Sparkling Alcohol Ink Backgrounds + Giveaway

Hey everybody!
In today’s video I’m going to show you this month’s Hero Arts release but I
wanted to just quickly show you a very sparkly fun mixative for alcohol inks
that I have been playing with with this release.
Now I have some glossy cardstock here and regular alcohol inks along with some
of this specialized sparkly medium. The metallic and sparkle mediums have a
little ball in them to help you shake them up – the regular colored alcohol inks
do not. You do need to cut the tip off of each bottle prior to using these
but other than that they’re just like regular alcohol inks that you might
already have. I’m going to use blue and green because
I’m making a fun turtle card that you saw in the opening. They do have an
alcohol extender if you want to make the ink flow a little bit more but I’m going
to be using the rainbow sparkly mix ative that I fell in love with at the
NAMTA show. Look at that glittery magic!
In real life it’s even more spectacular but as I let the alcohol ink piece sit
the sparkles move and expand out into the alcohol ink, and it is so mesmerizing
to watch. I think you’ll love playing with it! They do have metallic mixatives
as well – if you’re familiar with any alcohol ink you’ll know that you can
make almost things that look like geodes or stones with these metallic mixatives for alcohol ink so I wanted to show you
the copper one. Copper everything is my favorite metallic.
So I will do the same two colors – there is a full range of colors – I’ll link you
to the whole line below. Here I have a bronze and a copper but I’m going to use
the copper because that’s what I like. The sparkly mixative blooms a little
bit faster than the metallics but I like to just swirl them around and let them
mix into the alcohol ink color, but you can see how shimmery and beautiful they
are and how you get that stone look. Now when you look at the sparkly one you can
see how it’s spread and it looks like a fun bowling ball, or disco ball something
from the seventies on there, and I just love the way it looks, and here you can
watch the metallics spread out a little bit as well the longer you let them set,
the longer they’ll spread. This is from the main Hero Arts kit this month and I
also made a set of note cards with these fun animals that are in the release this
month. I just did simple Copic backgrounds and used my infinity dies to
cut these out. I just think these are so fun they look like something from a
fairy tale! Here’s the card with the sparkly
background and then here’s a fun verdigris that I made just by ink blending
two colors of Hero Arts ink so head over to my blog for the full release and a
fun giveaway and thanks so much for watching!

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