Sketch with me! #2

Sketch with me! #2

Annyeong! Welcome to Dollightful! This is episode two of the sketch with me series, I hope I can do more of these. They’re – they’re really chill in fun videos to make. And of course I hope it’s fun to watch. These are off script. I usually write scripts for my videos. So you’ll get to hear my more natural manner of speaking, which is undoubtedly a little bit more awkward. I do love having the power to edit myself So for my first sketch, I was just warming up and thinking oh, what do I want to draw? I wore a really cute outfit today, so I’m just gonna draw myself in this outfit. I know not very creative but um Like I said these are more to unwind that wasn’t a really creative exercise kind of trying It’s gotten really chilly around here lately for those who don’t know I live in South Korea, and I’m originally from, Texas So it gets cold, you know it gets pretty cold in the winter, but not as cold as it does here So I’m not used to wearing so many puffy jackets and coats even though I love that kind of fashion, so I’ve really been enjoying the winter weather so far and that Probably sounds strange to people who live up north their whole lives and are thinking. “I’m so tired of winter weather” But I’m having a blast It’s time I started off with a pencil sketch underneath and came back on top with a really fine line Ballpoint pen I guess it is. I wish I could tell you exactly what kind of pen It was but it was just this random like princess themed pen I got in a kawaii box ages ago The pen I’m using right now to fill in my leggings though That’s called a brush pen, and if you haven’t played around with one yet I would suggest getting one if you’re an artist you can get some really cool effects with a brush pen So here I am in my wintry clothes. yay~ Turning the page for our next sketch here I felt like doing something completely different and I do try to keep up my skills and one of the things I’m not great at is landscapes and Watercolors so I thought hey I’ll do a landscape and watercolor and just see how that goes so I’m actually sketching what’s directly in front of me I’m looking out my window and this is the view out of our new apartment’s window So you’ll get to see what that looks like Just talked about it, but um.. it is autumn here And it’s so beautiful like growing up in Texas again, the leaf changing colors were mostly just brown, but here They’re yellows and reds and fading to green and of course brown too, but it’s just.. it’s so pretty I really enjoy going outside and looking at all the trees I know I’m such a tree hugger. I know it If you haven’t noticed by now, um clearly this paper is not meant for watercolor. It’s just computer paper You know that’s not meant to handle this kind of moisture And it’s my fault really because I’d like to book bind to so I bound this sketchbook I tried to bind all my sketchbooks, just to make him more unique,you know? I was out of cardstock I wanted to put cardstock in this sketchbook, but I was out, and I’m a thrifty kind of gal So I just used what I had on hand So this sketchbook is a little flimsy to say the least, but we’re gonna try to make it work And I have a tiny hairdryer here, which I mostly use for my dolls I’m gonna try to dry the water faster, and hopefully it’ll stay flatter and actually after I finished this sketch I ironed it too, so All things considered the computer paper handled it pretty well Start it off with a broad wash of color in the background and now I’m picking out more details more and more details I kind of started in the middle ground with the trees and the darkest parts And I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to do watercolor and pretty sure dark parts come last but you know, what do I know? And so I kept going and suggested some cars and more foreground elements as I went on and Eventually I finished up the buildings And in the end it still didn’t feel sharp or dark enough, which is how I usually feel about watercolors So I came back in with a graphite pencil to kind of, beef up the values and sharpen some of the foreground elements And there we go that’s a pretty cute study, I’d say. To be honest. I can’t believe the computer papers stayed together All right on to our last sketch! Setting the sketchbook aside for a little bit I’m going to be using this recycled brown paper that I think was a grocery bag at one point And I started doing a sketch and gave up on it flipped it over You know what happened some time and I decided I would draw my brother-in-law You may recognize him actually I made a doll of him last Christmas I think He’s the bearded Allister wonderland custom Doll if you’re interested There are so many comments on that video that are like “oh my gosh She made PewDiePie,” and I’m like no it’s my brother-in-law! Like to be fair They’re both Northern European descent and have great beards, so you know I can see where the confusion happened Anyway, getting back on track He’s also a toy lover and an artist and an animal lover nature kind of guy, so I get along really well with him. In fact my sister and her husband and my husband, the four of us get along really well, which I’m very thankful for hopefully we can live closer in the future I also like to draw my husband of course and my friend sketching from life is always fun I also like to draw my sister But it never looks like her like there’s this joke in my family that I’m pretty good at portraiture and can draw almost anyone But for some reason I can never get my sister’s likeness And I don’t know why because I think I know her the best out of like anyone on the planet. It’s a curse! Working on toned paper is always really fun because you’re starting off with the mid-ground Which means you can sketch on something in a darker pencil, but you can also add lighter colors, too so if you ever want to make a quick sketch But turn it into something that looks pretty professional like I would suggest using toned paper Coming in with some pen and then back on top with white acrylic, it always looks really nice in my opinion Here’s a tip from my fellow artists I’m sure some of you already do this if you do a sketch on a separate piece of paper Then you can just come back to your sketchbook find a page. That’s got like a really bad drawing on it You don’t want anyone seeing that right, so you just glue right on top of it and voila As far as they know every page was always a masterpiece Hahahah Okay guys, thank you so much for joining me. This was really fun. I hope you had a fun time watching me sketch Maybe you sketched a little bit too. Let me know down in the comments What’s your favorite thing to draw and in what medium and I’ll catch you guys next time. Stay artsy! Annyeong!!

