SPY NINJAS BATTLE ROYALE Competing in Mystery Box Challenges to Reveal Project Zorgo Hackers Safe

SPY NINJAS BATTLE ROYALE Competing in Mystery Box Challenges to Reveal Project Zorgo Hackers Safe

what do you want my ninjas look who we
have here feeling everything right it would be a shame if pz9 told us the
location of your safe house wouldn’t it let’s make a deal V quaint
you give projects or girl the safe back or we will make pz9 tell us where your
safe house is you want us to return the same in exchange for pz9
I’m just gonna hang up on him yeah I think we should return the same so pz9
does not tell them our safe house address I think we should just keep it
whatever is inside is gonna destroy project Sokka Robert Daniel what do you
think I agree with Chad we’ve been trying a new passcode every day that
nothing has worked we did you don’t want to trade it and it’s just you Regina
what do you want I’m on her side projects are go they’re evil we can’t
trust them they’re not gonna keep their word this is too valuable to risk oh
sure sure of course this to secret keepers over there they don’t want to do
what’s right Daniel a bunch of buffoons you are I’m tired of you girls keeping
secrets from the spine ninjas here I propose a new rule our spy ninjas we
cannot keep secrets from one another anymore
I don’t have any more secrets my biggest secret has been revealed already Regina
hey where are you walking off to where’d you go where’d you go Regina oh look
what’s right back there you’re keeping a secret from the spine in this place whoa
I can’t do this yet nobody else has secrets here anymore
hold on what you see oh wait can I just have a month to clean this out Oh more
I’ll show you guys it’s really really messy in there I’m gonna be embarrassed
a full month takes you that long to clean okay fine Regina will give you one
month to clean your room that’s a really long time but I’m gonna set up a little
reminder right now boom I just made a little piece of paper I’m gonna put it
right here 31 days to open the secret room you just
have to promise us that your door will open in 31 days from now I promise I’ll
open my secret room in 31 days so we all agree that true spy then just do not
keep secrets from one another and choose financial subscribes to each other all
right guys join your phone’s all right right below the video make sure to hit
that subscribe button make that red button turn gray okay anyways back to
the safe mean Regina does not want to return this safe to project circle and
you guys do because you’re traitors we’re not traitors we just need to
settle this what if we do challenges two versus two whoever wins the challenge
gets to decide what we do with the safe we’re the better challenge team right
Regina cliff don’t worry Daniel you and I are the challenge pros all right guys
here is the dice each color represents a different challenge on the one persons
can be blindfolded the other person’s got a guide that person all the way from
the start down to the finish line and if the blindfolded person touches any of
the block there’s gonna be a five-second penalty so whoever gets through here
quickest wins the challenge you girls go first start the timer three two one go
okay feet step jump hop oh okay laughs big boy left big boy oh gosh follow my voice right here turn right before you step you think make
steps baby steps tiny steps oh my gosh oh my gosh yes at least I know my lesson right see that
right oh all right Chad you ready for this starting the timer in three two one
see you in okay okay now jump forward feel jump oh it’s gonna be afraid of
keep going keep going oh good good now straight straight straight straight
Oh now duck that’s a beautiful Chad it looks so beautiful right now keep going
they ain’t going thank you okay you can stand up now all right now there’s a
Ledge in front of you Chad Oh we in it this way swing over here right
where you hear my voice there is a hula hoop can probably come straight through
he’s still doing it he’s doing it lift up those legs oh you should go left left
go left wait wait check out jiggle app Chad oh Chad laughs you have to go
laughs yeah yeah look Wow no chat laughs oh my god oh gosh Jang
bogos blah I don’t know what you’re doing Daniel you’re off the pack no no
no go hard no don’t gotta go left Chad what are you doing man just tell me
which direction Daniel I hope you forget your lesson you keep saying I think you
actually instead of left it right I’ll just follow your voice okay follow my
voice over this way Chad you got to get out the pool okay we can win this Daniel
follow my voice on the left like I said right over here I’m done giving directions just follow
my voice this way this way okay take a step a big step towards my voice nine
minutes and 47 seconds I was saying laughs and you weren’t going left Daniel
are you saying laughs when you were turned around this way because of you
and I were facing each other your left’s become my rights oh are you serious
right now you’re walking backwards and I’m walking forward Daniel oh that’s why
I fell in the pool I think we know who the winners are it’s gonna be best out
of three okay Brett what does red mean what does it mean in this challenge
we’re gonna see if Chad Mozingo whatever fruit Daniels pick pick your first fruit
I’m not familiar with a lot of these fruits but I’m gonna pick one of them
that’s for sure can read your mind Daniel I’m feeling it right now I’m
feeling it okay oh this one okay picture the fruit in your mind think about that
first think about the color of that fruit I’m feeling that Daniel see the
waves over there I’m feeling something like something green I’m feeling daniel
has picked a line my final answer yeah I read your mind Daniel you do that
I touched all the fruit and this one just felt right I felt like you were
thinking about a dream fruit okay girls you’re gonna each hit a spy ninja merch
Regina you picked and beat Reapers unit mine oh that’s one choice can you send
me some waves I did you can’t communicate with each other only through
brain waves I think really hard about this item what if the items black or red
wait that’s all the items I’m eliminated this one okay
