Snowy Scene Christmas Card

Snowy Scene Christmas Card

blending snowdrifts on cards doesn’t
have to be complicated I’m going to show you some very simple techniques but with
what you’re gonna learn today you will get an absolutely stunning a natural
result hi my name is Ingrid Blackburn this channel is about exploring fun
simple techniques to make the most of your supplies let’s dive right in and of
creating winter scenes we’re gonna reboot the card that’s on the right
you’re gonna give it a little bit more of a contemporary feel use and we’re
gonna also strip it down a little bit to just the basics for you today showcasing
techniques as well as what you need to make the most realistic scene every
single time so let’s talk a little bit about snow drifts snow drifts part of
the things that make them so magical is the play on light and dark you can kind
of see the highlights and the shadows and some of the snow banks on the side
of this road right here this is a photo that I actually took on one of my walks
in the Black Forest in the wintertime so to replicate that look we have to
master the shadow basically to get started in your scenes you need to need
a few basic supplies you need some sort of a mask and that is going to mask off
your snowy hill I cut some label paper at kind of a swoopy angle using some
long handled scissors a lot easier to cut straight curves with long handled
scissors than it is short ones I like using label paper because it secures my
entire project down tumble glass by distress hands-down the best ink for
snowdrifts super light extremely translucent I’m gonna use a dome ink
blending tool now you can use blender brushes you can use sponge daubers you
can use artist sponges whatever you have very very light circular motion here and
I I go over this in detail a little bit further into the video I really break it
down even in slow motion to show you the exact technique so definitely stay tuned
for that now what you’re gonna do here’s you’re gonna build up layers
you’re not going to cover the entire width of your scene you want this to be
in spots and that’s one of the keys to snowdrifts is controlling where the
shadow is if you have it going in completely across you know it takes away
from the of it it doesn’t look as realistic so
you can see here working a little bit to the left side which is going to be
covered by trees but it’s going to be something that’s behind the trees that
you see through the trees and that’s again kind of that play on you know
what’s going on there you can see here this is the correct way to hold your
tool no matter what you’re using you don’t want to work on it on an angle
when you are putting it down to paper you want to make sure it’s completely
straight now that we’re gonna speed this up a little bit throughout and kind of
jump back and forth we’re using stormy sky as well to give a little depth and
you can see here just adjusting my mask moving it into another position I’ve
incorporated a second mask and again just going to keep this now on a
different angle to create a different shape of shadow not everything needs to
be exactly the same and this helps provide you know something that’s
interesting when you’re looking at your project this one it is a little more in
an angle and then I’m just going to do a light one off to the left side using the
layers of tumbled glass and stormy sky want to limit the amount of the darker
colour concentrate more on the lighter and definitely come back in with your
lighter but look at this you can see it’s kind of snail starting to be
something as we pull these off you can kind of see the magic and it’s by having
that little bit of sponging there that depth that makes you feel like there’s a
ridge and a drop-off and that is going to help along with the stamps that we’re
gonna use in a particular way of putting them down and where size goes where
that’s going to build your entire scene now if you want a thorough detailed
tutorial definitely check out the patreon community there you can ask
questions you can get help and you can work right alongside me in a tutorial
that oz has way more tips and help for getting the perfect scene every single
time now this is going to be our upper most Ridge we’re gonna start to work on
the sky a little bit bringing in some sponge sugar and spun sugar is probably
distress is lightest shade of pink it’s beautiful I’m not a big pink person but
I really love this pink it’s almost like a baby pink
you’re just gonna create some light layers and we’re gonna create some light
layers with spun sugar and now with some tumble glass just in the bottom to the
middle sky you can see here going all the way across I’m holding that tool
nice and straight and what we don’t want to go too dark here because we still
need to lay down our moon mask but I wanted to have a little bit of color
underneath it before we did that and that’s why you don’t want to build up
too much and they also don’t want to forget to put your moon down I’ve done
that before so go ahead and place that down like this and now we’re gonna just
go to town on the sky and we’re gonna use a combination of tumble glass stormy
sky and then we’re gonna pull in some chips sapphire to bring this which is
the darker shade and that’s gonna really take this sky to a different level so
you can see here we’ve kind of jumped ahead and I had done lots of layers on
the various colors you’re gonna want to leave some light in the center of your
project and if you’re using brushes be careful because you can lay down a lot
of color really fast you don’t want your project to look flat and we want to be
very deliberate in where we’re adding the darkest shade and to help really
make this point I’m gonna actually slow it down right here I’m gonna we’re gonna
like oh instant replay now you can see my form is not so great right here I’m
actually slightly tilting my tool and that’s just me going too fast that
happens even to me now here I straightened it out this is actually
proper form right here and we will showcase proper form again at the very
end of this instant replay but right here I’m going to now show you when I’m
talking about edging see that tilt see how the pressure of the tool it’s on the
glass Matt it is not on the project especially going around a corner you
really want to be careful because you can lay down way too much ink but being
that the tool is domed it also really really helps to get the ink exactly
where it needs to be without any harsh lines it really cannot stress enough
that this is an awesome tool now we’re back to proper form and then in a second
we’re just gonna come right back and keep going how is that did that help let
me know leave me a comment and tell me if that made sense and you know what I
would love for you to actually really try that and
