Snorlax (Pokemon) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Snorlax (Pokemon) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial! Today we will create the Pokemon Snorlax eating some bananas. Well you need much blue clay. No, because we are using all the clay waste we collected over the past month and years, maybe. And this will be the filling for our Snorlax, so let’s get started! This is blue clay, and we just make a thin layer for coating. First we start coating with the head part. This is pretty simple, but make sure that the clay waste has a smooth surface otherwise you will see all kind of forms through the thin layer of blue clay. Now we also start coating the body part and this is so characteristic for this fat Snorlax. I can still remember when I played the first Pokemon game ever, the first generation and you could catch Snorlax while sleeping, but you had to awake him first with a pocket flute. Yeah, I can still remember that. Now we will work on the face. You need just a thin layer of ochre clay. We will place it just where the face will be and we will cut open the head. Now you see the filling in order to assemble our Snorlax. Just using my modeling tool for the eyes and also for the mouth. I decided well, I really wanted a pretty characteristic Snorlax and this is why he is eating. He will eat a lot of bananas, because I can remember one episode I watched and I did some research on that. There was one episode, once Snorlax was in the garden of Eden Eden… There was once Snorlax causing some troubles for a man named Marcel by eating all his bananas. I can’t remember the details, but I just looked it up. And that’s why I decided to create Snorlax with a lot of bananas. Meanwhile we created the toenails, there are three on each side, and now we can work on the arms Which also will be holding the bananas. Just also the nails for the hands and meanwhile I would like to invite you to participate in this poll so we will of course continue the Pokemon series on my channel. Please let me know which Pokemon should be created next and I think this tutorial will be uploaded within the next 7, 8, 9 days something like that. OK now we will work on the bananas and these will be a lot of bananas. I just wanted to be sure to have enough bananas when gluing them and sticking them all together. Freshly baked bananas and Snorlax! And now we will start gluing and assembling them but before that let’s just work on some details. There is this brown part on each banana and I think this is the part where the flower used to be. And this is also the wooden stick of the banana plant. By the way I’m using just some acrylic paint for these details. Now we start gluing and assembling Well in German there is a special term for this kind. It’s called ‘Bananan Staude’, but I don’t think there is similar English word at least I didn’t find any So let’s just call it a banana plant. So this is just the part I was talking about this special part of the banana part. And we are almost done. It’s open at the back side so that it fits better into the arms of our Snorlax. We will use some more bananas for decoration and also the eyes with a black pen and… that’s it! I really hope you liked this tutorial. As always please let me know in the comments how you like this, Snorlax. I’m looking forward to read all your comments, please check out this tutorial of Greninja. I’m still getting a lot of comments, please create Ash’s Greninja. Well, I created this Greninja. And please make clear to me, please write in the comments what’s the difference between this Greninja and Ash’s Greninja. OK I guess that’s it for today. Thanks for watching, eat some bananas they are healthy and hope to see you next week. No, actually we are going to see each other tomorrow as I’m publishing the next Clash Royale tutorial Bye! Ah bananas, Snorlax, bananas.

100 thoughts on “Snorlax (Pokemon) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

  1. so cute but please make ash greninja because ash greninja looks amazing and powerful with the water shariken

  2. The difference is that ash greninja has a star behind it,has a v mokuar on it’s belly and was red at the center of the head

  3. Ich wusste doch du bist kein Engländer oder Amerikaner ich hab’s vom ersten Video das ich von dir gesehen habe gedacht 😅

  4. The difference between ash greninja and the greninja you created is ash greninja is glowing with light blue is some bit bigger and ninja star is some bit different as well

  5. I appreciate how simple and to the point your video is. I’m making a fondant snorlax for my sisters birthday. This video was super helpful!! 🍌❤️👍🏻

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