Split Card Designs

Split Card Designs

– Hello and welcome back. This is Jennifer McGuire and I hope all is well for all of you. Now today I am creating some
split card design cards. So these cards are unique
in that they have an area that’s open along the front of the card to allow you to see inside. I think cards like this
are fun and unexpected and something that’s very different than a store bought card. It’s also a great way to
get more out of the products you have including stamps and dies. I have a lot of examples for you to demonstrate that really any
products would work for this. You just gotta be a little creative and I’m hoping that with
all of these examples, you’ll be inspired to try too. Now all of these cards
started with inspiration from one thing that I saw. I saw a beautiful card on
Instagram by Ellenor Emilsson, I hope I pronounced that
right, I apologize if I didn’t. She is super talented and
after seeing this card, I became an immediate
fan and also was inspired to try this technique
that I’m doing today. Now hers isn’t a split
card design, I don’t think, but the clouds showing through
to that beautiful background kinda got me thinking wouldn’t it be fun if it was a card that you opened up to see that beautiful background. Now mine aren’t as gorgeous as hers but you can probably
come up with some ideas to do this type of design
with what products you have. So let’s take a look at the card first just so you can see where we are headed. So you can see there is a split between the ground in the
sky or just a separation that lets you look through
to the inside of the card. Okay so let’s get started
with this example. It’s one of the more
complicated that I show today but I thought it would be
good to start with it first. I have two pieces of cardstock and you want heavyweight
cardstock for this and they are cut to 4 1/4 by 4 3/4. And I’m scoring them both at 1/2 inch. Now you can change those measurements up as you’ll see as I’m creating but I thought that was
a good place to start. So I end up with these two
pieces exactly the same with that little fold on the side. Now I’m going to take border dies and cut from each of these. You could use any type of border dies or even cut a straight edge
or even freehand cut an edge. I’m using a few different sets including the Lawn Fawn
Puffy Cloud Border Dies and also the My Favorite Things
Stitched Snow Drifts Dies. So towards the bottom of one of my pieces, I’m using the cloud and towards
the top of the other piece I’m using one of the stitched ground dies. I will run these both
through my die cut machine, any die cut machine would work
and I used the Gemini Junior. And now I have these two pieces
with the folds on the left and the decorative edge
on the bottom and the top. Okay now I decided to add
in a layer of shimmer vellum just because I was
inspired by Ellenor’s card, I really liked that she did that. You could totally skip this
to make the card simpler if you wanted to. So I have two pieces of shimmer vellum and they are cut to 4 1/4 inches wide and I’ve taken another hillside border die and I’m lining it up
just to kinda plan out where I want it to peak through. Then I will put a little
temperate tape on there and run it through my die cut machine. Then I will do the same
thing with the top. So I have a piece of vellum
that I’m kinda tucking in there and I’m taking another cloud border die and lining it up where I want
it to peak through the bottom. So the vellum will stick
down a little bit more than the white clouds and
again, if you wanted to, you could skip this or you
could use regular vellum or another color of cardstock. Now we need cardstock for
the inside of our card and the back of it. I have two pieces of sea glass cardstock from Simon Says Stamp. One is smaller at four inches by 5 1/4 and that’s the one that
will be on the inside, and the other is just a little bit bigger and will be on the back,
we’ll use that later. Now I’m taking my piece of vellum and taping it temporarily
into our two pieces. So I just wanna hold them there for now. Once I’ve done that, I’m
putting some adhesive on to the flap of our card, remember those little flaps on the back? We’re going to put adhesive here. I recommend using something
strong but I decided not to use liquid adhesive or tape in case I needed to move them. So I used Altenew adhesive. I wrap that around the side of our smaller pool colored piece here and there you can see
the top flap of the card. Now it’s much too big so all I need to do is flip it over and trim off
the excess with long scissors. I find it’s easier to
trim off excess like this around a card if you have
longer edge scissors, it’s much easier than smaller scissors. Okay now I’m going to do the
same thing with the other and I wanna make sure that
there is a bit of a gap between the clouds in this
piece that we’re putting down. That creates that little bit of separation or split on our card. You don’t want them to be too far apart because the image that
we’re going to add to it will connect the two and
you’ll see that in a moment. I’ll be using the Reverse
Confetti Rainy Day Fun stamp set. Reverse Confetti is a favorite
stamp company of mine, the owner, Jen is a wonderful woman and she’s celebrating
her sixth anniversary so I decided to use some
