[hums] ah… squishy, squishy, squishy -Where is my candy? I ask, no! I demand! I’m entitled to candy!
You tell me now, where is my candy? Sue, have you gone deaf? -I’ve become zen, and I don’t pay attention to
small things anymore -Me, a small thing? This is outrageous!
I’m out of here! But still, what about that candy? Holà amigos! Sue is no longer a reliable
candy supplier! I have to do something! If you have any thoughts about how to unzen
her, write in the comments below! -Sam, I would never leave you hungry.
-It sure looks like it! -It’s just sometimes you’re too…
-Sweet and slick? -Annoying… So, today, we’ll make you an
automated lego candy dispencer, so you don’t have to call me to get candies.
-Yayy!! But you think I’m annoying, though? That hurts… Give me a candy to brighten up
waiting! -[laughing] Here. We are going to need a Lego kit with lots
of bricks, Double sided tape and Skittles of course.
Alright, let’s get started! We’re gonna stick these guys on this big
grey brick. And now these… One more… aaand
another one. Oops. Ah, there it is. Okay, let’s keep going. This green one here,
a square, and two yellow rectangles.All right. Now it’s time for these little guys. How cute
are these little triangles? [laughing] Okay! Saaam! -What now?
-I have a very interesting job for you. Skittles need to be divided by color.
-Oh, I can do this! -I’ll need this empty pack later. Moving on, we’re gonna stack these Legos
like this, and stick them on each side. And a bridge! -OKay, Sammy, keep it together, they need to
be put in piles, not in your mouth! Oh, Who am I kidding?! -Sam! I can hear you!
-Too bad… -What a slime! Alright, let’s keep going. We’ll stick this here… and another there,
another here… -Somebody hasn’t subscribed yet! But is
watching my video! That’s better. -[laughing] Alright. Let’s keep going, we’re
so close to finishing. We’ll stick these guys right here, and up on top. We’re just putting the finishing touches
now. Oh, and see? That part can move back and forth!
perfect for dispencing candy. Aaand this right on top! Our finishing
touch! -Wanna joke?
-Sure. -Knock knock
-Who’s there? -Impatient cow!
-Impatient cow wh… -MOOOOOOO!
-[laughing] -I can control myself. I’m confident,
I’m strong! -Almost ready. Just one little detail. And here too. Now we’ll grab the candies and
put them in! -What did I divide them for!?
-Just strenghten your willpower, Sammy. Just that. Sam, look how cool! It’s even better than
I imagined! -Yeah, yeah. Enough sentiments. How do I
use it? -Well watch this. I’ll put a coin in here,
and voilà! Candies! -Let me try! -Coin…Voilà! Candies! This is the best
machine ever! I’m off to practice my willpower. It’s too tempting! -Guy, who likes our candy dispencer?
Give Sam a thumbs up. And if you want to see more videos about Lego crafts, subscribe
to the channel and keep your eye out! They’re coming soon! Bye bye all! -I wanted to tell you about a miracle I once
saw in the Tibidabo: Snowdrop candies. Usually it’s hard to see them.

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