SPY NINJA DAX is a Project Zorgo Hacker?! We Compete in Fun Challenges to Find Friend’s Memory!

SPY NINJA DAX is a Project Zorgo Hacker?! We Compete in Fun Challenges to Find Friend’s Memory!

– What is up Spy Ninjas? We are waiting for Vy and Regina. Whoa, hey, what’s going on? Whoa, Dax! – He’s not okay.
– Yeah. – [Chad] What happened? – I don’t know if he’s a
Project Zorgo member or not. – We did see a PZ member put the neuro-contagion system on him. – [Chad] What?
– Yeah so we don’t know if Project Zorgo’s
controlling his brain or not. – Well, why’d you bring him here? – [Chad] Dax, Dax are you–
– We gotta help him. – [Chad] You okay buddy? – I heard he’s a Spy Ninja now. – Uh, yeah, we had some tryouts, Vy. We were looking for some new Spy Ninjas ’cause we thought someone betrayed us. – Watch this guys, my packages. – [Dax] (stutters unintelligibly)
Package, yeah, yeah. – He’s been malfunctioning whenever he hear the word packages. – He sounds like a robot, what the heck? – He’s been glitching out. – So, maybe if we surround
him with familiar things like boxes, it’ll jog
more of his memory back. – [Chad] Yeah.
– [Dax] I hate jogging. – What happened to you Dax? – Remember the last we saw him, Project Zorgo stun-starred him. – [Dax] Stun stars. (chuckles) Whoa, beautiful. – [Chad] You don’t remember our house Dax? – [Dax] Nah, who are you? (sighs worriedly) – Dax, I got a challenge for you. – [Dax] Yeah, whoever beats me in this (stutters unintelligibly) challenge gets some secrets. (laughing) – [Chad] Secrets about what? – Maybe he’s talking about
the secret code to the safe. – He’s a Project Zorgo
member after all, I think, so he would know. – We gotta get in the safe
to destroy Project Zorgo. – We have to beat him at this challenge so we can get into that safe. Let’s do this! – Dax, do you recognize this? Boxes, they’re practically your friend. – (stutters unintelligibly)
Yeah, boxes, yeah cool. (laughs) – Let’s do the box flip challenge. – [Chad] Let’s go! – Okay, let’s see who can
build the tallest box tower! – [Chad] Like this, okay, there’s one box. Now, you’ve gotta put one on top of that by flipping it, huh? – Yes. – [Chad] Oh geez, it’s gonna be tough. – [Daniel] No problem.
– [Chad] Oh! (cheers) – [Chad] Two.
– Two. – [Chad] All right, see
if you can do three, Vy. (hollow thud)
– [All] Aw. – Oh, Vy, it fell already,
so, you got two so far. (laughs) – Yeah, let’s see how
well we can do, Regina. – Yeah, if you think you’re
so good, let’s see it. – Okay, first box.
(hollow thud) Second box.
(hollow thud) Easy. – [Chad] Uh oh.
– Box number three, beat Vy! (cheers) – [Dax] Yeah, that was cool. – Box number four, here we go. – [All] Oh! (giggles) – Regina got three boxes. Hi Daniel, you think you can beat that? – Does it even have to be asked? Of course, let’s do it! – [Chad] He’s gotta tie his
shoe first, dangerous box game. – Little Danny boy needs to tie his shoe. – Everything has to be absolutely perfect. (laughing)
– One, two, three, begin! (hollow thud) Yes!
– [Chad] Wow. (hollow thud)
(ding) (all cheer) – Okay, okay, okay. I’m gonna get a nice fresh
one, never been used before. (sad robotic chime)
– [All] Oh! – [Chad] It’s okay Daniel. – No, it’s not, but I don’t
know if three is good enough. Regina, Dax is the expert
package handler, you know? I feel like he might
be able to beat three. – [Dax] It’s time to flip these (stutters unintelligibly) boxes. (hollow thud) (clapping) (hollow thud) – [Regina] Dax? – Dax?
– [Regina] What happened boy? – Is this why all of our boxes
that arrive come damaged? – (laughs) He has to take
that up with customer service. – Okay, my turn. Box number one. (hollow thud)
(bubble pop) Box number two. (hollow thud)
(bright chime) – [Regina] Oh!
– There we go, three in a row. I’m gonna beat Regina. (hollow thud)
(shocked cheers) – It’s a tie, so far.
– [Regina] Hey! – I got this.
– [Vy] You can do it, Chad! (disappointed groans) – I tied with you Regina
and we both beat Dax. (cheers) That means you gotta give us
one of those juicy secrets. – [Regina] Oh!