of her products today to help her celebrate. Now I have this cute little girl that I stamped and colored and die cut and I’m putting adhesive towards her feet and the top of the umbrella only. That way I can glue this to the front and it’ll connect the clouds in the ground but it won’t glue my card shut. This is what connects
the top and the bottom so that it opens nicely but
you can still see through. You wanna make sure that
you put something on here that connects that top
piece and bottom piece. Now when you open the card
you can see the coloring that kinda soaked through my cardstock since I used Copic markers. So I die cut another die
cut from white cardstock and I’m adding that in
there just to hide it. If you wanted, you
could do mirror stamping and mirror die cutting so that the little girl
is on the inside too. I decided not to do that
today but if you wanted to I will link to a mirror stamping
and die cutting video here so you can do that for the
inside of the card if you prefer. I also added a little sun and then a little puddle
of water and a little duck. And again I put another
solid white die cut on the inside to hide that. So now we have a little scene
that you can see through but it connects the ground and the sky. Now on the inside I decided
to add more to the scene. I could make it so that it shows through when the card is closed but I decided to make it so it’s hidden. I also included a sentiment on the inside from the Reverse Confetti So
Many Sentiments stamp set. There are some great sentiments in here and I like the style of these sentiments. And by the way, I also
stamped sending you sunshine on the front of the card and that is from the Reverse Confetti
Rainy Day Fun stamp set. Now this card as we have
it now is four by 5 1/4 and we’re going to put this onto a 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch
piece of white cardstock. I used strong double-sided tape and I wanted to make sure
I put this down center and didn’t mess up because that
will stick once it’s there. Here’s a trick for making
sure you get things centered. This is release paper from
some masking paper that I have, any kind of release paper from stickers or double-sided tape works and what I do is I lay that over my background piece, then I lay my card on top
and I’m centering it up, making sure it’s centered all around, then I hold it there
and remove those pieces. The adhesive won’t stick
to that release paper so I can easily slide them out and then I know I have
my piece where I want it and centered and I can press firmly. Now on all of my cards,
I added some fun details. I used aqua shimmer pen
to add shimmer to the sun and to the cheeks of the little girl, then I used my black glaze
pen and I just kinda tap it onto the eyes which gives it some shine and makes the eyes nice and dark. Then I also added some glossy accents to the boots, jacket and
the color on the duck. Those little things don’t take long to do but make a huge difference
on the final card. Okay so here we can see the final card. When you open it up,
there’s more to the scene and an additional sentiment. It took a little extra effort
to make that split card design that allows you to look through but I think it adds so much to this card. Another thing that adds a lot to this card is that shimmer we added,
the black glaze to the eyes, and the glossy accents along
with that platinum vellum that we have peeking
out in the background. And remember, if you wanted to finish off the inside front of the card, you could with mirror
stamping and die cutting so check out that video but I decided I was happy with it as is. Now before we look at
vertical split card designs, let’s do a few more horizontal. This one’s kinda like the
last one but it opens upward. So I wanted to show that design too and we’ll do this one quickly. So let’s take a look at
the finished card first, I feel like that helps out
understanding where we’re headed. So you can see through
the center of the card and this one opens up
vertically, this time I used the Reverse Confetti
Over the Rainbow die set. Now I did some of the work
offscreen to save some time but it’s very similar to our last one. This time I have one piece with a fold that will be at the top of the card. Now this is four inches wide,
it really doesn’t matter how tall you do it but I
also cut a piece of vellum to go behind it just like last time. I’m doing a freeze frame here just so you can get a
closer look as I show you. Now for the bottom piece,
it’s just white cardstock that’s four inches wide with
the cloud die cut on the top and then a piece of
vellum behind that too. I’m using pieces of temporary
tape to tape the vellum behind the cardstock just to
hold it there as we assemble. Now I’m using tape also face up to assemble the pieces of the rainbow that I cut from some scrap cardstock. I often use this tape to hold
things together as I assemble and then I can reuse
the pieces many times. Now I’m putting adhesive towards the back bottom of our rainbow and I’ll tuck it in-between the vellum and cardstock cloud layers. And I’ll do the same with
the sun but on the top piece so that it peeks out also. Really it doesn’t matter where
you add these little pieces, you just want to make sure
that you’ll be able to connect the top piece of the card and
the bottom piece of the card when you glue it all together. Okay so now I have the
