(upbeat Christmas music) – Hi guys, it’s Audrey and… – Jordan from Just Jordan 33. – And today we’re gonna be playing the window snow art challenge. So what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna draw out a paper slip and whatever’s on that, we have to draw on our fake window panes and we’re gonna spray some snow and then hold it up and
you guys will play along and tell us who won each round and who did the better job. So ready, go. The first one is santa on sleigh. – Yes, I got this. I got this, I got this. Okay, ready? Whoa. – This is like when you’re outside and like it’s real snow on your window and you like just draw like
a car window or something. (jazzy Christmas music) I think I’m almost done. – What? (jazzy Christmas music) Okay. – Ready, set, go. This is mine. – And this one’s mine. – Vote down below who you
think did better in the polls. I drew Rudolph and two
reindeer and then there’s Santa and his bag of presents
and it’s night time so I made the moon and the stars. – I did basically the
same thing except for without the night time. – So there you go. – Don’t forget to vote. – Alright, let’s go on to the next round. What’s it gonna be? – Let’s see. Hey, it rhymes. It is a snowflake. Yes. – Alright, this can be
open for interpretation because there’s many different snowflakes. So here we go. I’m not very good at drawing
and this makes it even harder. – I’m not good at drawing either. – Really? – That last round, did
you see my last one? (jazzy Christmas music) – Makes a funny noise. You’re now making a funny noise. (finger squeaks when drawing) No cheating! – Yours is like really
really (squeak noises). – We can’t look at each others. Do you guys make paper
snowflakes every year because we do. – We do sometimes. If we remember. – And do you like decorate
your bedrooms and stuff? I drew the most basic
snowflake that I could do because I can’t get complicated
with that kind of stuff. Okay, mine’s done. Oh, whoa. Are you just goin for it? – Yeah, I don’t know what’s happening, but it’s goin. Oh, it’s not symmetrical, okay. – Here’s my snowflake! – Here’s my, mine looks
like a cube (laughs)! I just ruined mine! – Here’s my snowflake. – Here’s my snowflake. It was going good until
I turned it into a cube. – So mine just is like a basic snowflake. It has like little lines. – Mine, it’s interesting. That one was not so good. – Alright, next round. – Go ahead. – Okay, this round is gonna be, oh Christmas tree. – Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree. – Ready, set, go. – I got this. I’m not gonna fail this one guys. – I forget how you draw a Christmas tree. – Oh, I’m gonna fail this one guys. I just messed up. – I don’t think you can
get much worse than mine. – I just messed up. I really want to respray but I can’t. – I know, same. Oh well. Just goin for it. (“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”) Okay, I’m done. I’m really fast at this. – Not me. – Ours looks equally bad, it’s okay. Yours is so frothy. We have the same idea,
like the exact same idea except yours is a little bit bigger. Okay, are you ready? This one’s mine! – I’m really failing at
all of these challenges. I don’t know why. I just can’t draw with snow. – So my tree, I started off was like I forgot how to make Christmas trees. It was really pointy at the edges. – Yeah, I messed up on
this part right here ’cause you could tell it’s
a little bit like wonky. – The star is good. But everything else is… So vote below who you
think won this round. I made the skirt to the tree. – Yeah, I didn’t even think about that. – Yeah, so. That’s that. – That’s fun. – Do you guys have a fake Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree? ‘Cause we always have
a fake Christmas tree because some of us are allergic, like me, to real Christmas trees. – Yeah, we’ve never really
had a real Christmas tree. – Tell me down below. Fake or real? Next round, what is the
next thing we have to draw? – Let’s see. – I’ll draw again. – Oh, oops, oh well. – I got present. – Yes, okay please let
me not fail at this. – Basic box. (jazzy Christmas music) I’m making mine a 3D box. It’s gonna be hard because
I’m not good at 3D structures. – Yes, yes, yes. Yes, this makes me so happy
