Skull For Fun And Profit – Pal Tiya Premium Outdoor Sculpting Medium

Skull For Fun And Profit – Pal Tiya Premium Outdoor Sculpting Medium

Hello, my name is Kim beaten from PAL TIYA International And today we’re making a Halloween classic a human skull for your garden See the description below for the full list of tools Glue together a low mound of foil balls Press into a triangle core shape round the corners and edges and ensure. It’s symmetrical We’re using a plastic anatomical model as a guide to work from Two-thirds of the way up from the bottom make two holes side-by-side Use your fingers to expand the hole outwards make the outside corners further back from the inside corners Press in the temple areas on the side of the skull Flatten the skull press in and narrow the jaw under the cheeks Press behind the teeth to shape the sphere of the dental arch Shape small foil cigars glue them suspended over the jaw from the cheek to the skull like an arch This is called the zygomatic arch Take the time in this rough form to make it symmetrical crush straighten and secure all the features check it upside-down for accuracy once secure reduced the surface with a spoon or Roll onto a table to allow for a thickness of Pal Tiya Premium. For those of you on a careful budget We’re making a sculpture inexpensively with less than 2 pounds or a kilo of Pal Tiya Premium height glue the skull to a wooden base With your fingers snip and trowel 1/8 inch thick layer on the foil core smooth with your fingers the basic shapes The slight concave spoon surface defines the various planes and edges Aggressive faceting will show the symmetry of the shapes sharply Draw in the line of the mouth using a dental tool roll in the teeth Deepen the point between the teeth and draw in the tooth roots Pounce with a brush to texture the skull twirl the tool while drawing in the sutures press in sharper details Allowed to stiffen for half an hour then etch in the sharpest of details place in a plastic bag for curing To begin painting apply a base coat color. We have gone for a white with touches of brown and yellow Dry Apply a thin brown wash you want to do this quite watery towel away most of the brown wash seal your sculpture Skulls are a great addition to any Halloween decor We hope you enjoy watching Please like this video and comment below to give us suggestions of what you’d like to see in our future videos

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  1. HAPPY HALLOWEEN 💀, We hope you enjoy this video on how to make a Skull For Fun And Profit with our sculpting medium Pal Tiya Premium!

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