flap of the top of my card that I’m gluing to the back of a four inch by 5 1/4 inch piece of
sea glass cardstock, just like last time. Now I’m putting some adhesive
at the top of the rainbow so that I can glue it to
the top piece of our card. So the only thing holding
that bottom part of the card to the top part of the
card is the rainbow. So we need to add additional pieces to the inside of the card
just to give it stability. So offscreen, I cut seconds
of all of those pieces and glued them to the
inside so you can see that the inside of the card
matches the outside of the card, and it gives it that stability. It’s really easy to do,
just cut all the same pieces and line them up and glue
them to the back inside. Now I decided to keep the
rest of the card very simple, I stamped a sentiment on the
front from Reverse Confetti and then I left the
inside of the card blank. And that way I can write
my own personal message towards the bottom so
it doesn’t show through when the card is closed. I did adhere our card to a piece of 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch pitch
black cardstock from Hero Arts which is my favorite black cardstock. I felt like that black allowed
the colors to pop even more. I added shimmer pen to the rainbow and sun for a little bit of shine and I’ve decided that I’m going to make
more cards like this because it’s a great way to use up scraps. Okay now it’s time to
create a very simple card, this is the easiest of all of them, I wanted to show it to you quickly, it is a horizontal split
design like the first card but easier to pull together. Now here is a look at
the completed card first, now for this one I created a top piece that’s cloud and a
bottom piece that’s grass with the fold on the left side, and I adhered it to a four by
5 1/4 inch background piece. So that’s just like we did
earlier but without the vellum. Now I’m taking a piece of
that release paper like before and I put glue on the back
of this cute little monkey and I glued him to connect
the top and the bottom. The reason I put the
release paper in there is I put glue all on
the back of the monkey because now I’ve got
another monkey die cut that I’m going to glue on the inside. And that connects the top and the bottom and keeps it very secure and stable. Then I die cut another cloud piece and another grass piece
and just glued it on top. Nothing fancy, so much easier
than the first example. And then I also white heat embossed a sentiment below the little monkey. I have room there on the bottom to write my personal sentiment. I could add things in the sky if I wanted but I wanted to really
keep this as a simple card. So basically with this card design, if you create a flap towards the top, a flop towards the bottom, and then have something to connect them, you can create a split card
design using any products. I also find it easier to
start with bigger flaps and then trim them down as needed. It’s much easier than trying
to measure everything perfect and get it right the first time. Okay my next example shares how you can add acetate to your opening that still allows you
to see through your card but it gives the card some more strength. The little girl connecting
the top and the bottom really wasn’t strong enough
to hold the pieces together, that sounds terrible but I just mean the die cut shape, sorry. But I decided to add some recycled acetate between the top and the bottom that would still allow me
to see through the card but it would be stronger. This is the Reverse
Confetti So Super stamp set, I had to buy this as soon as I saw it because I thought it was great for creating cards for any kids. I started this card very much
like I did the rainbow card from earlier but without the vellum. So this blue piece is four by 5 1/4 and on the top with the flap
I added a white cloud piece and then I have a white cloud piece ready for the bottom too, and those are all four inches wide. Now I wanted to create
some extra cloud pieces to glue on the front of the card and I wanted them to be wide so I used my border die and cut twice. And you can see how I’m creating a really wide cloud by doing that. And I created two like that, one for the top flap
and one for the bottom. This will allow me to hide my acetate. So I’m putting glue on the
back of that wide cloud and I have a piece of acetate that I’ve cut to four inches wide, this is recycled from some packaging and I’m going to sandwich that between our white cloud
flap there on the top and the cloud that we just cut and put adhesive on the back of so you can see how the
acetate is sandwiched between and we can trim the excess off the sides. Now we’re going to do
the same on the bottom. So I have my bottom cloud piece and I’m going to hold it right
at the bottom of our card, and I have adhesive on the top edge of it, I can close my acetate down on it, and then glued another cloud right on top. So the acetate is sandwiched
between the top and the bottom so it makes a nice connection and I can just trim off the excess. So if you want to add a
little bit of stability to your card you can put acetate in there or even a piece of vellum. Now I can add all of my
cute little images to it from that Reverse Confetti set. After adding all my stamp
sentiments and images and a cute little dog on the inside, I glued the card onto a
