him first. What’s going on?
– He’s not here. – [Daniel] He’s not there? – It’s unlocked.
– What? – [Rebecca] Matt? – Matt?
– There’s a sharpie. – What?
– This is so weird. – [Daniel] The tracking
device said he was right here. You’re right. – Daniel.
– What? Wait, his shirt? – His shirt.
– And his backpack, his shoe. That’s where I hid the tracking device. – Both his shoes are here.
– Both shoes are here. – [Rebecca] And his backpack, what? – [Daniel] He changed? – [Rebecca] What is this? – A mask.
– A mask? Daniel, what is going on? Daniel, this is not adding up. He went to Michael’s, we don’t know why, he doesn’t even like Michael’s. He went and got flowers for someone, we have no idea whose that is, and now– – [Daniel] I know, I know. – Now he’s not in the car,
and these are his clothes. – Okay, okay, okay, okay. I know it looks, but hold on. Before you worry too much, he knows about that meeting,
we know about the meeting now, we know the location. – Yeah.
– It’s where the Red Hood had the meeting, it’s where
the Battle Royale was. – Yeah.
– Let’s get there. Maybe we’ll run into Matt there and then we can talk to him, but we need to get to that meeting. We need to figure out what’s going on. – Okay ZamFam, comment
below if you think you know what is going to happen at that meeting, and if you know where Matt
went or what happened. Why are his clothes in here? – [Daniel] I don’t know what’s going on, but we gotta find Matt,
he could be trapped. We don’t know what’s going on. – Yeah, let’s go to the meeting. – Okay let’s go.
– Okay. This is the meeting place, right? – [Daniel] Yeah, this is where
we had the Battle Royale. – Exactly. – [Daniel] And this is where Q met with the Red Hood before, too. – Yeah, and the Game Master was here. I just can’t believe the
Red Hood is coming here. She usually doesn’t meet
at the same location twice, at least that’s what Q said. – [Daniel] Yeah, maybe he
wasn’t telling us the truth. – You’re right.
– Shh, wait, look, Red Hood. – She’s already here. – [Daniel] Yeah. – ZamFam, comment below who you think the Red Hood is meeting right now. Whoever it is must be someone very high up with the Quadrant. – [Daniel] Maybe it’s Kurt? – You’re right.
– Maybe it’s RZ Twin. – Maybe it’s another YouTuber. – [Daniel] Oh, right. – Okay, Daniel do you hear that? – What?
– Who is it? Someone’s at the door.
– Someones at the door? – Yeah, it sounds like it. Is that the Game Master? – [Daniel] Look! There he is! It’s the Game Master. – What? What is he doing with the Red Hood? What if he’s gonna do a face reveal? – Oh, right!
– The Red Hood said she’d stop everything
if he did a face reveal. What if the Game Master is giving up? Daniel, I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to hear what their saying. – Okay, you know what, I have
this really cool spy gadget. I just picked it up, what
does this look like to you? – [Rebecca] A rock. – Yeah, you think it’s a rock, but it’s actually a listening device. So I can plant this anywhere, and then I can use my gadget here, and I can listen to what they’re saying. – [Rebecca] Do you think it’ll work? – Yeah, I just, I gotta
toss it over there. Hopefully it doesn’t distract them. – Yeah.
– I’m gonna sneak up there real quick.
– Okay. – Hold on. Okay, okay, okay. – It worked. Put it in. – Okay, I should be able to hear. Let me plug this into the camera too. Let’s hear what they’re saying. – [Red Hood] Haven’t seen you since E2. Are you ready to do face reveal? – [Game Master] What must
be done, must be done. – [Red Hood] Is this a new mask? – [Game Master] This has been
my real mask all this time. – [Red Hood] My spies told me
you were building a new mask. – [Game Master] That’s incorrect. Why do you want to see my face so badly? – [Red Hood] We’re the greatest hacker. We want to expose you. When I defeated you in E2, you were hiding behind that black shroud. We want the ultimate victory. – Daniel, the Game Master is
about to do a face reveal. We need to see who the Game Master is! – [Daniel] Okay, I need to move closer. – This is our chance!
– Okay, hold on. – Daniel, doesn’t the Game
Master’s voice sound different? – [Daniel] Yeah, it’s weird,
it doesn’t sound right. – Not exactly like his normal voice. I don’t know though,
what do you guys think? – [Daniel] Find out
who the Game Master is. – Yeah. – [Game Master] You
ready for a face reveal? Three, two, one. – No. No! You guys, my husband
Matt is the Game Master.

100 thoughts on “Spying On My Husband for 24 HOURS with GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL! | Rebecca Zamolo

  1. Rebecca:you guys my husband Matt is the game Master!

  2. Rebecca I'm gonna cry is he's cheating on you OMG what is he doing 🤔😔😐😖why did he bring flowers oh yeah the red hood wears red and the flowres we're red Rebecca OMG like is he working for the gamemaster or a quadrent because hats messed up man and why would he be in Hollywood 🌏🏢🏢 instead of home with you and Daniel🏡💔 I'm fell sorry for you

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