Skull Gouache painting || FAILING my Personal Project (but it’s okay)

Skull Gouache painting || FAILING my Personal Project (but it’s okay)

Hello everyone, I’m Liz and today I am
doing another painting for my personal project. For today I thought I would show
you guys a little bit more of my painting process than I normally do. It’s
pretty basic though, so I doubt it’ll be anything surprising. I just take my
sketch, put it on my light box, and trace it onto a sheet of watercolor paper.
Today however, I had to rip out my sketch because I didn’t like how off-center it
was. That was pretty tough for me to do, because I really hate ripping things out
of my sketchbook, but in this case it had to be done. And then it’s time to paint. Today’s painting is based on the art
room discord prompt “horror” Yep I seem to make this a habit where I kind of
combine my personal project and the art room discord prompt. I just I find that
very often those two things are really easy to combine and I feel inspired by
combining them both, so I’m just gonna keep doing it. Anyway, horror was the
prompt and I just had the idea of doing this human skull with a candle on top of
its head and a little glittery moon thing on its forehead. It’s not super
witchy, it’s not super horror, and it’s not super original, but I just really
enjoyed sketching it out and painting it, so I’m happy with it. I like I said I
know it’s not very original, but I just – I’m really happy with how it turned
out. With the sketch, I first made it a bit more cuter, but then I thought this
needs to be horror so I’m gonna make it a little bit more creepy. So I added some
lines on the side of the head and I made the teeth a bit more realistic. Aside from that
though I guess the horror bit is that it’s a human skull? I didn’t want to make
something gory or bloody, so yeah I left it at that. And of course for me this is
also like Halloweeny so, yeah. I am using the Arteza gouache for this
painting and I could really feel a difference. The yellow that I used for
the skull itself went down so smoothly and it’s just not streaky at all. I
already knew that I was a lot better to paint with, but this painting really
solidified this for me. I really enjoyed using this paint. It’s, it’s almost like
painting with butter, you know? I do think it’s gonna take me a bit of time to
figure out how much paint I need and how much water I can mix in without diluting
the paint too much, but it’s still working great, you know. I don’t have much
of a grasp on this stuff yet, but like I said it works great and the painting
looks great, so I’m happy. This is number seven in this series. Officially I have
painted eight witchy paintings, but one of them was a repaint of the first one
so I am not counting that one. But basically. that means I’m still three
paintings behind. I think at this point it is safe to say that I’m not going to
be finishing this project this year anymore. My issue right now is that it’s
taking me a bit too long to get a sketch that I like enough to paint. So even
though I do want to paint I just don’t have a sketch ready and December is
gonna be such a busy month too, because you know Christmas and all that.
So I highly doubt that I’ll be able to catch up with that in mind. So right now
November is my only hope. if I want to catch up I have to do four paintings in
November and honestly? I don’t think that’s happening. I am a little
disappointed about it, but at the same time I’m also okay with it. I’ve done
eight witchy gouache paintings so far. I’ve used my gouache for other things, and I have improved so much with it compared to when I started, which was the whole
point of this personal project to begin with. I am slowly trying new techniques
and new ways of painting with gouache and I’m at a point now where I have
things I want to paint with gouache that are outside of my personal project. So
even though I am not going to finish this personal project this year, for me
it’s still been a success. Of course I will still try to finish it, but I’m okay
with finishing it a few months late. What about you guys? Did you have a personal
project for this year? If so what was it and how are you doing with it?
Let me know! Now the fact that the end of the year is coming and this project is
close to being finished I’ve been thinking about what to do when I’m done
with this personal project. I have really enjoyed trying to come up with these
concepts and doing these little a5 paintings and I am a little bit worried
that next year when this project is finished, that I won’t be using my gouache
anymore because in my head I don’t have anything to paint. I know I just said
that I have been painting other stuff or been wanting to paint other stuff, but I
feel like this personal project has been the one thing that’s like”okay this is
making sure that I am using gouache this month” so if you have any
suggestions or any ideas or just like I said earlier any personal projects that
you are doing let me know and I’ll definitely draw inspiration
from it. At the moment I think I might try something with plants, because as you
know I am a sucker for drawing plants. I love drawing them with my – what are they
called – my micron pens and I feel like if I start trying to paint plants with my
gouache then that will be a way for me to kind of use what I love in a different
medium and challenge myself and just try some new stuff and yeah, I think that
might be a good idea. But I also feel like by going for plants I am going for
something that’s already a little bit in my comfort zone and I do want to
challenge myself a little bit, so yeah, I’m not sure what’s going to happen with
that next year, but you know, next year is still three months away so I’m -well
technically two months I guess since it’s the end of October now- but yeah I’m
not gonna worry about it too much. I just kind of want to throw it out there that
I am open to suggestions. I think I will do the same thing that I did this year
which is film the paintings and put them up on my channel. I think it’s been fun
to share my progress with you guys and of course, once I am finished with this
current project I will share the results of all the paintings. I think it’s gonna
be really cool to just see them all together. I already think that they look
really cool together even if there’s a few that I’m not too proud of you know.
Overall, I’m really happy with the little collection. So yeah, here’s a little bit
of peel porn for you guys. This is actually what I want to say as well real
quick with this arteza gouache the edges aren’t as clean so I don’t know if I
just didn’t press down on my washi tape enough or if the different consistency
just means that it’s leaking underneath easier but yeah that is one thing that I
did notice. Obviously I’m gonna be giving it a
couple more goes and see if it’s consistent with this kind of bleeding
stuff and yeah hopefully if I use some different paint it won’t happened because
I’m a perfectionist and it bothers me to no end that the edges aren’t clean.
Anyway this is all I have for you today guys, thank you so so much for watching
and I’ll talk to you in the next one, bye!

8 thoughts on “Skull Gouache painting || FAILING my Personal Project (but it’s okay)

  1. Yes, wires are the best toys, second only to drawing implements! Lol, I love your kitty! Your piece is very horror-y, awesome! I wanted to get four big pieces done during October, portraits of fierce fantasy ladies, and then I scaled it back to two so I could do Inktober, but then I took part in a big challenge that took a lot of time and it looks like my second lady won't be done until a few days into November. Oh well, at least they will happen eventually. Good luck with your gouache project!

  2. I love the yellow in this piece, and the flame turned out great. I don’t think it matters if you don’t finish this year, you did really well for getting 8 pieces done! I wanted to get one “mini masterpiece” canvas done each month this year and I stopped after March! So I’m hoping to pick it up again next year. I think for your painting stuff, it really helped me to paint in my sketchbook, so if I wanted to draw a teapot (I don’t think I’ve ever drawn a teapot 😂) I would paint it instead of drawing, and I got super into painting for a while. +1 vote for plants in gouache from me!

  3. Your gouache work has improved so much since I first saw it! I am really loving the blending/shading on the sides of the skull.

  4. woooooow really awesome!!! Great work. I was into art when I was younger and I decided to start using my skills again. I obviously need to practice because I haven’t done it in a while. Im watching your channel for info.

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