4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch piece of red cardstock, it just
gives it a nice finished look and hides that flap that is
glued to the back of the card. I also added some shimmer
with the shimmer pen and some glaze to the
eyes of the little girl and the dog so they would stand out more. And there you can see how you
can do a split card design with acetate to add some stability, or you could also use
vellum if you wanted. Now I have one more horizontal example, this one I’m not gonna show the process because it’s super easy to do, but I wanted to show you the end result. I used the Reverse Confetti
Ice Cream Social stamp set, I thought those two
dogs sharing that shake was just too cute. So I stamped, colored, and die cut it. And I connected a top
piece and a bottom piece that I just cut with my trimmer. So you don’t need to use border dies to create the flaps of your card, you can instead just cut them. I stamped some images on the background just to add a little bit of interest and this final card
size is 4 1/4 by 4 1/4. I really like making square
cards and I just mail it in a five by five inch envelope. So remember, you don’t need to use fancy border dies for this technique, I just cut straight edges
for this particular card. Okay now let’s create a couple cards that have a vertical
opening so it’s up and down. Now my first one actually is vellum connecting the left and the right sides, so you can see through a little bit but you definitely could do
this card design with acetate if you wanted to see through completely. Now I used the Reverse Confetti Cake Champagne stamp set for this one. Now my friend just had a baby and she’s like a super
mom right from the get-go so I wanted to give her a card that said how proud I was of her as
I tell her all the time. Now for this I wanted a
decorative border on both sides so I used the WPlus9 Floral Border Die. I think that’s an older one
but I think it’s beautiful. I have some shimmer vellum
here that’s 8 1/2 by four, much bigger than I need but
I’m scoring it at 5 1/2. Again, I think it’s best to start with bigger than you need
and you can trim it down. So I’m folding this at
that 5 1/2 inch mark and this will be the
front flap of our card. On this, I’m gluing the two border pieces that I created with that WPlus9 die. I’m gluing them right to the left and the right edges of the card. I wanted to quickly show you a trick for adding thin strips of
cardstock straight onto your card. I use a T ruler, run my liquid adhesive right along that edge, then lay my thin strip of cardstock right up against the T ruler edge and there we have a
perfectly straight border. And I did that on both sides of the card. Next, I wanted to show you how I created that sentiment strip and I
am so excited about this. This is the most brilliant set of products I’ve seen in a long, long time. I had to buy it as soon as I saw it, this is the Taylored Expressions Simple Strips Stamp and Die set. What is so cool about this
is you stamp the sentiments all at once and then you
can die cut them all at once and you have tons of
sentiment strips ready to go. So I’m using my MISTI stamping tool but you definitely don’t need to use that. You could leave the stamp
face up on your work surface, ink it up and press your paper onto it. Now you see those little squares? The reason those square are stamped is so you can take the die
and line up those squares. Check this out, this is like
magic, brilliant, so cool. When you have it lined
up, you tape it in place, run it through any die cut machine and you end up with all of these perfect sentiment strips ready to go. So I keep them in a little
bowl so I have them ready and I’m using one of
them today on my card, isn’t that just brilliant? I hope they come out with more that match up with those dies. Along with the sentiment,
I have other images to add to the front of our card. Here we have our cake
stamped, colored, and die cut and I also die cut the
cake from craft foam and glued that to the back. That way when I glue this
on the front of my card, it has dimension which
will help it to stand out against the busy background. Okay so I added some flowers and other pieces to the cake also and now I have this flap
that I’m putting adhesive on so that I can glue it
onto our white cardstock that will be in the center. This flap is way oversized
but that’s what I came up with and I find that it’s easier to work with a bigger flap on your vellum than a thinner one or a smaller one. So I’m wrapping that around the top of a four by 5 1/4 inch
piece of white cardstock and then trimming off
the excess on the bottom. So now the front of our
card is made up of vellum and the pieces that we added to it. Now on the back of all of
that, I’m putting adhesive and gluing our card onto a 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch piece of white cardstock. I wanted to make sure
that my personal message on the inside was hidden behind the cake so here’s the trick, I
took my negative space from my die cut, lined
it up with the cake, then I opened the card back up and made sure to write my message
right inside of that area. That way I’m sure it’s
hidden behind the cake. Okay so here’s a closer look
at the rest of the card. I did add the sentiment
on top, some shimmer, some of the black glaze pen
to the center of the flowers. So this is a split card design that you can see through a
