SPOOKY, SCARY… OR DELICIOUS?! – Food-Inspired Ghost Designs

SPOOKY, SCARY… OR DELICIOUS?! – Food-Inspired Ghost Designs

Boo! I’m a ghost. Did I spook ya? Well, it’s October and I thought I would take this Tokyo treat box jam-packed with Japanese snacks and create ghosts. But not any ghosts I’m going to be doing Inktober themed ghosts. Or rather Japanese snack themed ghosts with ink-
You get the picture. If you want to get your own Japanese snack Subscription box check out the link in the description. It’s delicious. Let’s just get into it. Let’s make some ghosts. Our first inktober ghost is going to be based off of this Poteco Pumpkin Gratin. They’re a little salty and I think the pumpkin gives it just a touch of sweetness. It’s really interesting. So because I had so much fun with that… Unboxing video where I filled a sketchbook with lots of fun little faces, I thought it’d be really cute to do something somewhat similar in the sense that I’m going to do a very simple set of illustrations of ghosts. It’s going to be simple and fun and… It made sense to make a ghost ring. So maybe it’s like a ghost that likes to go around your finger…? So let’s just get into it shall we. It might take a minute to fill all this in. But I think it’ll be a cute outcome. “Keep it simple and have fun,” That is basically my art motto. All right. Oh, he’s cute! I love him. I’m just now realizing how fat this middle finger is and really all of these fingers are compared to the finger that the ghost is flying around. And there you go. Here is our first snack inspired inktober ghost. Here’s a poll. Do you think this is a weird marriage ring ghost? Or do you think this is like a lil pet ghost that someone’s playing with? I like them. Next up we have these Halloween milk senbei. Definitely want to be weirdest snacks. We have this weird crunchy rice cracker with this strangely sweet goop you put on top of it. Don’t know what’s happening, but it’s weird… It’s just weird. All right. So this ghost is going to be a ghost that pranks you by replacing your food with his goopy body. So I don’t really know what food this is. I sort of based it off of The snack itself. I didn’t just want to put some jelly on top of a little cracker thing so I thought it’d be more fun if we made like a biscuity sandwich thing with like cream or gel or something on it. So imagine if ghosts are real, if you if you don’t believe in ghosts.
If you believe in ghosts well, then maybe you already think this but imagine ghosts are real and you have to be on the lookout. They’re like bugs. They can be in your shoe. Except ghosts like to play pranks So you’re always on the lookout to make sure that ghosts aren’t gonna get you. I guess in this world ghosts aren’t out to haunt you in bad ways like scare you they’re just like little tricksters that that do little silly things. Once again, I’m going to add hatching just to add a little bit of different tone to this illustration. It’s a little plain without it. And there it is our weird dripping sandwich ghost. Our next Halloween snack is this Halloween Pizza corn snack. Aww. Yep, that’s a pizza flavored puff all right. Okay. Let’s see. A snack based off of Pizza.
What if we had, you know, the old last piece of pizza conundrum where so maybe sometimes the last piece of pizza gets stuck in limbo. No one wants to take it because no one wants to be rude and then the piece of pizza turns into a ghost Okay, what if the pepperonis made eyeballs? Oh, this is gonna be a creepy one. Hold on. And then the bits of the cheese Made the mouth. Oh wait, this wasn’t actually supposed to be creepy. This was supposed to be kind of cute. Oh no! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been in this Pizza situation before. I’d like to hear your story, your take, on this pizza situation. It’s moldy and rotting in a dumpster somewhere because no one ate it and now it’s got a vengeful spirit. All it wanted in its life was to be eaten and those awkward awkward humans couldn’t even do that. And there he is. Our vengeful last piece of pizza ghost. Our next ghost is going to be inspired by this Pokemon Halloween Chocolate. This is basically a Pikachu shaped chocolate cereal and I love it. Okay, so I know this snack in particular was Pokemon themed, but I’m not gonna draw Pokemon. I think it’d be more fun if we created something a little more terrifying. So I was thinking… Well, it made me think of Pokemon chocolate. Like a Pikachu shaped chocolate. but what if instead we did like a chocolate bunny and you know those videos of someone melting a chocolate bunny and it’s like melting and it’s Scary-looking? Yeah, let’s do that. Should I have a ghost coming out of its head? Would that be even sillier? WoooOoOOOOoooo Let’s add a few more drip areas just so you know for sure that this is a bunny is indeed melting. An alternate death to this bunny instead of being a viral video melting bunny chocolate could be that it was forgotten, put in the Attic for 20 years and melted on and off throughout the summers for 20 years and now it is a forgotten moldy melted bunny Chocolate from Easter. There you go. I love that effect. Just looks so cool. All right. There is our melted Easter Bunny Ghost. Oh boy. Our Umaibo of the month is Corn Potage Umaibo. It’s a corny tube. Okay, let’s dive into this one without doing any sketching because I just want to do something simple. A ghost with a really big mouth…? Since Umaibo’s are just these weird tube snacks that’s what this ghost is. This ghost flies through the night sky devouring lost spirits. It kind of reminds me of like a whale shark because they have those big wide mouths. Look how happy he is. Should I give him a little teeths? He’s just so happy to do his job floating to the sky eating everything. Now I just want to give all the ghosts little red cheeks ’cause it’s so cute! I’m going to make him a little see-through. To what? I don’t know. The background? The night sky? That I didn’t actually draw… It’s fine. It’s fine. That was a rather simple one. We have our tubey big mouth ghosts flying through the sky. Neerroooommm. Our ghostly drink is going to be based off of this Pokemon Ramune. I have to wonder is this Ramune Pokemon flavored? It’s a subtle flavored Ramune which I can definitely appreciate. So this one should be interesting. I love drawing liquid, but normally it’s a lot easier with something like watercolor. So I’m curious to see how I approach this one. So… say you finish off a bottled drink. Is… is it dead? It served its purpose, but is it is it dead? I don’t know. Let’s pretend it is and let’s make a ghost in a bottle. Maybe I can do it like several ghosts in a bottle. Maybe this could actually be part of witches ingredients for things or something. Hold on. Maybe I should color the bottle black, now that I’ve done coloring it, and then the ghost will pop off of it a lot better And I can also do the lines on the ghost so that the ghost looks like it’s transparent. Okay. So now we can go in and make this ghost look like you can see the bottle behind it. Yeah. I’m not really sure what’s going on here. We have just coming out of a bottle and a ghost stuck in the bottle. And there you go. There’s that ghost. Okay, this is creepy. Next up we have this Bloody Cola marshmallow. A marshmallow filled with a cola jelly. It’s not bad but why? Wow, okay, so they really- they really called that marshmallow “Bloody Cola.” I know it’s Halloween, but Wow. So say you’re making a smore, right? And your marshmallow- You burnt it! You like caught it on fire. It’s melting. It’s sad marshmallow death as as marshmallows do. And I feel like it’s just gonna look like it was dipped in chocolate or something. I’ll try my best to make it look like it’s a burnt but we’ll see. The face on this ghost marshmallow He’s a little more pleased with himself then I had really meant to make him So that makes me wonder if maybe a ghost possessed the marshmallow and then whatever kid got that marshmallow was convinced by this ghost to stab somebody using their marshmallow poker stick and… that is that story. These little ghost doodles are turning out with much more morbid stories that I expected. All right, the story of how kid was convinced by a ghost to stab someone with their burnt marshmallow stick. Wowie. Our next ghost is going to be based off of this Zombie Grape Gum. It’s a blue grape gumball. That’s all I had to say about it. So what if the zombie was a ghost?
Is that even a thing that could happen? Could a ghost eat the brains of somebody if it wanted to? Since ghosts are supposed to be so transparent… I guess. Honestly, this kind of just looks like a ghost that is dressing up for Halloween like a zombie. He doesn’t even look like an actual zombie ghost. He looks like he’s too into playing the part. I don’t think ghosts have brains. Okay, I did say we were just gonna doodle ghosts today. I didn’t say we were gonna be scientifically correct with our… our ghost anatomy. I wonder if I should add Some red to his brains just to make it a little more colorful and if I do the line work, it might look like more of a pink than a red. We’ll see. Yeah, that looks good. I like that.
All right, there is our Zombie ghost. Is that a thing? Are zombie ghosts a thing? Well, they are now. Next up is the Pokemon Cola chewing candy. It looks like gum, but it’s actually a chewy Cola candy. Alright, let’s see. So that candy was a flat thing and now I just want to create a flat thing ghost. Because why not, right? Okay. Let’s see. I’m already confused. Hi, I’m the ghost that- oh, this is weak. You know what? This could be like a good toilet paper ghost. Hold on. What if this ghost Hid in your your bathroom and when you went potty instead of like a you know people get scared that snakes are gonna pop out of their toilet but do you ever think that maybe you’re wiping your butt with a ghost?! EW. So with this ghost, as disgusting as this is going to be, instead of scaring people by moving random objects he… He, uh… He makes blood appear on himself. So he makes you think that you’re bleedinggggg. OoOOoooo spooky. Bloody poop. Oh no! The hauntiness of Haunts. Well, that was silly. We have bloody toilet paper ghosts because nothing says scary like toilet paper. Let’s see. Our next ghost is going to be based off of this Halloween Brown sugar sweets. This is an interesting one. It’s really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Okay, what if… So that… that snack just look like a brick but let’s imagine that the ghost possesses a brick and somehow gets this brick to sit next to this delicious loaf of cake or whatever and next thing, you know, the person picks up the brick doesn’t even realize how heavy it is and Yeah, the person bites into a brick. Oh, no. Owchie. Bricks are hard. They’re not good for your teeth. :

