Spin The MYSTERY Wheel & DOING Whatever It Lands On (Game Master Prank)

Spin The MYSTERY Wheel & DOING Whatever It Lands On (Game Master Prank)

(fast paced drumming music) – [Grace] Let’s see!
– [Stephen] Spin, spin, spin, – [Stephen] What’s it gonna land on? – [Grace] Dumpster dive? Go get it! – [Stephen] Ew! Here goes
nothing! Oh, this is gross! (crunching of garbage) – Ew! Trash! Everything! (wheel spinning) – [Stephen] What’s it gonna land on? – [Grace] Ooo! – [Stephen] Oh. – [Grace] Oh! Prank call the Game Master. (electronic gun shot) (dramatic music) – Hey Sharers, what’s going on? Today we have a super super
super fun family challenge that I’m gonna do with Grace and that is we’re going
to spin the Mystery Wheel and do whatever it lands on. (wheel spinning) Oh, yeah Sharers we have a lot of epic challenges to do today. Whoever ends up with the most points at the end of this challenge is the winner. However, if you fail to
complete a task or you don’t do it properly, you won’t get the points. And to help us out, we
have my sister Grace Sharer who’s gonna join in on this competition. (elevator rising noise) (elevator dinging) – Oh, hey guys! I just
took the elevator here! Steven, I’m ready for this challenge! – Okay Grace, we have
fifteen different levels, the score is currently zero to zero, rock, paper, scissors to
find out who goes first? – Yeah, I’m a little nervous
about the “Getting a Tattoo” – Well Grace if I was you
I’d be more nervous about “Prank Calling the Game Master.” Alright let’s get started. You ready? – Ready! Who goes first? – Rock, paper, scissors
to find out! – Okay! – Here we go, ready? – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, go! – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, go! – Oh. – Uh oh. I’m going first? – I guess you get to go first! – Oh boy! Okay. – Okay, Grace, we got
a lot to choose from! – I’m really nervous
to see what I land on. – Okay you ready? – Yeah. – [Stephen] Here we go!
Spinning in 3, 2, 1, go! (wheel spinning) What’s it gonna land on? (Stephen Gasps) Ooh, we got a “Spy on Workers” – So they can’t catch
me and if they catch me I don’t get a point. Okay Sharers let’s go do this. All I have to do is report back to Stephen what they’re doing without being caught and if I can do that correctly,
without them seeing me, I get a point! Okay, here goes nothing. (intense dramatic music gets louder) Open door. I don’t even
know where they are I haven’t even seen them today. Can’t touch the walls
because we’re painting them, so that will be hard. Smells like they’re eating lunch. (eerie sound effect) We’re good, we’re good, we’re good! Oh yeah, Stephen, I found them! They are painting the ceiling right now. – Alright, well Sharers, let’s see, did Grace get the real
shot? Oh, she got it! Grace got it! Okay Grace,
you get a point then! You got a point! – Oh yeah, that’s right! I got a point! So now you have to spin that wheel. – Alright the score is one to zero, I’m up, here we go! 3, 2, 1. (wheel spinning) Spin, spin, spin.
– Let’s see! – What’s it gonna land on? – [Grace] Dumpster dive? – Ahh! (crow screeching) I have to dive in a dumpster? No! – That’s right Steve,
you gotta dumpster dive, and you gotta find this in it and it has a weight, so it
will be at the very bottom! (crashing noise) Go get it! – Oh, Sharers, it’s filled with trash. Ah! Okay, here we go. – [Grace] Yeah, this is kinda nasty. – Oh dear. – [Grace] What do you see? – Ew, there’s so much trash, look at this! Ew! Grace I have to go in here, it’s completely full! Look
how full this dumpster is! And where is it Grace?
There’s so much stuff in here, where is it? Ew! Sharers I
have to go in this thing, this is nasty! Ew, here goes nothing! Oh, this is gross! (squishing and crunching sounds) Ahh! – [Grace] Whoa I heard like glass! – There’s tiles in here. (crunching of garbage) Ew! Trash! Everything! Yuck, oh it’s wet! Lot’s of cardboard, whoa, ahh! What is this? So much
trash in this dumpster. Whoa, oh this is so nasty. Where is it Grace, where is it? (cartoon slide whistle) Whoo, I found it, I
found it. Oh here we go. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I got it! (triumphant music) Oh yeah Sharers, I get a point, I got it out of the dumpster! Let’s get out of here.
