Spider Knight & Web Breaker (Fortnite Battle Royale)– Polymer Clay Tutorial

Spider Knight & Web Breaker (Fortnite Battle Royale)– Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the Spider Knight with Web Breaker from Fortnite. And we will also create the Long Legs Back Bling I forgot that in the intro. For the blueprint I am using the wild card again. You can get it on my website clayclaim.com We start as always with aluminum wire but this time I decided that we are working our way up from the toes to the head and this makes it quite easy when you think which step is next on the skin or on a character to create. Today’s video is brought to you by Squarespace. Thanks a lot for sponsoring and for supporting my channel. I really appreciate that and I’ll tell you more about them at the end of this video. Now, let’s get back to the creation and we are getting this guy into shape, into right position. When I saw this skin, I think it was last week I fell in love right away with the design and the look, the dark look of this Spider Knight. Maybe because and I told you that on Instagram on the image I posted because he has many many details. Some of them you only see at the second glance. For example the knife he is wearing. I noticed that while creating that he has a knife, but on the other hand, there are not so many different colors to confuse you. For example, if you want to create him or if you pick him as your favorite skin in Fortnite. It’s just handsome and quite nice to look at. I spent some extra time on the shoes because these knight boots should look as if they are adequate boots for a knight, for a serious knight for our Spider Knight. These are the lower parts of the legs and this is also where the leg protection is so this is just silver. I mix this silver with a tiny bit of black, that it isn’t too bright. I wanted the metal color to be quite rich and dark. And on these armor parts I was struggling a lot because I needed some time to figure out where all the pieces would go in the end. I just used the scalpel to draw these lines and I think they really look good compared to the original model. The upper parts of the legs are black, so just coating with black clay. Oops! Forgot some more armor and we also have to prepare the knee protection, as well. Normally, I don’t talk that much about personal stuff, but this time I have to tell you this story it happened tonight. Our older son is three years old and while cutting this video I heard him crying. And I thought okay something is wrong. Maybe he hurt himself, but I didn’t do anything because I knew my wife was taking care of him, but after five minutes, he was still crying and I wanted to be sure if I could help. I got outside my room where I am working. This is by the way, this is also great coating, really nice spider look. I love that part. So, I got out of my room and there I saw my son with his children toilet seat over his head and he was just stuck in there and couldn’t get it off and was crying, of course. So, we didn’t knew know what to do. My wife and me. We were laughing almost because it looked so ridiculous. Like a crazy chicken running around with this toilet seat over his head, but on the other hand I knew I was not allowed to laugh, because he was crying and I felt so sorry for him. Maybe you’ve experienced that as well where laughing is not appropriate and you try so hard not to laugh. Leave me your stories in the comments and in the end I decided: Okay, we don’t get it off. We have to take a saw. I fetched a huge saw and my son was even more frightened, my wife as well and well she had the idea to take just some strong scissors and finally it worked and we had to cut open the toilet seat, the tiny children toilet seat and it worked. And after that my son was fine again. And we glued it. We repaired it with a hot glue gun, and he loves to do that, so in the end happy end he was fine again. Back to the creation. No, I’m serious. These are the shoulder patches as well on both sides and they are a bit covered from this wrecked piece of clothing, he’s wearing. It’s not really a vest but more like one of these penguin suits the tails. It looks a bit like that to me. We are damaging this on purpose, because the whole creation looks a bit like a zombie with destroyed clothing. The seams I colored them a bit silver. This also makes it look like used the color as well. And we are adding some rough stitches to these seams. And oh, I already love this contrast of the white stitches to the black surface to the clothing and this is the arm protection for the huge knight gloves. And these turned out pretty nice in the end, not because they are so much detailed, but because the fingers turned out quite nice. He has black fingers. Well the gloves contain out of black base layer and then the metal part on top as the finger protection. Well you will see that in a minute. Preparing also the other one. And we have a nice smooth attachment for the hands, for the palm of the hands. Here we go for the first protection layer of metal. Sometimes I’m really happy with the silver clay. Sometimes I really wish it would be more shining, especially for these tiny armor parts it would just look amazing if it is more shiny. This is what I was talking about. I could do that with acrylic paint. I did that on the… Boy what’s he called? The Mega Knight from Clash Royale, right? And I painted this one with acrylic paint with silver afterwards, after oven hardening and as it turns out acrylic paint and oven hardened clay are not best friends. The clay somehow started to melt again. This was really weird. The color was not fixed, so when I touched the creation I had all the silver acrylic paint on my fingers. That was really weird. The head of this Spider Knight is one of the most complicated parts of this creation, because it contains so many thin layers