– [Vy] Yes. – About Project Zorgo, that you know. – [Dax] Yeah, Project Zorgo, they were doing a lot of dumb stuff to me. Like, they put that thing
on my head, you remember, (stutters unintelligibly)
remember that, yeah? – We already know that information, Dax. – [Dax] They also put me through different other little thingies. – Did playing this game
help jog your memory at all? – [Dax] Yeah, it was so
fun to feel the cardboard with my finger skin. I don’t know if my mind is foggy or if the… (stutters unintelligibly) – [Regina] Oh my gosh. – [Dax] The room was foggy instead. – Wait!
(gasps) Regina, remember what happened to you? – [Regina] What happened? Was I in a room filled with fog? – [Chad] Yeah. – [Dax] I remembered to document it. Here’s my flashback story. (twinkling strings) – [PZ Member] I’m gonna make you stupider than you already are. (maniacal screaming) Give him the juice. – [PZ Member] Yeah, that’s a good idea. – [PZ Member] Yeah! – [Dax] Wow, whoa! They did that to you too? – [Dax] Yeah. – Okay, this is starting
to make more sense now. – Let’s play more challenges
to jog his memory. – Yes!
– [Dax] I hate cardio. – Spy Ninja huddle.
– I miss these. – Welcome back. – That was not the secret we wanted. We want the passcode to the safe. – So, we just gotta keep
playing these challenges? – Yeah, we gotta jog his memory. Dax, I’ve got the next challenge for you. It is called, get your
buddy wet challenge. One of these three boxes
will contain your buddy. You will take this bucket
of water and dump it. And if you get your buddy
wet, you are the winner. Who wants to go first? Daniel? – I keep getting wet lately, but sure. – Jump in a box Daniel. We won’t take a look and
see which box you jump into. – Don’t look, don’t look. – Any volunteers?
– Me! – Which one you gonna choose? – I have a feeling he’s
gonna pick box number one. – Number one. – Okay Danny boy, I’m coming for you. – [Chad] Oh, gosh. – Uh oh, I think I heard
her say, number one. – Dax, don’t look. – Someone’s hitting the box outside. – Dax!
– Dax! – You’re cheating Dax. Don’t look.
(Dax mutters unintelligibly) Are you ready to go Regina? – I’m ready to go. – Oh my gosh. – [Dax] Daniel’s gonna get
(stutters unintelligibly) wet. (suspense rising music) – I hear it coming. – Are you in it? – [Chad] Oh no, he’s not.
– Oh, yes! – Daniel, which one are you in? – She didn’t get me. I’m in this one. (cheers) – [Chad] Way to go Daniel. – Thanks, man. Thought I heard you say box number one. – I meant that number one. – Oh, I got so scared. I thought you meant, this was number one. Depends on how you look at it. – [Chad] Daniel, your time for revenge. – Oh yeah.
(gasps) – Okay Daniel, it’s your turn
to get revenge on Regina. Do you know which box you’re gonna pick? – I have no idea yet. I’m gonna try to get closer and smell her aroma through the boxes. – What does she smell like? – What do you think, chicken nuggets. – Oh. – Okay guys, I choose box number two. – Which box are you gonna pick? One, two, or three? – I’m just gonna go for two.
– Okay. (laughs) – I don’t know why.
– Okay. If you pick the right box
does that mean you win? And that means Dax can reveal
a secret about Project Zorgo. – [Chad] Yes! Okay Daniel, Regina’s
in one of these boxes. – Hey, Regina, you in there? I don’t hear anything. I’m so scared guys, I’m so scared. – I’m gonna go for box number two. No good reason for it. Here we go. (suspenseful music) One.
(suspenseful music) – [Chad] Oh! (upbeat hip-hop music) Regina, oh my gosh.
– Oh my gosh! – Oh my gosh!
– [Chad] My gosh! – Yes! Yes!
– You got me. (laughing) Daniel! – I’m sorry Regina, no hard feelings but, you gotta play to win the game. – Oh my gosh, great job, Daniel. – I’m all wet. – [Chad] Aw. – I can smell the chicken
nuggets, I told ya. (laughing) – Hey, I don’t smell like chicken nuggets, well, maybe a little bit. – All right, the next contestants
should be Chad and Dax. I am the host of this game. So, I don’t have to go
and I don’t like water, so, it’s my choice. – You’re the host with the most, Vy. – With the mostest. – Dax, you go first. You get in a box. – [Dax] Okay. (stutters unintelligibly) – Okay Chad, did you have a technique? – I feel like Dax, he’s been going, (stutters unintelligibly)
he might be in the box twitching and making noise. – Okay.
