Southwest-Style Vegan Pinwheels

(upbeat hip-hop music) Hi, I’m Becky Striepe from Glue & Glitter, and today we are going to make some southwest-style vegan pinwheels. Y’all, these are easy to make. The filling comes together
in just a few minutes, and you can serve them up in
a lunchbox, like I have here, or you can serve them as an
appetizer at your next party. To make these pinwheels, all that you need are large flour tortillas, the kind where if you look on
the nutritional information, it will say one tortilla is one serving. Then you need just a few
other simple ingredients to mix up your filling, and a couple of avocados
to finish things off and give it little bit of
extra richness and creaminess. (upbeat hip-hop music) To make the filling, you’ll start with a can of refried beans. You can absolutely use your own homemade refried beans instead. I’m just going with canned
because it’s quicker and easier. When you’re shopping for your beans, just make sure that you check
the ingredients for lard. A lot of times canned refried
beans will contain lard. You can look for refried beans that say that they’re
fat free or vegetarian. Usually those are vegan. Just give the ingredients
a quick scan, just in case. So if you’re using your
own homemade beans, you’re probably not going to
need to spice them up any more, but I find that the canned ones usually need a little bit of
help in the flavor department. So we are adding just a little bit of garlic powder and chili powder to give it a bit of a flavor boost. Stir in those powdered spices first, so you get them incorporated
nice and evenly. And then it’s time to add the rest of the filling ingredients. The first thing you’ll add
is a cup of corn kernels. I’m using frozen corn
kernels that are thawed, but you are welcome to use
canned and drained corn kernels, you’re welcome to use fresh that you cut off the cob yourself. I just went with frozen
because, quicker and easier. The next thing you’ll add
is sliced black olives. You can buy these pre-sliced in the can, or you can buy whole ones
and slice them yourself. Choose your own olive adventure. Then add some chopped green onion. The last filling ingredient
is pickled jalapenos. You can find sliced, pickled jalapenos in the pickle section
of your grocery store. And they are a great way to
add a little bit of acidity and a little bit of heat to dishes. Depending on how spicy you like things, you can add from 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of the pickled jalapenos. I’m going with the whole 1/2 cup because I’m a bit of a heat seeker. All right, so mix up all of your filling ingredients together, and then set those aside, and it’s time to slice up your avocado. (upbeat hip-hop music) When you’re slicing this avocado, the reason I waited until last to do it is because you do not
want your avocado to brown before you get it into that tortilla. So slice it at the last possible second. And as you can see, I’m
doing very thin slices. That’s because everything
about a vegan pinwheel needs to be thin. It takes a lot less filling
than you think it’s gonna take to fill up that whole tortilla. (upbeat hip-hop music) So grab your first tortilla, and as you can see, I’m
using a tomato tortilla. I chose that because I think that the red looks really pretty, but you can use spinach, you
can use a flour tortilla, if there is a grain-free
tortilla that you like, just make sure that if you’re
using a grain-free tortilla, or any other kind of
alternative, like a gluten-free, make sure that it’s soft
enough that it will roll without splitting or cracking, because you don’t want filling pouring out of the top of your pinwheels. Start by scooping 1/4 of the
filling that you just made onto the middle of your tortilla, and then spread it out in a thin layer, leaving about an inch to 1/2
an inch around the whole border because as you’re rolling, things are going to start moving around, and the filling is gonna
move outwards and upwards, and so, you want that
little bit of wiggle room so that you’re not
losing a bunch of filling onto your cutting board. Now it’s time to layer on that avocado. (upbeat hip-hop music) And now you’re ready to roll. We’ll start on one end, and
just kind of fold it over. Roll it really gently, and give it a little bit of
pressure, but not too much because you don’t want,
again, to split your tortilla, but you do want it to be nice and sticky. Those refried beans in the filling are basically like the glue that’s gonna hold your tortillas together. When you finish rolling your tortilla, place it seam-side down
on your cutting board, and it’s time to start slicing. The first thing to slice
off is those messy ends. Once you get those sliced off,
you have a choice to make. If you’re packing this in a lunchbox, stick those messy ends
right into the lunchbox. Your child is not gonna care at lunchtime, and neither are you, about how
those messy ends kinda look. But if you’re making these for a party, I would either snack on those ends, or toss them in the compost, because you want them to be
those pretty, perfect roll-ups that people are used to
seeing on a party platter. (upbeat hip-hop music) When you’re cutting this,
it’s important, don’t press, because you’ll end up
flattening your roll-up, and you’ll end up with filling
coming out on the ends. You’re really doing a
gentle sawing motion. So just gently saw, put
on some relaxing music, slice up your vegan pinwheels, and arrange them on your serving platter or in your lunchbox. If you’re doing this for a party, chances are you’re gonna keep going and make all four pinwheels right now, but if you’re making this for a lunchbox, I would only make as many as
you need today and tomorrow. Because these are using tortillas, tortillas are thin, they get soggy. And so, instead of
rolling everything up now and stashing it all away, keep your filling in a
separate container like this, and then when you’re
ready to pack your lunches for the next day, or you could
maybe do the next two days, you can roll it up at that time and store the whole
roll-ups in your lunchbox. I hope that this video
answered all of your questions about this recipe. If you have any other questions, feel free to drop a comment. I’m happy to help. Don’t forget to like this video
and subscribe to my channel. Happy cooking! (upbeat hip-hop music)

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