Slime School Pranks! Adding too Much WEIRD Ingredients into DIY slime!

Slime School Pranks! Adding too Much WEIRD Ingredients into DIY slime!

My slime is so nice! Way better than yours! Mine is way more satisfying and stretchy. Nah! I always make better slimes than you. Are you kidding? Your slimes suck! You know what? Let’s both make a bunch of slimes and then
determine who’s slimes are the best. Yeah, but we need a third person to be the
judge and determine the winner. That’s truth. Who should it be? The teacher! So ladies, are we ready? Yes! Alright, let the games begin! The rules of the challenge! I will give you a theme, you will make one
slime each. Then I will inspect it with my precise eyes
and give you a score from one to ten. Understood? Perfect! Yes! The theme of the first match is sparkle. We love diamonds don’t we ladies? So make it shine! To make any kind of glittery or sparkly slime,
we first need to make a clear slime from scratch. Take a bottle of clear glue like this one
and pour it into your mixing bowl. We want to get out every single drop of this
transparent gooey-ness because more glue means more slime. Next take the activator and pour it into the
bowl bit by bit while mixing it well with glue. Soon you’ll start noticing that the mixture
is becoming more and more slimy, which is exactly what we want! Easy peasy! This slime is now thick enough but as you
can see it doesn’t look completely clear because of all the bubbles that formed while mixing. So let’s place it into the airtight container
and leave it there for 3 to 4 days. Yup that’s a lot of time for an impatient
person like me but it is totally worth it. Check this out! Our slime is now clear and ready to mix too
many ingredients into it! The teacher wants sparkly slime so let’s begin
by mixing a ton of silver leaf foil into it! These are so much fun – super fragile and
delicate. You just touch it and it falls apart. But that’s what makes it a perfect ingredient
to mix in slime. Can you see this beauty – the leaf foil breaks
down into a million pieces of different sizes and every little piece gives it’s own reflection
of light. This is so absolutely stunning! Of course we have to add a lot more silver
leafs because this is way too satisfying! I purposely left the clear slime pretty sticky
because this way it is able to take in a lot more ingredients! As you can see, we’ve probably mixed in more
than 50 leafs already and the slime is still super stretchy and perfect to play! When teacher says sparkle, you bet we’re taking
it seriously! So bring on a ton of holographic glitter,
which will add a stunning rainbow reflection when catching the light! This slime is so out of this world sparkly
– looks like a big diamond, right?! And even though we added so many ingredients
into it, it’s still super stretchy and fun to play! What a beautiful creation, I’m so excited
to see how the teacher reacts! Try to top that! Ooh… I will just watch me! Seems like this time we’re mixing lots and
lots of blue and silver sequin, glitter and confetti into the clear slime. Sounds amazing but will this one be able to
beat the silver diamond slime? We’ll find out soon! Have your clear slime ready and pour a lot
of silver sequin on it. Let’s add some beautiful blue sparkle – this
combination of navy stars and turquoise dots is so gorgeous! On the slime it goes! What a stunning color explosion! But we’re not done yet, oh no – here comes
the turquoise sequin as well! Told ya we’re mixing way too many ingredients
in our slimes today! Uuu this is totally magical! Ok, we’re ready to dig in and mix it all together. This thing is so crunchy and cool! One would expect that the confetti stars could
make the slime a bit hard to play with, because of the sharp edges, but this is not the case
at all. The slime feels very satisfying and looks
like a dream. You know what – let’s add even more glitz
and glam to it! Here we have silver hexagon shaped glitter,
so cute! Wow I love this so much that we have to go
in with the same portion of navy blue confetti! Yes! I feel like we have enough glitter for now
so it’s time to mix it all in! This slime is just something else. There is so much glitter in here that it has
become a bit more hard and it’s not that stretchy, but honestly it is still super satisfying. I love how crunchy it is! Not to mention how flipping beautiful it looks
– so rich, bold and out there! But the question is – which one will the teacher
prefer?! Alright, let me see the finished slimes! Sara will you go first? Sure! Uuu… his is so sparkly! What can I say I am impressed! It’s an 8! Why not 10? Well there is still room for improvement. Of course there’s room for improvement, an
example is here. Oh my! This is gorgeous! Yes! Good job Katie! You get a 9! Yes! I object! My slime has a better texture, is more stretchy
and more fun to play! Enough! I am the judge here and there will be a lot
more rounds for you to catch up. And the next theme is colorful. Make it fun and make it bright! We love color so the colorful theme is just
perfect for us! Pour a bottle of white school glue in a mixing
bowl. Grab a tube of yellow acrylic paint and squeeze
some into the glue. If you want the color to be extra bright and
potent, be generous with acrylic paint. If you prefer your slimes to be more pastel,
just add just a hint of color. Wizz up your activator by mixing a teaspoon
of borax in a cup of warm water. Alright let’s activate this baby up! Pour the activator into your colorful glue
bit by bit and mix well. Keep adding more activator and keep mixing
until the glue starts turning into slime and you will also notice that it won’t stick to
the bowl anymore. This is the time when we roll up our sleeves
and take our gooey creation in our hands. Knead the slime a little bit and voila our
epic bright yellow slime is done and we’re ready to mix some stuff in it! Oh yes, we’re adding in a bunch of small water
balloons! So pumped to see how this slime turns out! Check out all the bright and happy colors,
so cute! In the slime they go! Uuu… this looks nice! Luckily the slime is pretty sticky so it’s
easy to mix the balloons in. We’re talking too much ingredients in this
video so more balloons it is! Now this is becoming super hard, but very
crunchy. I love how the slime holds its shape and almost
acts like modeling clay. You can make a ball or a dice – very cool
and unique. But the thing I love the most about this one
is how colorful and bright it looks! That’s exactly what the teacher wanted! Similarly as with the yellow slime, let’s
