63 thoughts on “Spinner Wheel Interactive Card

  1. To much work for a card that most wont spend more then a minute looking at it. Love them just can’t see the time worth it.

  2. Jennifer, that is so clever and so beautiful, I bet the little recipient will be so pleased with it. Thanks for sharing it with us I will have to try this one out but you have shown me so many fantastic cards I want to make, my list is getting enormous. I do love your videos.

  3. Oh you've given me the best idea EVER for a card using this technique. I can't wait to get home from work and get my cardy on 😊

  4. What a fun card, I love the design!😍
    You always amaze me with your cards. Every time you find a unique way to create cards, and techniques.
    Thank you for sharing all those wonderful ideas with us. It's highly appreciated!❤

  5. I love this. Thank you so much for sharing this that doesn’t require a specific spinner kit. I made a spinner card a few weeks ago and really struggled to find the central point of the circle. It’s so simple when you know how. Thank you again ☺️

  6. From the million ways I could spend my day, I am glad I chose to watch a video from you again, You cheer my day. This video is perfect, nice, easy to understand and relaxing to listen to. I was thinking about making a spincard too, but had no idea how. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. I love this card! The themes for this would almost be endless. I think little ginger bread men would be cute too. Thanks so much for sharing this project, X

  8. I should make a holiday card with a bunch of frazzled moms (me) running in circles during the holiday season, trying to coordinate the Secret Santa presents for my son at school, the Yankee Swap present and holiday party at work, two birthdays, plus family Christmas and all that brings in addition to the usual day-to-day craziness that a single mom (or any mom) has to juggle. 😉

    Thanks for all the great videos! When I’m too tired to craft – or too tired to face the cleanup after I’m done — I always enjoy watching you make it look so easy

  9. Very cute card. You always make the interactive cards look easy to assemble. I love spending time with you. I always learn something new. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  10. Loved this card but I especially enjoyed your words at the end. They just warmed my heart. Thank you for creating this video.

  11. TFS…great idea. Could put dog/cat pic in the center and have small Christmas tree, santa hat, dog bone/cat toy/whatever, and maybe a star as the spinner parts.

  12. There's that brilliant engineering brain being put to fantastic use once again for us! I love this! I actually have the spinner card dies but I love this layout on front more than the tiny sentiment window. Can't wait to try it now. <3

  13. This is such a CUTE card! It’s worth the time it takes to make this wonderful little card…it’s on my “To Make Card List”. ❤️

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