Yuck, yuck, yuck, whoa! (crunching sounds) Ew, get me out of there! Whoo! – [Grace] Ew, ew, ew,
you stay away from me. – I might smell bad
but hey, I got a point. Back inside Grace, you’re up. Time to spin the mystery wheel! – Okay well it’s a tie game, let’s see what my next challenge is! Spinning the wheel in 3, 2, 1! (wheel spinning) “Give 1 Point to The Other Player?” I only have one point,
that means I have zero now! – Oh, yeah Sharers, that
means I just got a point and Grace has zero so it’s
two to zero right now. Grace? Good job spinning,
that helped me out. – Ugh! – I’m in the lead! Let’s keep it that way. Here we go, spinning in 3, 2, 1. (wheel spinning) What am I gonna land
on? Let’s see let’s see, “Give a Dog A Bath?” Ah, I don’t wanna wash a dog! – Well Steve, Cooper was just
outside playing in the mud and he’s all muddy so looks
like you have to give it to him. Alright, I think it’s gonna
be our puppy’s first bath. – [Grace] Oh yeah! – We’ve never washed Cooper before, he’s our brand new puppy. Alright, come on.
– Okay! – Little bath. You’re dirty anyways. – Put him in the water! – There we go, good boy! – [Both] There we go! – [Stephen] Okay, let’s turn
the water on a little bit, – [Grace] Okay!
– [Stephen] Alright, gotta get you all nice and clean! – [Grace] How’s your first bath? – [Stephen] Ah!
– [Grace] Whoa! Shake! Stephen, Stephen. – [Stephen] Okay, okay. Whoa, all done! – [Grace] That’s a good
boy. Awe he looks so good! – [Stephen] Cooper’s so clean. – [Grace] Good boy!
– Oh yeah. – [Grace] He got a little treat! – And, I get a point! – The current score is three to zero. But let me spin this mystery wheel and crank my score back up. Ready? In 3, 2, 1! (wheel spinning and ominous music) – [Stephen] What’s it gonna land on? – [Grace] Ooh. – [Stephen] Oh. – [Grace] Oh! Prank call the Game Master. Okay well what’s the
number for the prison? Oh, let me just google it.
Okay, google, State Prison. (typing) Okay, oh, looks like
I found it! And, call! (phone ringing) Okay, it’s ringing!
Let’s hope he picks up. Oh, he picked up! – [Game Master] Hello? – Hello? Did you order some balloons? – [Game Master] Balloons? No. – I have a balloon delivery for you. – [Game Master] No balloons! Who is this? – Yes, it’s for you! The Game Master. (laughing) – [Game Master] Hey! Who is this? – Grace, he’s gonna catch you! – [Game Master] I know your voice… – Hang up! – [Game Master] Rebecca Zamolo? (laughing) – That didn’t sound like me though! So he would have no idea. – No but balloons, where
is he gonna get balloons? – Yeah, how would he order it? – He’s in prison! – He doesn’t have a computer there. – Grace! – That was so funny! Sharers smash the like button, (thumping) I think I get a point for that, that was so funny – You’re right Grace, he
thought it was Rebecca! – Yeah! – Okay so Grace gets a
point, that was good, good job Grace! (smacking noise) Oh yeah, prank calling the game master! – That was fun! Steve, you’re up next,
I’m catching up fast, so you better be good this time! – Okay, let’s spin this Sharers, here we go, 3, 2, 1, go! (wheel spinning) Come on…
– Okay, what will it be? (gasping) – [Both] “Flip on the trampoline.” – Good thing I did not get that one ’cause one, I can’t do a flip, and two, the trampoline
is all wet right now ’cause it’s raining. – Sharers, this is gonna
be an easy point for me. Let’s do it. Easy backflip coming right up, here we go. You ready Grace? – [Grace] Okay! – 3, 2, 1, go! (trampoline creaking) Whoo! Oh yeah, easy point Sharers, I am officially still in the lead. Four to one, let’s do it Grace. – Okay Sharers I need
to crank up my points, let’s do this. (wheel spinning) – [Grace] Spin that hard! – [Stephen] Let’s see,
what’s it gonna land on? Oh! “Balance an egg on your
head” without it dropping. – Wait, I feel like that’s impossible, ’cause my egg- my head’s not flat! – Well, there’s only one
way to find out Grace. Okay, balancing an egg on your head from this end of the driveway to this end of the
driveway Grace. Good luck! – Okay, let’s see if I can
first get it stable… okay! – [Stephen] There you go!
