okay so let’s take this berry Fanta
uh-huh let’s pour it in here let’s see what happened and see oh boy this would
be crazy what’s going to happen it’s smoking whoa whoa it’s like boiling in
there it’s like is it working I have no idea what’s happening mister stir it
real good oh good morning Otter good morning baby otter oh he’s so good
you say how do all the shares good morning what is going on shares welcome
to the vlog welcome to another day I just got back from swim practice it’s
still super early everybody’s still sleeping we have an awesome idea for a
flaw that we’re going to do today and it requires dry ice so I’m gonna go to the
grocery store right now and pick up some dry ice hopefully they have dry ice
there’s only one grocery store and this whole area that has dry ice so hopefully
they didn’t run out yet so let’s get going before they do how do you stay
there I’ll be back soon okay woo okay we made it the question is do they have dry
ice moment of truth do they have dry ice
let’s see Oh Cher’s they don’t have any dry ice it’s empty
no no no sure is there’s no dry ice okay uh think quick there’s gotta be
somewhere else that has it so I started looking at some things on the map I
found something it’s an oxygen store and apparently they carry dry ice as well as
oxygen so let’s go check it out by the way sure if you haven’t seen the vlog
where I gave out my number you gotta check it out yeah that’s right you can
call you can text me the only issue is the carrier blocked the number too many
text messages and calls are coming in that they canceled the number I don’t
know what’s going on and once we get the phone working again we’ll let you know
and you can call in Texas all day it’ll be awesome
okay Sherry’s apparently there’s oxygen in that store so let’s go in uh Oh
shares we have a problem good news is we got dry ice bad news is it might not be
the right kind check this out this is the dry ice we
have it’s like little pellets normally we get big chunks this stuff is super
cold but it’s like little tiny pellets I don’t know what we’re gonna do it’s the
only place around here that has dry ice right now this may change our plans a
little bit but we’ll figure something cool to do with this let’s get home and
let’s get to work oh look at the bag there’s like ice crystals on and
everything okay let’s go see what Carter and lists say about this dry ice they
know I want to get dry ice but they don’t know that I went to get this kind
of dry ice Carter Liv meanwhile what is up sheriff’s welcome to the blog Stevens
s in practice right now so we are ran out to the store to get some supplies
and we are gonna make something super awesome today it’s gonna be kind of an
experiment was doing Tom what it is yeah we’re gonna make ice cream yeah but not
just any kind of ice cream we’re gonna try to make ice cream from soda
hey-ya soda and dry ice and we’re going to Justin to be a complete experiment
and see if it works mmm but if it works think about how
yummy that will be my Lobster and I love ice cream come on let’s go we need a
shopping cart you got that oh that’s a cool shopping cart first things first
we’re gonna need some soda ooh here we go shares so duh nobody’s gonna figure
out what kind of soda we want oh let’s look at all these flavors what
should we get great oh yeah get a grape grape oh definitely get a berry
strawberry oh my gosh I never seen peach whoa
peach yeah let’s try that oh let’s get a yellow one and an orange one too almost
looks so good sweet we got our soda what’s next blue ice cream cones
okay let’s go get some ice cream cones maybe ice cream cones are gonna be right
here what do you think Liz Liz hey come on Liz hurry every going so
slow August so slow all right Liz we made it to the ice cream aisle there’s a
lot and a lot of ice cream and we were looking for the ice cream cones I found
some icecream cones Liz OH these look so good that looks good Oh
we’d get one of those sugar cones down there yeah that looks so good oh they
even okay get one Oreo cone – okay ladies got the soda and the ice cream
cones and now we just see the last ingredient the driest come on let’s go
let’s get some dry ice one Liz Liz come on come on you can do it you’re stuck in
the corner Oh Oh far go forward oh there we go
dry ice there it is we made it moment of truth those shares is there any dry ice
in here sometimes it’s empty Liz what do you think I think there will be yeah I
think so too it’s check come on is there any dry ice in here
and let’s look oh yeah oh there’s so much dry ice oh let’s grab one here
stick it in the cart and let’s grab one more for good luck there we go – things