how I’m kinda doin this one. (jazzy Christmas music) I’m so focused on this right now. I’m like really trying to make it good. I don’t know how to do
like the top though. That’s always the hard part. – I know I try my best. We only took art class
in elementary school and then like after school. We did like an after school art program. – So we don’t really know much about art. You guys are really
talented though at art, like our fan mail is lookin’ really good. You guys are skilled. I’m done. – What, already? – Yeah. Oh, presents? – No, I just made presents. Okay, yeah. Ready, go. See mine? – You can see it. – This one’s mine. I made three presents. I was working on a project in school today and I had to draw presents and so this is my presents from memory. – And this is what I drew, one present. – So vote below who you think won. Yeah, I tried to make
mine 3D but I do not know how all that turned out. – Yeah it was hard. – Okay, next round. – Yeah! Let’s see what it is. It’s going to be stockings, woo! – Oh, okay here we go. – Yes, yes, yes. Well a stocking, not stockings. There’s a lot to do. (jazzy Christmas music) – Are you like making your own stocking or like making like, oh this is so bad. – I’m making a, okay, okay. I’m not the only one failing here. (jazzy Christmas music) – Sorry, mine’s really long. – I’m done. – Mine is for Audrey. Okay. – I failed. – My stocking looks like a J! – I didn’t make the dimensions right. So it looks a little
bit wonky but you know. I should have made this bit a lot taller. – Yeah, this one’s not that good, but, I drew it really fast. – True. – So mine is the letter
A for Audrey’s stocking. – And mine is the letter yay! Don’t forget to vote who you think won. That one was actually
pretty hard but very quick. – Yeah, we’re just like
well can’t go back now. – I know, as soon as
I started making that, I’m like oh no. – I messed up too much. Next round is… – Snow! – Ah, this is the second to last round. Rudolph. – Yeah! Okay, I got this. – Do you got this? – I don’t got this. – I’m excited to see the
approach we take on this. That’s not the approach I was goin’ for. (jazzy Christmas music) I love the sound effects (finger squeaks). (jazzy Christmas music) I’m doin’ it all on purpose now. – Whoa, yours looks so
different than mine. – I did a face. – Here is Rudolph! – I did just the face. – And I did the entire body. – Yeah, I was not confident enough to do the whole body ’cause I
probably would have messed up. So I paid extra special
attention to the face details. I did like a front point of view. You did the side point of view. – Yeah, I did the side point. It’s kind of funny to look
through the view finder because we’re just like little heads like poking out through
the side like hello, look at our drawings. Wait, I’m gonna do this. Can you see me? – It looks like you just ate snow. – I did not eat it, don’t eat it kids. Paper towel. Why’d you steal my paper towel? – Okay, let’s go on to the last round. Ahhhhhhhh, snow man! – Yeah! Okay, Frosty or regular? That’s the trick question here. – Big base, medium base. – Kinda messed up the base. It’s okay, he’s just a little
bit chubby on the middle. – I think I’m done. That was actually, oh
wait, I forgot the arms. – You cheated, you looked at mine. You weren’t gonna add in the arms. – I did not look at yours. – Whatever, replay. – That’s was actually, oh wait, I forgot the arms. – Yeah! – Okay, let’s show ours. – I forgot the scarf. – Here’s my snowman. – Here’s my snowman. Yeah, woo! I might have made the middle a bit bigger than the bottom, but it’s
not you know, it works. – My snowman is just chillin. I think it’s not bad but
it’s not the greatest. I mean it’s pretty good. – Yeah! – Alright so that’s it for today’s video. We hope you guys enjoyed
it and if you did give it a big thumb’s up. Also, comment down below,
who won each round. We’ll be looking through the comments and then yeah seeing who won. Also hit the bell icon if
you haven’t already to be notified whenever I post a video and I’ll see you guys next time. – [Girls] Bye! – Gotta get ready, oh no. – And spray! Oh yeah, that’s all over me. Does this come off of clothes? – Me too. Ah-oh. (“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”)

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