Spyderco Manix 2 XL vs Benchmade Presidio II – KnifeCenter Reviews

Spyderco Manix 2 XL vs Benchmade Presidio II – KnifeCenter Reviews

Hey everyone David C Andersen here
coming at you from the KnifeCenter and today we’re comparing two big
american-made EDC tactical knives we’ve got the Spyderco Manix 2 XL versus the
new Benchmade Presidio 2 let’s check them out so right here we’ve got a pair
of big strong working knives they’ve each got impressive blades but they
aren’t so over built that they become boat anchors in your pocket both weigh
more or less 5 ounces we’re at 4.9 on the Benchmade and 5.1 on the Spyderco
so they’re not feather weights but they’re certainly easy enough to carry
all day so that you’re gonna have them on hand when you actually need to throw
down even the price is pretty comparable at this point in 2020 although not
perfectly identical we’re just over $130 for the Benchmade and just over $150 for
the Spyderco both of these knives feature drop-point blades and they’re
made from S30V stainless steel which should provide you a good long-lasting
edge especially when there’s so much of it to work with each of these has plenty
of reach to take care of big jobs although in terms of the overall length
the Manix is slightly larger the usable blades are neck and neck with the
sharpened edge itself nearly identical at just about three and a half inches
they each start with 1/8 inch thick blade stocks too so they really are on
even footing the Manix 2 XL has a wider blade with a perfectly executed
full flat grind and a nice distal taper as the spine narrows the closer you get
to the tip with geometry like this you’re gonna get very efficient slicing
and that nice acute tip is perfect for delicate work when you need it the new
Presidio 2 has a shorter blade height overall with a high flat grind rather
than a full flat we don’t get a distal taper towards the tip but we do have a
nice swedge running about 3/4 of the length of the spine so while the
Spyderco might cut a little more efficiently in a straight line in
curving cuts where that swedge can remove drag from the spine the Benchmade
might have a bit more agility because of that feature and even though you don’t
have that distal taper it does help keep the tip nice and acute too for those
finer tasks now the handle philosophies on these knives are very different from
each other the Presidio 2 has a more neutral grip while the Manix 2 XL tells
you where to grip it based on the more prominent grooves and peaks on
its g10 handles the main grip section has a nicely sized finger guard for
protection and a nice ramp behind the opening hole of the blade making you
feel very secure for any thrusting that you’d need to do some strategic jimping
both on the blade steel itself and in key places along the liners play into
this security as well I have just enough room to fit my slightly larger hands at
least while I’m not wearing gloves but if you do have bigger hands especially
if you prefer a pair of work gloves the Presidio is gonna have a bit more room
for you overall being a Spyderco though the Manix 2 XL gets around this a
little bit by offering a full sized finger choil spanning the front of the
handle and the heel of the blade this of course allows you to choke up for finer
control of the tip and it nets you some more handle lengths in the process
they’ve also carefully considered the design of the back end of the handle too
and with the shape right here it actually encourages a nice choked back
grip if you put your index finger behind the primary groove there’s a good swell
behind it for the next two fingers and you can hook your pinkie behind the beak
at the end as I said before this knife is a little longer to start with but
when you combine this grip on top of that you can get more overall reach than
you can with the Presidio and your grip still feels very nice and secure now
even though you have more grip options with the Manix in a standard hammer
grip I find the Presidio to be more
comfortable than the Manix that’s thanks a bit to the more neutral shape
that Benchmade offers but even more so thanks to a little bit more thickness
with the edges of the handle beveled nicely all around and don’t get me wrong
when I talk about versatility you can certainly hold this knife in a number of
different fashions too the finger guard and thumb ramp are more subtly executed
on this knife but they still feel secure thanks to some broad jimping at those
points whereas the Manix features a fine texture on the side of its G10
handles the Presidio features diagonal ridges to achieve its traction they feel
very good in the hand the edges are soft enough that they don’t really bite you
but they still give good purchase when you’re bearing down on the knife now the
material they use on this new version of the Presidio 2 is where things get
really interesting they call this CF Elite, this isn’t the aluminum of the old
model or the nylon which Benchmade uses on knives like their Griptilian series
now you’ve heard of glass fiber reinforced nylon or gfn or grn well the
CF and CF Elite stands for carbon fiber as in carbon fiber reinforced nylon this
makes the material stronger and lighter and it also gives it a pretty cool look
it’s kind of graphite like almost but not quite black and you have an almost
paper fiber like pattern going on underneath the surface it reminds me a
lot of the Epicurean cutting boards or even the cupola cups that are popular
with campers out there despite the added rigidity of that material Benchmade has
still kept the full liners on this knife for even more strength and they’ve
partially skeletonized them so that they don’t add too much weight either now as
far as the safety locks both of these knives use fully ambidextrous mechanisms
allowing left or right hand operation Benchmade uses their signature AXIS
lock that has a crossbar running through the handle and across the tang of the
knife to hold it secure while the Spyderco is fitted with their
ball bearing lock which features you guessed it a ball bearing that’s held
captive in between these two tabs that stick out on each side of the handle
with a spring behind it that thrusts it forward into the blade tang
both of these are very sturdy and proven strong mechanisms at this point in time
and as a bonus you can even keep your hands away from the blade path
completely when you’re closing the knife for even more safety the blades are able
to be open with your thumbs quite easily from either side using the thumb studs
on the Benchmade or the signature opening hole on the Spyderco thanks to
the nature of the locks though you can also flick either blade open and closed
it will just by holding the lock back and using a twist of your wrist to put
some centrifugal force on them or is it centripetal force comments-section sound
off now as far as the action out of the box
I’d put the Presidio 2 and the AXIS lock as being smoother and faster to
flick but both are pretty effortless now when it comes to pocket carry and which
one of these knives takes up more room your preference is probably gonna come
down to the shape of your pockets because things get pretty interesting
here closed length is about the same at five inches but the Presidio sits deeper
thanks to its reversible deep carry pocket clip
the Manix 2’s clip is also reversible but it’s not deep carry so while the
Presidio needs more space top-to-bottom the Spyderco is wider overall so it
takes up more space side to side if you prize discretion go for the Benchmade as
its presence above the pocket hem is very subtle but if you like to be able
to grab onto the handle sticking above the hem the Spyderco offers more
purchase in that scenario just make sure you have a knife that fits with the rest
of your stuff you want to keep in your pocket for me and my oh so stylish old
navy jeans I had no problems with either of these knives even with the rest of my
front pocket EDC in place so at the end of the day and at the end of our video
it’s time to decide which one of these knives that you would rather carry would
you go for the high-speed low-drag Benchmade Presidio 2 or the aggressive
Spyderco Manix 2 XL be sure to let us know your choice in the comments or if
you have another similar knife you’d rather use we’d love to hear that too in
the meantime if you want to get your hands on either of these cool knives
we’ll leave links in the description so that you can head over to our website
and get a closer look I’m David C Andersen from the KnifeCenter signing
off see you next time

2 thoughts on “Spyderco Manix 2 XL vs Benchmade Presidio II – KnifeCenter Reviews

  1. The term beast gets tossed around perhaps too much but, the Manix 2 XL is an absolute beast of a knife. Wish they'd make a full Salt version with LC200N.

  2. Manix 2XL 💯❤❗ It's been my EDC for 5yrs ! I wish they'd make it with the Emerson wave ! I love this knife ! There hasn't been one problem or issue with my Manix 2XL in the 5 yrs I've carried it. Flawless function & performance ! I'm thinking of getting the titanium upgrade & the carbon fiber scales.

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