are dries I think we got everything we need yeah let’s get back home Oh Carter
Liz come on you know a cardinal is our Simmons get dry ice what they want to
get dry ice I want to get dry it’s what is going on oh don’t forget package
let’s go see his package Oh package package package it’s it Oh oh don’t tell
me you got dry ice I couldn’t find her I had to go to a special store to get it
oh we just got at the grocery store and we got soda check it out we got every
flavor oh my gosh it looks so good they had a new flavor what this one peach
peach fansub never shares cover now have you ever had peach Fanta yeah comment
right now hashtag #Fanta and which is your favorite we got strawberry
pineapple peach orange grape and blueberry I would say mine
I think it strawberry is my favorite flavor sure as you already know mine is
the berry this one has the most explosive power when you open up so be
careful when opening it oh I can’t wait to have some of the soda
ooh what it’s just came in the mail oh is this fragile one it’s whatever it
is what is this there’s a big the box inside the huge box I wonder what’s
inside share is coming right now if you know what’s inside this box this is huge
we open it what do you think it is baby monitor what do you think identity boxes
huh he’s reading it okay one what the note
says you’re bigger than Vancouver you’re bigger than Venice you’re even bigger
than the loss of a yes 1 million subscribers
maybe you’ve imagined a day for a long time or maybe you never thought you’d
grow so big either way not much can match the satisfaction of finding out
that your creativity that your ideas that your voice speaks to 1 million
people across the globe yeah shares that’s you and shares I think I know
what’s inside car keys do you know what it is I have no idea what’s in this it
must be big though shares common what you think is I can feel it
it’s big ready yeah here we go in three chairs common right now which think it
is last chance to comment it is Potter what do you think it is yep I’m a condor
knows what this he’s so smart are you ready yeah here we go three two one go I didn’t think it would be this big yeah
this is you where we gonna hang this it’s so big it’s gold and it says
congratulations on passing 1 million subscribers yeah this is so good so gold
it’s so big and I think it’s actually made of real gold you do
I think it’s coated in real gold oh my gosh we have a real gold play button I
think so I could be wrong sure is is this real gold
oh this definitely looks like real gold whoa see we got a check and see how much
bigger this isn’t me oh there we got this silver was gonna be much bigger
okay careful we got to be super careful yes definitely don’t drop it
Jared this is for everyone out there thank you so much for subscribing here’s
the other one that we got oh my gosh it’s so much smaller this is the this
one is super awesome and this is what started all shares comment right now if
you were in the first 100,000 subscribers making this one possible oh
yeah and now we made it up to 1 million subscribers with all your help and all
your support share as you are so awesome watching our videos and making this
possible we now have the silver and the giant gold one this is Saul shares we
love you the sheriff family’s so awesome Oh little baby otter says thank you so
much for watching okay big it doesn’t even like it this is crazy
this is so crazy and it’s so shiny this is crazy oh I could see you repel Liz
what do you think of these play buns I know this one’s so cute this was so epic
sure you guys are so awesome for subscribing and we couldn’t have gotten
either oh yeah and on that note let’s make some soda ice cream celebrate cuz
we get the dry ice he lectures in the garage oh yeah and a quarter bag oh wait
I put ours in the cooler bag – did ya just bring the whole bag in oh my gosh
oh so much dry ice is it a heavy yeah it’s really heavy
looking good dinner’s almost ready shoes whoo cheesy bread I love it I love
cheesy bread and we’re about to make some soda ice cream to go along with it
Oh sounds perfect open up this dry ice oh it looks cold it’s super cold in here
okay so this is the one that I got oh don’t drop it super fragile yeah put it
up on the counter and then what did you get well yours came in a paper bag yeah
mine are so weird-looking whoa see what did you get
that’s even yours is like extra cold yeah it’s super cold whoa blow in there
whoa whoa Steve yours looks like little carrots or something I want to touch it
but it’s too close you can’t shares a dry ice is one negative two hundred
