Spotlight Technique with Designer Series Papers

Spotlight Technique with Designer Series Papers

Welcome to Ink It Up with Jessica TV, I’m
Jessica Taylor and in this episode I’m going to show you how to do the Spotlight Technique with designer series paper. So basically what it is, is you’re
taking one piece of designer series paper, pattern paper, scrapbook paper,
pretty paper, whatever you call it, and this piece is going to be four inches by
five and a quarter inches. This is going to fit perfectly on the front of your card
and what we’re going to do is take some of the Layering Squares Framelits and
use that to just cut out a portion of the paper, add a little colored paper
behind it, a little color cardstock, to pop it out and then decorate it as you
like. But you can see from the samples I have here that you can make all kinds of
different cards depending on the patterns of your paper. So this first one
is made with Myths and Magic paper and all these papers are from Stampin’ Up! but
you can of course use this technique with whichever patterned papers that you
have. And this one I just added a greeting down below and I did add two
layers here. This is actually the card that inspired this technique for me. This
is from the Picture Perfect Party designer series paper pack and I just
highlighted some of the candles and added a happy birthday greeting there.
Super easy. And then finally I took a piece from the Tutti-Frutti designer
series paper pack and this I wanted to show you that you don’t have to have
like an actual picture on your paper, you can have just an overall background
pattern and use that, but you can see how it looks like the fruit slices are kind
of tumbling off of this main image that pops out. So let’s go ahead and see how
these are put together. So I’m going to start by making my Big Shot sandwich to
cut out the squares and I’m going to start with my magnetic platform and then a clear
cutting pad. Now you want to make sure that you have one that’s pretty flat so
that your framelits will stick to the magnets. If your plate starts to get
warped then the framelits aren’t going to stick as well. So then I’m going to
put my paper right on the magnetic platform and choose
which square I’m going to use. Now depending on your pattern you might want
to choose a smaller square or you might want to go with a bigger one. I’m going to
choose the second largest one and I’m going to figure out where I want that on my
paper. Now if I have it centered it’s going to kind of cut off parts of heads
here so I’m actually going to move this up and I do want it centered on my card. I
could put it over that way if I wanted my mermaid more in the center of my
square but I’m going to go ahead and put it in the middle because thinking of the
layout of my card, I could put a little greeting here that said happy birthday
and I could tie some ribbon down here if I wanted. But basically in this kind of
white space here that’s where I would put my greeting. So once you have it set
where you want it you’re going to take another clear cutting pad, put that on
top of there, and just run it through your Big Shot. Once you’ve run it through
your Big Shot you’re just going to take out that center piece and this is what
you’re going to be left with and this is kind of how you can save on paper.
Instead of using another piece of paper you’re just kind of cutting out the
center of this and this is going to go on your card front. Then I took the next
largest square framelit and cut out some Bermuda Bay so that this will layer
behind and kind of spotlight that part of the designer series paper. So let me
go ahead and show you how I would tape this all together. I like to use my
silicon mat underneath where I am putting my tape on because then if I
accidentally get tape on it it doesn’t stick to places. If you have grid paper
or scratch paper underneath where you’re stamping you don’t want to get extra
adhesive on that. So I’m just going to put my squares together first like so, then
I’m going to put tape on the back of this piece here and I like to keep my tape at
the edges around the corners to make sure that my card really stays together
and then this will go on my card front. So my card base is just a piece of card
stock that’s five and a half inches by eight and a half inches and then fold it in
half. So there’s my card base, then you can tape this on straight with
just flat adhesive or you could use dimensionals to pop this up a little bit.
In this case I’m just going to use this Snail because that’s what I have here and then
I’m going to center this right over my cutout. So you can see you want to line
it up so the pattern kind of follows the background there so it just looks like
you are spotlighting part of the pretty paper. Then you could embellish this
and add a greeting as you like. So I hope that you will take some of your designer
series papers and try this spotlight technique with them. Thanks so much for
watching and if you like this video please hit the thumbs up below and don’t
forget to subscribe to my channel so that you’re the first to know when new
videos come out. Happy Stamping!

5 thoughts on “Spotlight Technique with Designer Series Papers

  1. What a wonderful idea and great way to use up my hoards of DSP! Thank you for sharing! I love all of your designs!

  2. I love how easy and quick this card is, yet still looks really nice. One could make lots of cards is a short amount of time. Thanks Jessica! 🙂

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