see how it helps even with me if you have the flat tools or the brushes same
concept where your pressure is is key in ink blending and you can see now we’re
developing the darkness along the edge of the project and by with this reveal
just like in the snow the dark and light that’s makes this magical but that’s
just the first step next up we need to add realistic stamping in a particular
way one of the biggest keys to creating a
really great scenic card is having the right size stamps in the right places so
I’m using a particular stamp set by stampers anonymous and this is a great
stamp set we’re going to use icing on the cake inked by Katherine Pooler
another fabulous fabulous Browns nice deep rich and it goes on like a dream
we’re gonna use the stamp set tree line and it has a couple of these long lines
of trees as well as five individual trees you can see I’m using a Misti to
get the perfect position and I highly highly recommend some sort of stamp
positioning tool only because you spent so much time to create that gorgeous
background the last thing you want to do is mess it up you know by having a
stamping mishap we’re gonna also use into the sky this is a fabulous stamp by
penny black and what’s really important about this stamp is it makes the scene
we’re just gonna use the tops of it you know and you might not always think to
just use part of your stamp but what that’s gonna do notice that we do have
that mask back in place so basically what we’re doing is we’re stamping these
items behind that ledge that we are as the viewer pretty much standing on
looking into the scene so by adding this particular stamp right here this is the
biggest stamp that we have meaning that the image itself is a little bit more
realistic like real life so it feels like we’re standing right there whereas
those two trees that we stamped they’re a little bit smaller in scale so when we
actually reveal the mask it feels like there’s a big drop-off and those trees
are a little bit back perspective is everything in scenic cards now you could
all create your scene from the top down it
doesn’t have to I’d have to be working from the foreground back and it’s
interesting because usually I actually do the foreground last and the
foreground being the into the sky stamp you see here these are some of the
options that are in this stamp set tree line by stampers anonymous and I love
options I would really love a larger tree and even larger tree because I find
that when you have the variety and scale it for scenes that’s fabulous so when
you’re creating your stash of stamps you know and the trees don’t always have to
look exactly the same now these happen to have somewhat of a contemporary look
so it you know it’s kind of hard for me to grab just any tree but you want to
have some sort of variety if you can so that’s what I would look for there are a
couple companies out there stamp scapes stampers anonymous Penny Black
impression obsession there’s several companies that have wonderful wonderful
scenic elements for you to build a great library of stamps to create literally
anything with so you can see that I added those two on the right and those
are actually the biggest trees in the scene which which worked really well so
being that the ones that are up top those need to be smaller so you can see
that we’re just going to stamp just part of it I also encourage you to go off the
edge of your project because that helps make the scene a little more believable
and it’s also here here’s the entire set see it’s a great one to add to your
collection so here is the scene we still have a little bit more to go that is
going to actually pull it all together because as great as it looks now we can
take it to a whole nother level adding a little bit of tumbled glass here on the
bottom because it’s just a little too much white and we have got all that
color so I want to talk a little bit about important finishing touches this
was my original scene that I was basing this one off of you can see that I added
a light snowfall on that and I actually have that video also in the patreon
community so I have bows for people to look at because it uses different tools
but to finish this scene off we need to pull
you into it’ll even a little more and there’s one very simple thing that you
can do switch off your nice new dome tips I love those and do a little edging
here with that icing on the cake it might feel a little awkward to do
that but I guarantee you this one teeny little step it does two things it draws
you in but then it also makes it so that you don’t need a actual colored mat now
here when adding your fonts I want you to always be aware kind of what your
scene looks like and pair the correct looking fonts to match the feel of your
scene this is a great one buy it’s from the gifting and tag set by scrapbook com
they have some wonderful Christmas variety stamp sets I highly encourage
you to go check them out and this one little tiny thing is something that can
really jazz up a one-layer card so I’m gonna take some premium clear ink by
scrapbook com this is their embossing and get and look at how cool their
container is for their ink the bait the lid snaps into the base and there’s
finger grips so basically what you’re doing is you’re making it a little bit
easier to hold all their ink pads are like that which i think is just such a
smart design so we’re going to actually now do that directly over this is why I
misty comes in very handy because we did it in icing on the cake and then we’re
going to emboss it and clear that’s how you turn all of your ink into embossing
powder how awesome is that but I love Christmas cards that have
that raised lettering now I’m just taking some pre folded card bases by
Tonique gonna pop that up see how it doesn’t need a mat and then I went ahead
and did an envelope and I have all that in that real time tutorial as well so
but you know it’s a great project I hope you learned something definitely leave
me a comment subscribe if you haven’t subscribed I have two videos right here
that will teach you even more techniques using other tools and I think you’ll
really get a lot out of them as well so I’ll see you right over there

10 thoughts on “Snowy Scene Christmas Card

  1. Ingrid you always make the best scenes! Thank you for all the wonderful tips you shared. And slowing down the video for the ink blending was really helpful.

  2. Lovely & very helpful. Another great stamp company for scene building is the Water Color line by Art Impressions. The only catch is that they tend to be pricey for what you get.

  3. Such a beautiful card Ingrid. I have a dreadful time blending ink. . . I'll watch your video a few more times and give it another go. Thank you.

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