– That’s gonna give me a clue. Let us get some water in the bucket. Get ready Dax, cause
you are gonna get wet. Just to make sure, yeah, he’s
not hid on that one, good. Number one, number two, number three. Am I freaking you out yet Dax? – [Dax] (stutters unintelligibly) Project Zorgo’s always…
(stutters unintelligibly) – Because, I am gonna pick number… (suspenseful music) three, two, one, dump! – [Daniel] Oh, no!
– Oh! He’s not in number two. He’s in number one. – [Daniel] Aw.
Oh man. – He’s all dry. – [Dax] Project Z (stutters
unintelligibly) it’s cool. – Oh, you lost you’re hat there, okay. – Man, that’s one way to get your heart (stutters unintelligibly)
really scary. (laughs) – Okay Dax, which box
are you gonna choose? One, two, or three? – Three, yeah. Since Chad is extra tall,
I think I need some extra– (stutters unintelligibly)
put more water in it. – [Daniel] Oh.
– Okay. – [Dax] Chad are you ready? – I just picked box number three. I hope you’re ready,
’cause you’re gonna get, (stutters unintelligibly)
a lot of water on you. – No! – [All] Ah! – [Daniel] Oh, no.
– [Vy] Oh, no! – Did Dax cheat? – [Dax] I know my packages. – [Vy] Oh my gosh. – How did you know Dax? – I handled a lot of
packages in my time, I said. – Wow, well, I hope at
least that this game charged your memory and now you remember maybe a passcode for a safe? – [Dax] Yeah, I remember three numbers. It was, one, two, and three. They put me in like,
these different rooms. And one number was three which
had a spinny chair device. – That’s the room that
you were in, Daniel. – Yeah, as me. Yeah, Project Zorgo put me
in a spinny chair too, Dax, or Vy did, somebody did. It was for getting information out of me. It was like, we’ll keep
spinning you around unless you tell us secrets. You know what? Wait a minute, Dax knows the
address of the safe house, he was with Project Zorgo. When you were in the chair, you told Project Zorgo where we live? – [Chad] Oh, no. – What?
– You did? – [Dax] Nah.
– Yes, hey, Dax! – [Dax] I didn’t, I didn’t, here– – And you just recruited
him to the Spy Ninjas? – Why would you do that to us? – [Dax] You left me
alone with Project Zorgo. I’ll just show you what
happened, it’s okay. – [PZ Member] All right,
Dax, you dumb idiot, tell us where the Spy
Ninjas safe house is. Tell us, right now! – [Dax] Nah dude, I’m
a Spy Ninja for life. – [PZ Member] You better tell us where the Spy Ninja safe house is, or else we’re gonna spin
the truth out of you. – [Dax] What are you talking about dude? That sounds like absolute fun. – [PZ Member] You asked for it. (beep) (engine starting) – [Dax] So what, dude. – [PZ Member] Tell us. Doesn’t feel very good, huh? (grunts) You getting all dizzy and stuff, little stupider than usual, huh? – [Dax] Yeah, I’m very dizzy. – [PZ Member] Where’s the safe house? (screaming) – [PZ Member] Hey! – [Dax] Wow dude, this is so much fun. It’s totally radical, dude. – [PZ Member] What?
(Dax laughing) – [PZ Member] Hey that’s
not supposed to be fun, that’s supposed to be bad. (laughs) – Looks like you’re having fun. – [Dax] Yeah, it was tons of (stutters unintelligibly) excitement. – Daniel was about to throw up. – [Dax] They kept asking me
all these questions and stuff. – So, it didn’t work on you, that means the safe house is safe. – Yeah, I am a Spy Ninja, right? Yeah, integrity. – Integrity, yep, yep, yup, you got it. – That’s not one of the three
traits but close enough. – [Dax] Yeah, and you know
what another Spy Ninja (stutters unintelligibly) tenant is? – What’s that?
– [Dax] Bravery. – Bravery, ah.
– Ah. – [Dax] Which, I know what we should do for the last challenge. – What?
– [Dax] Let’s go. Use bravery in a sentence. – Bruh, very good. – [Dax] That’s very right, bruh. We’re gonna do, what’s
in the box challenge. You need to have enough bravery
to put your hands in there and find out what you’re touching. Oh yeah, in the box. – [Daniel And Regina] Whoa. – [Dax] Chad versus Vy. Are you ready Spy Ninjas’,
to see what’s in the (stutters unintelligibly)
package? (laughs) – [Daniel] Let’s see.