degrees or something yeah I think it’s a negative 150 degrees I actually don’t
remember something super super shares if you know how cold it is comment right
now how cold is that’s negative something crazy it’s so cold so cold whoa it’s like froth it’s like smoking
it’s breathing your sweatshirt that’s how cold I blow on it Liz oh it’s so
cold so the plan today shares is we’re gonna mix the dry ice with the awesome
soda that we got and it’s gonna freeze and turn into ice cream and I’m gonna
snack on it yeah we even got ice cream so we could put a nice cousin eat it oh
yes it’s gonna be so good let’s see if it works so for my method I’m gonna use
these peanut dry ice I’m gonna grab a bowl I’m gonna scoop it into the bowl oh
it’s so cold I gotta be careful not to touch it yeah okay that’s good I think
that’s more than good yeah I’m gonna take my very Fanta oh you’re goin berry
that’s called our chairs remember you’re hoping the berry pants you have to be
super careful cuz oh it’s gonna fit it’s super fizzy the blueberries extra fizz
they really fizz raizy they fizz like crazy okay so let’s take this berry
Fanta uh-huh let’s pour it into here let’s see what happens yeah boy this
would be crazy what’s gonna happen it’s smoking whoa whoa I can’t even see
in there I don’t know what I have no idea I keep pouring yeah pour more oh my
gosh it’s like fizzing I think oh I can smell it I think it’s working Wow okay now I did you need a stir it
Steve all right yeah get a spoon whoa it’s like boiling in there it’s like oh
is it working I have no idea what’s happening real good I can’t even see
whoa keep stirring Steve whoa I think it’s
like freezing is it working try spoonfuls you don’t see oh my gosh it’s
too cold to eat no yeah try a taste as it looks delicious
yeah three two one and oh my gosh it’s like a Slurpee wow that was so fast
that’s so cool no way fog cleared check it out look how
awesome that looks like blue like space it looks like candy color P&E yeah
except were more fancy and yeah try a little bit more I see what happens what
happen it’s probably gonna start smoking again yeah the ball came back okay stir
Steve stir oh yeah I got a quick stir good guess they’re really good okay I’m
stirring get it all stirred up oh yeah I’m just gonna keep stirring it and look
how awesome it looks it’s done it’s darker blue now that looks so good oh
look at it it’s perfect now it’s way more icy and Slurpee oh yeah that tastes
so good like the perfect recipe all right let’s try this I’m ready yeah if
it tastes even better it’s even better really Liz you gotta try something Barry
and what do you think oh my god so yeah I mean really no good it’s like very
fancy Slurpee whoa cheers I can’t believe how easy that work that was
awesome it works so quick it was like instant oh this is so cool I gotta try
to make one I want to make one with the strawberry yeah this one’s good
so yummy but for this one I’m not gonna use this dry ice I’m gonna use the block
of dry ice are you gonna do with the block dry ice I’ll show you okay ready
watch I’m gonna pull it out Wow this is basically one of those right there but
giant one huge piece carefully lay it down on the counter let’s try the
strawberry Fanta you’re just going to pour the Fanta onto it yeah see this one
doesn’t fit that look the fits almost made oh yeah oh my gosh these fancies
are crazy so now I think I’m going to pour a little drop in the center okay crazy okay that totally didn’t work
we’re going to make this through a little bit better okay so I think for
this next try we need to cut a little hole so it’s like a bowl so they can
just sit in the middle well about you’re gonna cut the dry ice yeah dry is like
impossible what cut dry ice is so hard to cut away you can do is blowing it
with straw uh-huh and it’ll take the ice away yeah it makes a little hole to go
you know it’s working do you see the hole look at that it’s totally working
all right there we go we got a little hole right there check that out okay now
let’s try for some Fanta I’m a little crater here we go let’s even get it to
stay in there will it work let’s see and oh it’s working one drop in one more
come on bud oh there we go there you go there’s a little bit of fancy just sit
whoa it’s like steaming look at that it’s steaming it’s bubbling whoa is it
gonna freeze those a question it is just not getting cool I don’t think it’s good
it’s taste so not freezing it’s just sitting there I thought this was
definitely gonna work but it looks like it’s not really working this might not
be the best way to make dry ice cream whoa I think there’s a little bit of ice
