69 thoughts on “Snowflakes & Red Watercolor Mail Art Envelope

  1. Another gorgeous envelope! I love it, the white on the red is 😍😍😍! Where do you get your vintage postage?

  2. Do beautiful, going to try some reds this year after watching this video along with Jennifer McQuire's recently that also used red.

  3. I love your envelopes and brushscript so much that I can barely even watch these tutorials LOL….I'm being serious! Thanks, so much, Kristina.

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely mail art Kristina! You made my day – red is my favorite color and I just love the holidays! I look forward to receiving it in the mail! ❀ Thank you again!! Rose (Rosalie)

  5. I don't do watercolor but love watching a talented artist like you. & I think this is my most favorite envelope of all the ones you've shown. Maybe it's the color or snowflakes or season, but it's so beautiful.

  6. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. Not enough adjectives to describe the beauty of this envelope.

  7. I love your videos! Your voice it's so calming and your designs are always on point!πŸ’•
    Sending hugs & kisses πŸ€—πŸ˜š

  8. I’m always looking forward in seeing you design your envelopes. I just got the punch board 1,2,3 but I’m lost when it comes to cutting the paper to match the size of the envelope. I know there are tutorials on the 1,2,3 punch board I’ll be looking at.
    Congratulations Rosalie!!

  9. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! 😍 Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen anything I haven't liked from you, but this – wow. You are such a gifted artist! ❀

  10. I get so excited when i see you've done an envelope art video. Everything gets dropped instantly and the world fades away while i'm glued to every frame of the video.
    Love love love this one… and every other one you've ever done.

  11. Love seeing your work Kristina! And yes, it’s true these actually do get mailed. I was lucky enough to receive one this month so if you would like to receive one don’t forget to go to Kristina’s website and put your name down.

  12. Just remember that if they have to be read, they might require extra postage stamps. I love how it turned out πŸ’–

  13. I enjoy all if your videos, but your mail art 😍😍😍 OMG I loooooveeeeee it sooo much, thank you!!!

  14. So so beautiful!!!! I love your holiday series, no matter what u do!!! I’ve been watching it for years. Do you have a tutorial of how you did you personalized stamp? Thanks. Take care ❀️

  15. Totally mesmerized watching you paint. Absolutely divine envelopes! Time is near for snowflakes and snow-people. To receive just your envelope is a gift.Thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent with us. Can you do an envelope in Spencerian script? Would love to see it. BlessingsπŸ’œxxx

  16. Te ha quedado espectacular! El cartero flipara, ya nadie utiliza el correo postal y encontrarse con un sobre como el tuyo 😍.
    A mi me encanta mandar cartas y recibirlas y considero q se estÑn perdiendo. Un saludo y gracias por este tutorial. 😘

  17. Oh goodness, the cards absolutely come through the mail! Mine arrived several months ago, and what a happy surprise! The postage stamps weren't even cancelled. There were no marks on the envelope, no bends, folds, blemishes of any sort. Thank you so much @starofmay!

  18. Great video! What paper weight do you recommend for making envelopes? I saw that the water color paper that you used was #90. Wonderful video! I love custom envelopes and actually ordered the 123 punch board after watching your video! BTW, You look awesome with your hair pulled back! Have a great day! Thank you for the wonderful videos!

  19. I always love seeing your mail art and watching your lettering. Because of your videos, I got back into hand lettering, and trying new lettering styles. Beautiful work on this envelope! Thank your for sharing and inspiring!

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