(resounding booming) – [Dax] Have you ever seen one of those? – [Daniel] Oh. – No, I have not. – [Daniel] Yeah, I don’t
think I’ve ever known one of those things exist. – What the heck? – I’m really worried now. – [Dax] All right, figure it out. No, it’s closer to the back. – Oh, it’s Vy’s hand, I win. – [Vy] It’s Chad’s hand!
– I win, I was first. – [Dax] (laughs) That’s cute
but that’s not the item. (chuckles) It’s a little bit closer to the back. – Oh, what is this? – I can’t reach, my arms
are not long enough. – [Dax] Chad’s gonna help out.
– There you go Vy. – Oh, oh, it’s a coconut!
(banging) – Sound like it might be a
coconut but it’s not round. I feel like a coconut would be round but it is hairy like a coconut. What if I agree with him? – [Dax] Then, that means you guys are a match made in heaven. – But, I was the one that
guessed first, if I’m right. – [Dax] Doesn’t he just drive you, coco nuts sometimes. (laughs) – [All] Hey!
– It’s a coconut. Wait, Daniel and Regina, you guys have never seen
a coconut in real life? – The coconuts in the
Philippines are green. I’ve never seen one of those things. – Well everybody, this is
called a coconut, now you know. And you don’t have to be like
Daniel and Regina. (laughs) – [Daniel] Hey! – [Chad] What is Dax putting in the box? Put your head up here. (series of dings)
– Can I look? – [Dax] All right, you
already know the deal. Just, you know, figure it out. – Let’s Vanna White this. – [Chad] Beautiful, Vy. (resounding boom)
– Oh. – [Chad] Woo, that looks pretty fun. Not gonna give any clues. – A hamster! – I don’t want it to be alive. What if it bites me? – [Chad] What do you think Vy? – I’m not gonna say anything. I think it’s gonna be some fun reactions. – Oh, no.
(whimpering) – [Dax] Are you guys ready? – [Chad] Let’s go.
– I don’t wanna touch it. – Okay, let’s just do it, ready? – No.
– [Chad] You can do it, you got this Regina. – On three. – [Dax] Two, one.
– What is it? – [Dax] Okay, remember,
it’s towards the back. – Ah, ah!
– What? – [Chad] Come on Regina, do it. – I’m scared! – Ew.
– I’m scared. – It’s gelatinous. (terrifyingly screams) – What happened?
(jolly laughter) – It was moving. – [Vy] Don’t say anything
Dan, until she touches it. (whines fearfully) – It’s like disappearing. It goes away after a while. – [Regina] Goes away? – I had a big chuck of
it, it just disappeared. I think its a–
– I’m not scared anymore. – Raw chicken. – Raw chicken?
– [Chad] Interesting. – I think I know what it is. – [Chad] Whoever gets it first. – Red–
– Jello, jello – Green jello
– Red jello – Green jello – [Chad] Whoa, interesting. – [Dax] Okay, go ahead and
look at your dirty hands. – Green jello! – Oh, no!
(cheering) (funky music)
(screaming) – [Dax] She must have eyes
painted on her finger skins. (laughing) – I thought it was a squid or something. – Dax, you made this jello? Jello takes a lot of work. – [Dax] Yeah, I made
it to the grocery store to buy it. (laughs) – [Chad] What’s next? – [Daniel] I never heard
Dax laugh like that. – [Chad] Are you guys worried? – Yes – No, cause I am a true Spy Ninja. – Hope it’s not something
weird like that coconut thing. – [Dax] Open your eyes guys, it’s time for the next challenge. – [Chad] Let’s check it out. (fast thumping) You ready?
– Yes! (gasps)
(suspenseful music) – [Chad] Very interesting. What do you think? – It’s a big boy. – Like me? It’s me, my twin. – So it’s a chicken, then. – What?
(laughing) – You love chicken! – You calling me chicken? – No, you love eating chicken Daniel. – Nobody calls me chicken. – You eat chicken all
the time, you love it. – Talk to the hand, Vy. – [Dax] You know, the hand
should actually be busy trying to figure out what’s in the box. – [Chad] Go ahead and reach in. – Here we go.
– Whoa. – What the heck? – What is this? – It feels like a donut in a way. – No. Oh, I know what it is. It’s a dog bone. – I can’t break it really. – Ah!
– Oh! – It’s definitely sharp. – I can take little chunks off
of it if I try hard enough. – Ow, this is like what
Bamm-Bamm has on her head. – Bamm-Bamm? – [Chad] Flintstones.