And now you just gotta walk. – [Both] Oh! (eerie sound effect) – [Stephen] Oh! (Grace shrieking) – I didn’t even take a step! – [Stephen] No! Fail! (buzzer sounding) – No! – Okay the score is
still four to one Grace, you have failed a couple
of these challenges. – Yeah, I’m not doing too good. – So Sharers, smash the like button and #TeamStephen ’cause I’m in the lead, I’m gonna win this thing, here we go! Spinning to add more points
in 3, 2, 1, go, go go! (wheel spinning) – [Stephen] What am I gonna land on? – [Grace] Let’s see! – [Stephen] Oh, give a
point to the other person! (bell dings) – Oh yeah, I like that one! (buzzer sounding) – Okay, well Grace, the
score is two to four, you’re catching up but
you’re still not in the lead. – Uh, two to three. – Two to three! You’re
right, two to three! Uh oh, Grace is only
one point away! Oh god! – One point away and it’s my turn to spin! – Sharers. – So I could tie this up right now! – Okay. Let’s hope Grace
gets something hard. Alright Grace give it a spin, here we go. In 3, 2, 1, go! (wheel spinning) – [Stephen] Eee, what’s it
gonna be? What’s it gonna be? – [Grace] A big spin! – [Stephen] Oh, “Get a tattoo!” – What? (sudden eerie noise) No. Absolutely not. I can’t!
I don’t want a tattoo! – Grace, hey, do you wanna catch up and get a tie game or not? – A tattoo? That’s like
the craziest one on here. That’s the one I didn’t want. – You’re the one that put it on the board, it was your idea! – No it wasn’t! It was the
one I didn’t want to get. – You put it on the mystery wheel, so, if you didn’t want it you
shouldn’t have written it on the mystery wheel. – What do I do? – Hey, do you want the point or not? (Grace groaning) – Okay fine. Let’s do this Sharers, let’s go get a tattoo. Okay Sharers, so Stephen
thinks I’m about to go get a real tattoo, but
I’m about to prank him with a fake tattoo. Oh
yeah, Share the Love tattoos coming to the swag store very soon. Okay, so let me put this camera down. Hopefully he’s not like
peeking through the window and seeing me doing this. ‘Cause I’m about to prank him real good. Okay so first step is
to take off the clear, and, where should I put it?
Like right here you think? Okay, put it right there. And then grab my water.
Okay, and put that up there. Whoa. And then I press that in. Oh yeah, that’s looking
real good! Real good! (blowing air) Okay, let me just let that dry. Oh, yeah, Share the Love tattoo. This looks just like a real one so let’s get inside and show Stephen! Stephen! I got the tattoo. – [Stephen] What? Let me see. – Guess where it is? – [Stephen] On your neck. – Nope! On my hand! (sudden boom and Stephen gasping) – [Stephen] Grace you got
a Share the Love tattoo on your hand? – Oh yeah. – Sharers, smash the
like button for Grace, that is intense. – I bet you didn’t think I would do it! – Whoa, okay Grace well
you got a point, that means it’s a tie game! Three
to three, all tied up. We got one more spin
left. If I get this point, I win. If not, then it
ends up being a tie. Last spin of the day,
let’s see what I land on. Here we go, in 3, 2, 1, spin! (wheel spinning) – [Stephen] Give it a good
spin, give it a good spin, what’s it gonna be,
what’s it gonna be? Ooh! – [Grace] What is it? – [Stephen] “Run Fifteen miles per hour”. – Whoo, I definitely
can’t do that, good thing that you got that one. – Okay, fifteen might seem fast but, I think I can do it. – That’s like the speed
limit in a neighborhood. – Okay, only one way to find out Sharers, let’s do this. Okay Sharers, I’m ready
for this. If I win this, I will win the ultimate mystery
spin the wheel challenge! – And, to make sure
Stephen is not cheating, I have the radar detector. – Okay Sharers, let’s
get this one extra point. Let’s win this! Here we go. – [Grace] Racers, take
your marks, get set, go! Okay, let’s see. Thirteen!
Seventeen! You got Seventeen! – We did it! Whoo! – [Grace] Wow, look at that. – Oh yeah, I won that challenge Sharers. Smash the like button. That was epic! – Whoa, wait a second, hold up! We gotta do some crazy
challenges on my channel. This spin the wheel
challenge on my channel and comment down below
what type we should do so I can get Stephen back! – And until then Sharers,
you know what to do, – [Both] Stay awesome and
Share the Love! Peace, whoo!

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