100 thoughts on “SPOOKY, SCARY… OR DELICIOUS?! – Food-Inspired Ghost Designs

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  2. my neighbors are dead. all of them.

    i live next to a graveyard 😛 im not even 30 feet away from 200+ buried skeletons when i sleep…………….

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    Drop ur instagrams and what type of things you like to draw or make ?? You don’t have to of course! Ahhh

  4. personally i think finding blood on your TP when you don't expect it isn't quite as scary as NOT finding blood when you DO expect it… i'm not ready to be a mother

  5. Maybe the first ghost was treated like a toy by his past girlfriend?
    And ended up dying because of her!

    She had him wrapped around her finger!

  6. Kasey,
    Do you ever reorder the treats? Like if you tried one and you really really liked it but you only got one of each in the box, Do you evr order the snack from japan? Just curious

  7. I did some see-through stuff for my inktober in a similar way you did for the ghosts, it's so much fun! It adds such cute detail to the piece!

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    Me: oh please no-

  9. 14:50 – 16:58 – 19:51
    Just the fact that the cheeks look like Creepy red eyes and the Actual eyes look like nostrils

  10. My mom walked in right when she said ultimate death. She said “stop watching stuff like that!” I showed her what she was drawing. And she left me alone. Omg Kasey.

  11. The rule on pizza is that who ever bought it gets first dibs on the last piece and then if they don't want it it goes to the person who has had the least amount of the pizza. Obviously if that person doesn't want it then you anyone can have it after that.
    That's how it works in our group anywho.

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    now THAT would be really scary

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  15. The slimey texture of that one candy is probably very intentional. Interestingly unlike other cultures slimey texture is actually considered a pretty good and valid food texture in japan.

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