– From the Flintstones. – Oh, the vitamins they make. (laughing) Oh, those are delicious. – [Dax] Vy has it 100%. – [Chad] Vy is the winner, pull it out. – Aw! – [Chad] Take a look, take a look. – I can’t. Ew.
(upbeat hip-hop music) Oh my gosh, Daniel. – Uh! – [Chad] It stinks. – Ah, it smells. – Oh my gosh. – Ew, then get it away from me. (screams) – Okay, so the winner of this round is gonna have two wins in a row, that means they’re
gonna be the big winner. – I got you Regina, I’m gonna beat you. – Last round it was just
jello, it can’t be that bad. – Regina, I think this one’s
gonna be a lot more disgusting and gross than jello. – [Daniel] Oh.
– [Vy] Uh-huh. – [Dax] All right, you
guys can open your eyes. (chuckles) They were already open. (resounding boom)
(suspenseful music) – [Daniel] Would you
just take a look at that? I mean don’t. – Okay you guys ready? Three, two, one, go! – I hate this game. – Oh it’s cold, ah! – What?
(screams) – [Daniel] Touch it, Regina. – Ah, it’s slimy!
– Oh! – [Daniel] Just touch it. – It feels like it’s meat or something. Oh wait, there’s a bowl. Oh wait. (screams) – [Dax] Regina’s not even touching it. – What is this, what is that? (screams) – It feels creamy. It feels like Mexican food. Guacamole, baby. – No, no, no, it’s not
guacamole, I know guacamole. – No?
– Cottage cheese. – No, cottage cheese is
more like chunks and pieces. – It’s slimy.
– It’s like whipped cream with things in it. – [Dax] Try to go really deep. – [Regina] Oh, there’s
like, something in it. – Inside? – What is this? – I thought it was apart
of the bowl right here. Is this meat? Is this bone? – What is– – Oh, wait.
– Ew, what is it? – It’s a cream pie, or some sort of pie. It is a pumpkin pie, no wait, pumpkin pie. No! – [Dax] But you’re on the right track. It’s a pie! – You’re right, it has a crust. – Lemon meringue pie. – Cream pie, Boston cream. – [Dax] Actually, I don’t
remember what it is. (resounding boom)
(laughs) – [Daniel] What?
– Dax are you serious? – Dax!
– Can you look on the box and see what it is? – [Dax] I threw that old
box and put in this new one. – [Vy] No, but I can tell what it is. – Taste it and see if
it changes your mind. (resounding boom)
(grunts) – I don’t know, looks
like a cream pie to me. Banana cream pie. Did you smell it? (laughs) – Wow. – I was trying to help
you smell it Regina, why’d you do that? – I smell it just fine. – But you gotta get it up in your nose. – No, more. No, mas. – [Dax] I think it’s
actually banana cream pie. – Woo, high five everybody. – No, no thanks, no thanks, no. (screams) – I was joking, Dax. You splattered it everywhere. (laughing) – [Dax] This is so fun guys. Is this what being a
Spy Ninja is all about? – Well, actually, being a
Spy Ninja is a lot of work. – [Dax] It’s really tough. I’ve been through a lot in the past week. I don’t think I have
what it takes anymore. – Because you realize how difficult it is? – [Dax] I had to deal with Pro, oh! – Uh, oh, the box is collapsing. – [Dax] I had to deal with
Project Zorgo members. I got kidnapped for my first time. I got tased and I had all
this stuff done to me. – [Daniel] What are
you trying to say, Dax? – [Dax] I’m gonna give up my
position as a Spy Ninja to Vy. – That is so nice of you, Dax. – You don’t have to give it up, I’m the original Spy Ninja, so, you’re not giving anything up. – Vy, we’d like to welcome
you back into the Spy Ninjas, now that Dax has relinquished
his position to you. – [Dax] Yeah, get over here Vy. Get over here Vy. (laughing) – [Daniel] Welcome back. – No, I’ve been back,
I never left, kind of. – I mean, yeah you did but, high five Vy. Spy Ninja high five, Vy. (laughs) (screams) – Daniel! (laughing) – [Dax] Oh man, who’s
gonna clean all of this up? – Thank you to all you notification ninjas who show up whenever we
post a brand new video in the first 60 minutes. I’m showing your comments right here. Make sure to subscribe to
me, and subscribe to Chad, because the next video is
gonna be on his channel. (murmurs)
(lip popping) – All right, KickBump out, everyone. – [All] KickBump!
(hard thud) (painful screams)

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