she likes wearing just a lot I never seen her board this but this is the new
merch maybe he’s this one because it’s the new merch B is choosing the
back-to-school no boy would use our newest merch I was like I like this one
she likes to try things out you know she’s a veteran Daniel are you ready I’m
ready for this next question what three items will chat bring if he’s stranded
on a deserted island you’re gonna be putting on our headphones and yeah I’m
gonna be describing what it’s gonna be bringing what Dad you can you hear me
hey okay keep listening what oh wow it’s really loud my number one choice if you
had a deserted island you got to eat some food like Taco Bell there might be
some wild boars a mile you got to protect yourself scatterbrain a pair of
nunchucks you’re probably gonna be really really bored you gotta bring a
cell phone so you can play some games your special someone maybe I’ll call you
on the phone right board booths got all three right here Daniel has not seen oh
oh hey hey you know what Chad Sinkin three items that I would bring to a
deserted island well Chad he’s a ninja and when you’re out of the certain
island you got to protect yourself you really bring like some type of fighting
utensil and nunchucks okay one down two more to go
it is Jared what else do you need on a deserted island I’m just gonna be
rumbling if you don’t eat hopefully chad was smart enough to think about that he
picked a lime before maybe he’d bring some limes with him but
but I never saw me two line before oh but I do seem eat Taco Bell all of its
friggin time you’re scaring me how good you are at
this he’s gonna have to use the bathroom a lot maybe he brought some diapers or
sir let me send you some brainwave series well if it’s deserted island
that means there’s nobody there there’s nobody to talk to so you gotta entertain
yourself somehow right oh look a cell phone you would bring your cell phone
Chad you love taco bell nunchucks at your favorite and you’re always on your
phone okay girls it’s your up the same question if you were on a deserted
island what three items would you bring write it down and Regina’s gonna guess
I’m gonna play some heavy metal music so you can’t hear a thing okay what did you bring okay sorry
first item is up here all by myself I need a shelter so I’m gonna be
bringing two-minute pop-up tent like Chad’s cooking idea but I’m not gonna
bring Taco Bell I’m gonna be bringing because I’m only
in airplanes I can get out of there and then it can get it back to civilization
and spend time with all you spine angels again very sweet yeah respect welcome
everyone V gave her three answers now it’s time for you to communicate
telepathically come on send them over okay he’s smelling her thoughts yes
okay I’m ready I think I’m gonna go the same route Daniel did I know these
favorite food hot cheetos yeah yeah good job Regina I see some you know extra
points he is a smart spy so she’s probably thinking she needs a place to
stay hmm like house or even although houses
are not portable oh but she’s scared of water so she wants to be far away as the
water she can okay I think I’m getting close sense more I
think okay I think she would bring one more item Regina what else would you
bring ah okay I got it this is one of these most juice items
comes in handy all the time the coat hanger airplane was the answer in airplane one
the red one or something Regina I don’t wanna be in an island surrounded by
water so I gotta get myself out of there whatever Chad mean you are girls will in
the first round but guys won the second round third round is the winner
the winner of this challenge will decide what to do with the safe give it back to
cargo or keep it ready ready ba o black it’s the Nerf blaster challenge
Chad Daniel you’re gonna have to capture mr. Baer and bring it back to your own
home base without being blasted by this nerf blaster by me Regina no problem
I’ve got some video games my life I’ve seen you play for tonight Daniel is it
very easy to beat you we don’t know you never employed me before aah
I think that’s my ninja nose yeah okay let’s go look up our base is the
bathroom right here I get that my nerf blaster ready peek out and see you then
just observe the room did okay let him oh wait no that’s be your Samuels mr.
bear is different-looking oh look there’s your there you sell them they
open like that my guy has a trap Daniel do you see beat
or Regina anywhere I see Regina or me let’s go
I think we need to put all our way up to the first boom stay long you see the house still don’t but mr.
bear he’s still over there where should we head to next maybe take a pit stop at
Peter Samuels and to make our way up there come on Peter Samuels okay check you
know what we gotta split up so they don’t know who would have blast I’m
gonna make my way up to the next chair over there I guess I’m right here who
was that who hit me I don’t even see where that came from
who who who did that show yourself okay Daniel it’s up to you I’m giving
you my GoPro I still don’t see anybody know I don’t know a shot came from use the chair Daniel she’s out oh you’re good Daniel believe
me now you got my chopped Harvey I’m gonna run over there you’re gonna be sittin right there what
you heard me to grab mr. bear I’m just gonna grab mr. bear I’m gonna
run right back to here the next station behind this hamper Oh Sam I’m down I’m
down the bathroom is right over there it’s gonna bring me over there and then
we win next station white garbage can next nation over there the bathroom Oh you yeah
yeah we get to go bring the safe back the projects are go in exchange for pz9
to protect the safe house and make sure they do not learn wherever you live
because we do not want our house to get burned down and ladies we need you to
stay here you need to protect the safe house just in case they get the address
check out exposing project is our goal we’re Chad and Daniel’s gonna be going
to projects is our goal and it’s a bad idea but they’re gonna do it anyways
make sure to subscribe to me subscribe to Chad Daniel
energy now and let’s do a kick ball foul

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