little bit because it’s vellum but I could have kept it completely clear by using acetate if I prefer. I really like this cake stamp
set from Reverse Confetti ’cause there are different
things you can add to it, you can make it a birthday
cake, wedding cake, whatever you want so it’s great for many different celebrations. Okay my last card example is another vertical split card design. But this time I kept the middle open so you can actually see through
to the inside of the card. And when you open up the card, there is a hidden little
scene and personal message. For this one, I used the adorable Reverse Confetti Party Animals stamp set. I stamped, colored and die
cut many images from this set and I actually left some
of the coloring undone and did that at the end
so I knew what colors I needed to add to balance it all out. For the flaps on my card I’m using the Lawn Fawn Hillside
Stitched Border Dies. Any kind of border die would work here but I like the curve look of this one. This time I started with
at six by four inch piece of white cardstock and I scored
it 1/2 inch from the top. This will make both of our flaps. Towards the left side, I’m placing one of our
hillside stitched dies and running it through
our die cut machine. I will then cut that away at the top so that there’s a small flap
up there to create our card. And then I will create
the flap for the right doing the exact same thing. I actually took my other
flap and lined it up with the edge so I knew
where to put my border die and that way I end up with two flaps that are cut exactly the same. So now I have that taped in place, run it through my machine
and there are our two flaps. They look kinda silly, they just are these two curved
pieces with the flaps on top. Now I have a piece of
light yellow cardstock that is cut to four inches by 5 1/4, that’s what I always do for
the inside of these cards. And I am gluing the left
flap to the left top corner and the right flap to
the right top corner. Now these will kinda move around
and stick out for right now but once we add our images,
it’ll connect the two sides. So I’m taking that release
paper as I have before, I saved these release papers
to use over and over again and I’m gonna slide it
in there into our card. I did tape the flaps down
so they wouldn’t pop up. Now I’m putting adhesive on
the left edge of my elephant and that will connect
them to the right flap. Then I have this cute little gift die cut and I’m gluing that to
the trunk of the elephant into the left flap. So now the left and the
right flaps are connected. Just make sure you use strong adhesive because you don’t want
those to come undone, I recommend a strong liquid
adhesive or double-sided tape. Now I’m adding a few more
animals and in every case, they’re all connected to each
other and to the two flaps. So you can see how they’re
each connected a little bit by my adhesive and I’ve got the left flap and the right flap connected. That release paper I can now remove, I didn’t want any of it to get glued shut. I can also remove my
temporary tape from the side and there we have a card that has flaps that are connected by the images. So the front is see through and it’s such a unique fun design. Now on the inside back I’m just gluing additional white die cuts to line up. This doesn’t bother me that
the inside looks like this, it may bother some, if you wanted to you could do stamping or mirror stamping on those pieces but I like it as is. I think it’s a fun handmade design that is unique to handmade cards, it’s not something you
would buy in the store. Now I’m stamping little
stars in the background with Simon Says Stamp Fog
Ink which is a light ink. But I wanted those to be sparkly so I stamped them with light gray ink and now I’m tracing over
them with my glitter pen, that’s a great trick to do on backgrounds because it’s subtle but it
catches the light nicely. I also added a sentiment that sticks off of that bright flap up there on the top and here we have our finished card. I went back and added color to the images that weren’t colored yet and I was able to get a
nice balance and color. And then I also added a little boy from the Rainy Day Fun
stamp set holding a balloon and then I put a little
personal sentiment underneath. I like to give birthday cards to kids when it’s their birthday, not just my kids giving them a card, I like to give ’em a card too and I thought this would
be perfect for that. I added some shimmer and my
black glaze pen to the eyes and we have nice finishing touches on it. And I did glue the entire card to a 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch piece
of metallic silver cardstock. All right, there you’ve got a long video showing you a bunch of card examples with a split card design. I hope you try this because
you probably have supplies that would work for it, really fun to do. I will link my supplies
below but go to my blog because currently I have a discount code for Reverse Confetti
since it’s their birthday, really excited about that
so I’ll have the link below. In the middle are a couple other
videos that you might like. I always really appreciate
the amount of time that you spend with me, thank you so much. I hope you learned a thing or two and will see you again soon.

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