start by pouring white school glue in a mixing bowl. This time we’re making an epic bubble gum
pink slime. Squeeze a generous amount of pink acrylic
paint in the bowl. How pretty is this color, literally the perfect
pink if you ask me! Slowly go in with some activator. When the mixture is slimy enough, take it
into your hands, knead for a minute or two and ta-da the slime is ready! Check out how amazing it is! Super soft and incredibly stretchy – pure
perfection! What should we mix in to make it colorful
as the teacher requested? I know – a ton of loom bands! See how many we have! And we’re mixing all of that into our slime,
starting with purple bands! Uuu… looks like purple rain pouring on our
slime. This feels so nice! The loom bands are very soft, which makes
them super easy and satisfying to mix in the slime. But we need to add way more, right? Green and yellow bands are next. Now this is a colorful explosion we’ve been
looking for! This slime has such a perfect texture – I
am honestly in love with it! So far it is still very soft so I feel like
it can take in a bunch more bands. Here we have some beautiful pink ones. These colors look so gorgeous together. I thought that by now the texture will become
harder but this is still so satisfying and nice to play with. We need to just go all out and throw in all
of our remaining loom bands! That’s what we call a loom band overload! We literally mixed all four bowls of bands
into the slime and the result is seriously super cute! Just as with the balloon slime, after adding
so many ingredients, the slime has become a bit more hard, but it’s still very fun to
play with. It holds the shape really well and kind of
behaves like a play dough which is really lovely. On top of that it is looking rather phenomenal
with all the neon and happy colors! Oh, I see the slimes are ready for assessment. Sara, will you let me see it? Of course miss here you are? Oh, I love the colors, so bright! Ah, thank you! The texture isn’t the most amazing though. All in all it’s a solid seven. Why?! Here is mine miss teacher. Let’s see what we have here… Pretty nice! But it’s quite hard! The texture is really poor. This is no more than a 5. Oh stop! So far Sara is in the lead for one point,
but it’s not over yet. The next theme is… I’m feeling adventurous so the next key word
is weird. Go all out ladies! Get weird and get wild! I got this! The teacher can definitely count on us to
deliver the weirdest slimes this world has ever seen. We know this drill by now – pour white school
glue in a mixing bowl. We want to make this slime look like skin. To achieve that squeeze in a bit of orange
acrylic paint. Mix it up well! Okay this color looks more like a skin full
of orange-y fake tan but that’s ok. Activate your slime with borax and water mixture,
mix a little bit, knead between your hands to bring it all together and boom! Slime is ready! So what shall we mix in this slime to make
it super weird? Yup we’re going there! We’re going to be adding too many nails into
the slime. Of course we’re using fake nails. These ones have a simple french manicure design
which makes them look super realistic. Can you imagine mixing real nails into the
slime? Yuck, ew, no that would be way too gross! Kneed the nails into the slime – this sounds
so wrong I can’t! Here we have the finished nail slime. The texture is very nice but also crazy because
from time to time you get poked by a random nail and it’s just the weirdest feeling ever. Even when you play with your slime nails will
casually peak out and make an appearance, which is super hilarious! Super weird but this is what teacher wanted
so we got to deliver! Ew, that’s gross! No, this is called creative and it’s called
the winning slime. You wish! Nails in slime sure are pretty weird, but
how about teeth?! And of course we’re not talking real teeth! We’ll be mixing lots and lots of artificial
teeth into slime! How funny is this orthodontic plastic teeth
model! But actually pretty interesting too, because
you can see all the human teeth in here and how they’re growing. You can even remove the teeth by pulling them
out, cool! Anyway, before mixing the teeth into slime
we first need to make one. What color should it be? Red of course! Just like gums. Yup we have to think about all the details
in a serious slime competition like this one. This looks exactly how we wanted! Knead it with your hands for a while to make
it less sticky and more uniform and here we go! It’s time for the teeth! We’re going to add all of these into the slime,
how cool! One thing that I find really fascinating with
this orthodontic model is that is shows how big the roots of our teeth are! I mean that’s pretty insane. Luckily I’ve never had any of my teeth pulled
out, what about you? In any case we’re going to pull out all of
the teeth from this model. Poor guy he doesn’t have a single tooth left,
but what can we do, we’ve got a slime to make! Throw all the teeth into the slime and fold
them in. This feels super weird! Playing with slime full of teeth, how crazy! But we got to make it even more insane by
adding a ton more teeth into it. Yup, when I say ton – I mean it. Well almost. But here I have lots and lots of teeth that
we’re now going to mix into the slime. Ready set go! Omg that’s so many, let’s mix them all up! I love the sounds these teeth are making,
so spooky! I have one more handful to throw in, come
on little guys in the slime you go! This slime is so full of teeth now, it’s crazy
guys! But I must say that it feels really nice. The teeth are not too sharp so they aren’t
poking me at all. But it is hilarious that while playing with
slime a random tooth peaks out here and there! Even though I know these are plastic teeth
it still freaks me out just a little bit. I can’t wait to see teacher’s reaction to
both of these weird slimes! Alright ladies! I’m excited to see your creations! Who will be first? I can be first! The color is nice and it’s also very stretchy. But what are these things inside? Oh what is this? A nail! This is gross! Well you wanted weird slime! Stop! Weird can still be beautiful. You get 5 for creativity and that’s it! Sara, it’s your turn. Uuu… bright read as my lipstick but what are
these things inside? What? These are teeth!? Enough, enough! This game is over, I can’t take it anymore. Yeah but… Who’s the winner? What now? Uh-oh I guess our weird creativity is way
to much for the teacher to handle. Who do you think made the best slimes in this
competition? Are you team Sara or team Katie? Comment below! Love you so so much and we’ll speak soon,

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