freezing in there whoa look at starting to turn into a slush it’s working oh my
gosh it’s finally working oh it’s definitely working now took a while oh
whatever I could just drink it right here oh my gosh careful Oh what’s it
taste like oh it’s so good just like a little tiny mini Slurpee wait Carter it
looks like you can scoop this whole chunk out right here ready go check that
out it works it works I got a little tiny little piece of ice
cream it’s a cold mm-hmm mmm it’s good it’s so good
it doesn’t make as much as Stevens but it does work so successful is you’re up
next yeah it’s my turn I’m gonna do great
we got Carter over here still snacking on mine but it looks so good you had so
much it’s just like a Slurpee it’s like a homemade Slurpee mmm
it’s so good okay it’s already gonna make your soda ice cream well you’re a
part of my job I’m gonna move the dry ice over okay pour it on the counter
where it’s really cold on the counter oh oh oh it’s so cold
oh yeah that’s cold okay this might actually work so you’re just gonna pour
it straight onto the counter and then it’s gonna freeze okay open your soda
carefully don’t let it fizz out careful it might fit you’re good these fancies
are filled with buzz these are so busy okay you ready yeah let’s pour it on
will it work will it work start with the drop just the drop look okay is it gonna
do anything so it’s just sitting there it looks like it’s freezing around the
edges oh yeah try stirring it see if that’s protein
hold on don’t touch it I feel like the white is getting thicker which means
it’s freezing I think it’s working guys wait totally work oh my gosh poking with
the spoon things up a notch oh yeah Oh whoa is all that gonna freeze I don’t
know Liz I think you added too much oh maybe
that counter is that cold oh you’re gonna scrape it oh that’s a good idea
will this work well I think it’s working working no way oh I can’t believe it’s
like the counter is cold enough to freeze it no way this is so cool Liz you
have such a cool idea whoa that’s awesome movies you gotta try some okay
will it taste good is the question so yummy oh this looks so good oh hey mom
check this out oh my goodness what are you doing we’re making so we’re making
Edgecomb Minnesota by freezing it on the counter Wow and check this out this is
purple you gotta try some all right here we go my turn mmm grape is so delicious my favorite
well sure there you have it that was our three different ways on how to make dry
ice soda ice cream check it out mine was the bowl method with peanut dry ice
Liz’s was freezing the counter and scraping and making it into ice and
Carter’s was making a little hole and having a little sample sample but it did
work yeah all the methods work so shares vote for which one was your favorite
hashtag Stephen for mine hashtag Carter for Carter’s and hashtag Liz for Liz’s
oh yeah now it’s time to make some ice cream cones scoop in mine in oh we gotta
load that up make a big ice cream oh yeah check it out double scoops soda ice
cream check it out try it mmm oh it looks so good with you making
more of yours yeah I’m gonna make a little bit more so I could fill up my
cone okay pour some more on there yeah oh it’s starting to freeze it’s
getting all slushy that’s so cool how this works okay Liz is it ready yep it’s
ready I’m putting it in my cone okay let’s scoop it up let’s see if it’s
gonna work oh it’s perfect mmm oh that looks so good oh this looks
so good we got the grape Fanta ice cream and we at the blueberry ice cream
Steve this looks so delicious take it by at the same time let’s see which one
tastes better 3 2 1 chairs coming right now which one looks
more tasty what would you take a bite of the blue one or the purple one who
shares making the soda ice cream was super awesome super easy and super
delicious yeah sure is vote for which one was your favorite and we’ll see you
in tomorrow’s vlog so until then you know what to do. Stay awesome and share the love, peace! #Soda

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  1. Stephen share Lizzy share carter share you guys are the best you tubers ever I am a big big fan I love you guys so much I really want to do that now well done I think you should give grace some aswell

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  3. Both because I don't care what the flavor is I just like ice cream and even though I like your ice cream better cuz other ice cream doesn't really taste that good but I still like it I'll eat yours better then the other ice creams you know what to do stay awesome and share the love bye.

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