of the silver clay, but this technique will help you if you want to create it just start with the mouth protection and then all these thorns. This is the main part needed twice for the left and for the right side, of course. So, here we go. And we add the eyes the spider eyes, as well. Well, this is not really criticism, but if I had designed this skin, I would have added not so many eyes. Well, you see you have these many eyes on the helmet. You have two real eyes from the character underneath the skin and also on the chest protection, that’s a bit too much. Put this aside and we are working on the Long Legs Back Bling. This is the Back Bling from the female version. I know that from the Arachne skin, but I liked it more than the male Back Bling version of the spider suit, so I decided to mix them both. And this is supposed to be a spider I guess and we are adding all eight legs and this is a very thin wire not even aluminum wire, just a regular wire that it is way more stronger and stays in the same position. And we take the thicker wire. This will be for the Web Breaker. We are coating this one with a silver clay and there is some leg strap on one side. And I started the blade of the pickaxe with silver clay, but I didn’t really like it, so I started all over again but before we are adding this these leather stripes brown leather stripes. There’s also a silver line and now I decided to create it again and make it way more darker adding also all the four eyes. Here we go. You have four further eyes. Well eight if you consider both sides of the pickaxe of the Web Breaker. This is also a nice decoration on the lower part of the pickaxe. And this is the small blade, the small sword he is wearing like a dagger. Adding the handle, as well. And that’s it for the weapons of the Spider Knight and we put everything into the oven. Freshly baked Spider Knight! I used this wire as placeholder for the pickaxe and that the hands also stay in line. This is just a simple trick you can use for fixing hands for example. Removing the toilet paper. The hat turned out great although it’s a very thin layer of clay. And also, the pickaxe goes right into the hands. All we have to do is glue the dagger to his right side. And adding some acrylic polish. No transparent polish and the last working step would be the Back Bling. This was a bit difficult coating that thin, but somehow you manage your way if you get the first leg you can make all of them. While creating I was always thinking boy now I have to create seven more of these. It looks nice I think. Using a scalpel the modeling tool. Oh boy! I’m saying boy a lot lately, right? I’m tired. On these spider legs there are these characteristic hair and also thorns. Making a black base layer for the eye. This is another eye. Did someone count all the eyes on this skin? Please leave it in the comments if you are really that crazy to count all the eyes. It looks amazing I think so far. Now we are adding these red thorns for the legs. I’m a bit afraid I will destroy this cool look, but well, let’s see. These are a bit bigger the thorns on the top and now we also attach all the other tinier ones. Looks like pepperoni. Oh no, I’m hungry. And we put this into the oven. Freshly baked Back Bling! What’s it called? Long Legs Back Bling right? I’m coloring the top of these pepperoni in order to get them a bit dark and crispy, there is a colour gradient in the original version on the images. And on the tails of this guy there is a red cross on the backside. I recommend using a pen for that and we just used some glue to put the Back Bling onto the back and guys I guess… …that’s it Spider Knight. With Back Bling for $9.99. I just broke the chair. I think this is one of my favorite skins from Fortnite. I think he turned out quite well. Thanks again Squarespace for sponsoring this video. I will tell you more about them right now. I wish I had found Squarespace earlier. You can create a beautiful website or even an online store with an award-winning template on this all-in-one platform. And what I love about it there is nothing to install patch or upgrade ever. If you want to get started Squarespace offers a unique domain experience that’s fully transparent and simple to set up and already used by many many different people: YouTubers, musicians, designers, artists, even restaurants and more. Go to squarespace.com/clayclaim to get a free trial and 10% off your first purchase. I guess that’s it for today. Have a great weekend! Guys, take care! See you very soon with the Halloween special. Bye! I don’t like spiders, no, no!

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  2. Dunno if you will see this comment or not seeing as this vid is over a month old, but if you use regular craft silver paint its too watery to really give you the metallic shine you are looking to get back, it kinda just wipes off and doesn't wanna stick. Best thing to do is either get model paint, it'll be a good deal thicker but it may stand out from the rest of the clay and you may have to use it on the whole piece. Or look into metallic pigments, mica powders, heck even silver coloured eyeshadow(mica powders are expensive and I've been experimenting with little $) will give you that sparkle back, just have to make sure you clear coat it afterwards. Cause I've had the same problem, once mixed metallics just seem to loose that…I dunno, oomf they had straight out of the package. Also I dunno if you already have them, but you can get pens that are paint pens that are the same fine tips I've seen you use in other videos, but in lots of colours and they'd give you better and brighter coverage. I really do love your videos, been helping me build up the courage to start in on some from scratch figures of my own, just need a dedicated space…that is cat proof. 🙂

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