have your reasons so much sour candies you made your faith look like this well today we’re taking real news versus gummy food and making it sour off of your suggestions and today i bosses here with cold so then the video on their channel to make sure you check it out subscribe to the channel give that video a thumbs up and stick around till the end of this video because we all have to drink the sourest gummy food drink in the entire world out of this blender but right now let’s get into it so for round number one you guys suggested gummy bears we don’t know which is which one of these is super sour one of them is normal we’re gonna find out which is which you want to pull it off on the count of three I’m giving us three two one go there’s one family so I guess we’re family as long you take that and I’ll do this in three two one go oh you think you for your bike you want to look what the Bears paws and try that hello peaches look the fall right there you like it doing this challenge alright guys so now we need to add a piece of the super sour gummy bear look like the head in the ear over here into the drink this is there’s might be got a graphic minute % to this what are you doing I can’t even get it up dude the first piece this can lead to the sourest raise our powder in there too is it that good it smells delicious we have the terrible right now let’s burn again next up you guys suggested doubloons where’s it sour gummy worms so one of us is gonna be getting the sour ones ready three two one oh these are rumors Oh new rule I don’t give one switch rule which means that each of us will have one opportunity to switch so if you guys want to choose this round to be your switch round you guys do you want to switch it now baby pick mine maybe this one here right I like exercise bro they got muscle discounts are super chill yeah the children minds like lifting broom you’re about to eat real words right now but first we better the challenge we want to see you can subscribe to this channel turn on the channel post notifications and give this video thumbs up in seven seconds you guys may do this countdown to your 7 times do we go 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 done if you do that comment down below alright No [Applause] you gotta get this puppy out there yummy worms tendon automatize next round no crazy let’s go next up you guys suggested watermelon so here we go three two one is it glazed hold on there’s like already like chunks taken out anyway I’m sorry buddy I’m kind of suspicious what has been done to this water but I feel like this this one looks too bad what I thought in reality that’s that all right they’re gonna do the sour watermelon we’ve got the real watermelon uh first looks very tampered with look at this was in the story suspicious sorry I just wanna know how much already scared me so I was about to let y’all gonna go the same old it looks tampered with but I’m sure it’s just a regular wanna know whenever there’s gotta be nothing different about anyway yeah on three two one [Music] whatever you do to it are we really putting I guess you’re putting this this super sour watermelon and I guess putting it along with the sour candy as well yeah yeah we’ll do both oh yeah go for it I think I’m just going for all of them on to the next round this next one we kind of have a hint of one of them it’s a lollipop so here we go I’m gonna pull it up three two one the worst thing would like a sour lollipop is like it’s not gonna chew and I dummy like get Meletus hours of your licking so I think I think I’m fortunate with a lollipop we can’t stick it in I think we’re gonna move on to the next round right now but the inside yeah just give it a good dumbs there you go this has a bit of saliva DNA sourness it’s all good all right guys the next round here we go all right three two one okay but now that we get to eat some delicious soda here we go I’ll go first or drink the soda yet so why not hold up who’s that this was going to be sour why is everything sour sour percentage not yeah it what I got beneath its not as sour notes it’s real this is let’s prank people especially gone together what oh I think we’re gonna double this home here we need we need a liquid base for this for this drink anyway so that’s good alright we might need a little bit more soda later yeah drink is gonna cause some serious issues when we have to drink it but right now I guess let’s go for the next one my teeth are already starting to hurt from all this sour candy I can already feel it happening let’s see what his next one is 3 2 1 go away oh this is even a persky’s problem we got likes our cat food okay you ready go for ready ok ready 3 2 1 go [Music] [Applause] you’re the real you’re the real wallet we’ve got three two one [Applause] [Applause] it smells disgusting we are almost there I think we’ve got one more thing left and then I’m not something is a little uneven no do you want to pull it off three two one all right some water Cheers hydration love it that’s what I’m talking what you’re getting big you’re getting how many you can’t these it’s like human cruelty bro am I gonna die yeah row row row row oh my gosh why would you this is not this is not president we’ve never done a video where we’ve been print this much oh oh my god yeah you guys get some some good at candy oh my god that’s a good life a day huh and they’re enjoying it it’s not even close they’re just enjoying it yes I guess I guess it’s all because because we all gets why the water here we go the time is now we’re about to blend is everything you want you want to press right here present there we go that is just gusting very chunky no smell out oh it’s a mix between like half of me is like oh okay what’s got me going that cup all right here we go this is a river crack right here one for you we are about to do this would be so disgusting in life make sure you go watch this video on their channel you click right over there or down in the description go subscribe to them and go with their video a thumbs up and if you want to be featured in our next video comment down below what are some Brazilian foods you would love to see us eat the Instagram keeper of the week is brother thing if you wanted to dance crab key for the week all you got to do just follow me on instagram turn on my inscribed post notifications and like my recent photos make sure you guys can follow all of us on instagram but right now three two one go three two one go all right Oh [Applause] [Applause]


  1. Karizma is a way to make it a big win for me haha next year is that a good game and I love this app it makes my life easier to get my new one and more games and I have no problems with it haha I have to say I have been playing it and itโ€™s iopppkk,jjmmbkk,,,,,hbvvvvvbbgfrthkkkkjfhyryyruiopolkjgfds.,gdfbmmkkdhjkdjffjjgjpoiyuytrersdg ,.lujnjh

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  3. coles face at 5:38 his face is like hes eating a hot pepper and a sour candy and it makes sour pepper XDDDDDDD
    like if u agree if his face was funny

  4. When Savannah and Cole switch the worms over into Devin and Collin why didn't Devin and Collin just switch the worms back to them cuz then they couldn't switch it back

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