Spider-Man Artists from the 1990s! | This Week in Marvel

Spider-Man Artists from the 1990s! | This Week in Marvel

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, Marvelites. You’re watching This Week in
Marvel, and I’m Ryan, a.k.a. Agent M. And I’m C.B. Cebulski,
the Editor-in-Chief. And so we’ve been doing
these episodes all year long, celebrating Marvel’s
80th anniversary here on This Week in Marvel. Looking back at
different decades and different themes and
artists and all kinds of stuff. So for the 1990s, we
wanted to, one, look at Spider-Man, because
it’s a very important decade for the web slinger. Exactly. But two, we wanted to look
at some of the artists there. And so one of the fun
things that I did, was I looked at every
single artist who drew an issue of the
four core Spider-Man titles throughout the 1990s– which is wild,
because Spider-Man had four ongoing series for
a good chunk of the decade. We wanted to share
with you guys the five most prolific Spider-Man
artists of the 1990s. Yeah. It’s a great list. It is, it is. It’s specifically looking
at those four core titles– no annuals, no bonuses, no– Back up stories. Yeah. It’s just the main
pencillers, and seeing how many stories that they’ve done. And you may be going, OK, great. Todd McFarlane’s going
to be right in there. You’d be wrong. One of the most noted
artists of the generation– in the history of Spider-Man– but the bulk of his
work came in the ’80s. Yeah. 28 issues with
Spider-Man in the ’80s. Only– I say only– 15 in the ’90s. 15 of the most incredible– and
they’re great and wonderful, we love them. We will talk about them
on the audio version, but he only does 15. So the top five. Number five is Erik Larsen. Erik comes in with 27 issues. A lot of them on
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and he finishes off with the
adjectiveless SPIDER-MAN title. But some really great stuff. Yep. And you know, Erik’s been back
doing some stuff for Marvel recently. And we hope to see
more from him– maybe some Spider-Man
soon, so we can continue to add to his number. Yes. At number four, John Romita Jr. CB CEBULSKI: A legend.
RYAN PENAGOS: Yeah. And John Romita Jr–
we talked about him a bunch for the
’80s when we were talking about UNCANNY X-MEN. Of course, he has a lot of
work with Spidey in the 2000s. But in the ’90s, has 46 issues
of Spider-Man that he draws. 32 of them for SPIDER-MAN
and 11 more for PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN, and a couple
odds and ends across that. All right. Number three, here we go– Alex Saviuk. Alex– great work. He actually starts his run on
WEB OF SPIDER-MAN in the 1980s. Similar to Todd
McFarlane, he does 21 issues of WEB OF SPIDER-MAN
in the ’80s, but then 50 of them– 50 issues of Spider-Man on
WEB OF SPIDER-MAN in the ’90s. It’s incredible work. All right. Number two, someone we love. Still doing a ton of
amazing work for us– Mark Bagley. Bags. RYAN PENAGOS: Gotta
love Mark Bagley. Comes in with 59
issues of Spider-Man– 57 of them on Amazing. And is, really,
one of the artists I think of when I
think of Spider-Man. He’s– you know,
my first AMAZING SPIDER-MAN issues were either
McFarlane, Larsen, or Bagley. I have very specific memories
of Mark’s work on Spider-Man. And then it comes back a
decade later, which we might talk about in a future podcast. Starts on ULTIMATE
SPIDER-MAN, and sets a record for most consecutive
issues of a comic book with Brian Bendis
on that series. Yeah.
Incredible. Legendary stuff. All right, but who’s number one? Well, Sal Buscema. 75 issues. That is wild. C.B. CEBULSKI: Unheard of. Amazing. He also– as we were
talking about, some of them had issues in the ’80s. 28 issues of SPECTACULAR
SPIDER-MAN in the ’80s, going then into 75
issues of SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN in the ’90s. And these were long runs. It’s not like,
scattered throughout. Its, I think, 51 issues
and 24 issues in a row. Something like that. It is wild. And on the audio version we
read issue number 200, which is such a stunning
issue and, really, shows the level of storytelling
and incredible work that Sal has. You know, and a lot of people
say that these are artists. But in this case,
Sal is a storyteller. He is one of the best. And you could take all the words
out of a lot of those issues and still fully understand
what all those characters are going through, emotionally
and physically, without the balloons. So he’s just one of the best. Incredible stuff all around. We have a lot more to talk
about on the audio version of This Week in Marvel–
our ’90s special edition. So make sure you check that out
whenever you get your audio. We’ll be back with
another episode soon. I’m Ryan.
– And I’m C.B. And this is Marvel. Your universe. Thwip. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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