Snowflake Christmas card

Snowflake Christmas card

hi everyone and welcome back to another
holiday card-making video today I will be working with a lovely stamp set that
is packed with snowflakes. it’s a new stamp set by My Favorite Tthings and I’m going
to do some embossing I used my embossing bag all over the
cardstock this is going to ensure that there is no static electricity and the
embossing powder is going to stick only on the stamped images so I’m going to
lay some of the snowflakes on top and start stamping everything with my
embossing ink. now in terms of positioning the snowflakes I picked the
larger one from the set and I stamped that at the center of my card so this is
going to provide a space where I will stick the sentiment later on now all
around that background snowflake I’m going to stamp smaller
ones to embellish the rest of the background now the embossing ink doesn’t
dry quickly which means that I have enough time to play around with my
snowflakes decide where everything is going to go and I don’t have to do that
stamping in a hurry even if that process takes me about ten minutes you will find
out that the embossing powder is going to still if stick on the ink which is
something that I absolutely love about this embossing technique so now here I
picked the smallest of the snowflakes and I’m using just a stamping block and
I’m going to fill in the gaps in between the larger snowflakes
I used a bright white embossing powder by Wow and now I’m going to use my heat
gun and melt everything by the way the cardstock that I’m using here is Benina
and it is the Desert Storm I absolutely love this craft color and I think that
white with this craft and a touch of red that I will add at the end really gives
you a very elegant and beautiful combination now I’m going to do some
inking and I’m using white ink here also I’m using the stiff brush but any brush
or branding tool to work for this technique I’m just bringing in some
white from the edges towards the center this is going to create kind of a frame
all around and it’s going to give a really soft and elegant
look I absolutely love the result the input that I’m using here is the white
premium pigment ink by Simon Says Stamp being a pigment ink it means that it’s
going to take it some time to dry so make sure that you don’t touch it with
your fingers to avoid any smudges for my sentiment I cut out the word joy and
this comes from this die set by my favorite things this is from the October
days and I am also going to compile it with one of the sentiments from the
bitty holiday wishes stamp set again from the October release now I have cut
out the word joy by using white cardstock as well as a red cardstock I’m
going to stick everything together one on top of the other with valid being at
the top this is going to give the look of a support element on my sentiment now
I’m using white glue at the back of my sentiment I’m going to stick it on my
card and I like how I have the biggest of the snowflakes at the center where
I’m going to lay my wart on top I think it is really pleasing to the eye now for
the rest of the sentiment I have some form of course at the back so this adds
some dimension on my card and I have here a fallen quarter by five and a half
pre folded card I’m going to stick the panel on top and you will see that my
panel is slightly smaller than the standard card so I’ll end up having a
white border which is a frame that I always like to have I think it gives
elegance and finished look on my cards now you can leave this card as it is it
looks gorgeous but I decided to add some bling on it since this is a card for
holidays and I will use these gold crystals by Studio katia at every one of
the centers of the snowflakes there are different sizes in this pack so for the
bigger ones where they get snowflakes I’m going to pick the larger of the gems
while for the smaller ones I’m going to use the teeny tiny ones I have already
added some dots of glue with my new Voter looks glue at the center of the
snowflakes and you can see here a finished look on
my card and this card would look beautiful with silver gems or even
crystal clear ones so that was the project for today you will find
everything I used a link down below in the description area I hope that you had
found that you got inspired don’t forget to leave me a comment like and subscribe
if you haven’t done so already and I’ll see you next time

49 thoughts on “Snowflake Christmas card

  1. G'morning, Ms. Vicky! This was such a beautiful Christmas card, Ms. Vicky! The gems you added at the end truly upped the elegance to the highest level! But, then you are an elegant woman of grace yourself! So, expected no less! LOL! A short and sweet vid to start off my day! Thank ya, Ms. Vicky! Love you!πŸ€“β€

  2. Beautiful card. I love how the white ink around the sides make it look like a frosted window, with the ice creeping along the glass. Stunning.

  3. A very elegant Christmas card you've made today! Thanks for sharing this video πŸŽ„β„β˜ƒοΈπŸ˜Šβ™₯️

  4. Vicki. Your cars is beautiful. You are very talented. Happy crafting.β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈπŸŒ²β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈπŸŒ²

  5. There is just something about a white embossed design on kraft card stock. From that beginning the card gets better and better, and this is beautiful and the pop of red is perfect!

  6. I love snowflakes and I love your card! 😍😍😍😍The white ink on the border gives it a really beautiful finishing and the red die cut word looks amazing! ❀❀❀❀❀

  7. Vicky this is gorgeous! L❀️VE all these ideas! I’m waiting for my snowflake stamps, so when I get them I will definitely try these ideas! Thank you so much!πŸ˜Šβ„οΈ

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