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  1. Bad at Watercolor and Landscapes are you kidding me you are one of the most talented people with watercolor and Landscapes I've met the best thing I've done is like horrible it was a Sunset and a mountain range and I try to do a waterfall coming out of a lake and the top of the mountain it turned down looking horrible especially the sunset part and since my friend accidentally tipped over a glass of water onto the picture

  2. You said Winter clothes for the first girl((btw shes adorable!!)) But you wrote Autumn on the paper??((가을))

  3. I love drawing with graphite and making acrylic paintings and my favorite things to draw are probably people especially because I want to get better at it

  4. In the beginning you spoke about the cold weather. You haven't even SEEN how it is in Sweden in the winter! cri i just want to go outside and run around barefoot lmao. Love you❤❤❤

  5. I really like cold even though i live i Denmark… I know that sounds stupid if you know anything about Denmark but I still like it OK

  6. True story. I didnt really pay any mind 2 the fact that somewhere along the line of sitting on my couch i started sketching unicorns untill u mentioned it. Lol

  7. For me, I absolutely love drawing monsters and strange creatures. And I think my favorite mediums to use are watercolors,inks, and acrylics combined. The combination looks really good on toned paper! I’ve always wanted to get into doll customizing since I have so many unused concepts. And your channel encourages me to try and start trying doll customization!

  8. I love to draw and haven't done it in a long time. 😅 Watching you and other has gotten me back into drawing and watercoloring again (hopefully watercoloring soon). 😆

  9. not only you make beautiful custom doll you also have a fantastic sketch artwork
    Stay Artsy in your own way Dollightful 안녕~! 😉

  10. I did a watercolor study the other day of Eevee, nothing fancy, just re-drew some of the old Pokemon stock art and then painted over the drawing, but it was really hard! Like, I was on mix-media paper and using a very limited color palette of browns and black, and I swear, I have never had a more frustrating time with any painting ever. I don't know how you managed to get such a nice looking watercolor painting on literally the worst paper for it, but whatever you did, you did right!

  11. when im doing a finished drawing my favorite things to use are watercolors, super fine pens and my white gelly roll pen. When im sketching i just like to take my sketchbook out take a pencil or erasable pen sketch out something and then take a highlighter and color some of the parts in with it and make shadows

  12. When you said you weren't great at landscapes and watercolor drawings I could totally relate until you finished your painting! I started freaking out like what the heck dude! you're great! I love seeing watercolor art. it's just so calm! can anyone relate??

  13. hey! i know this is an older video but would you ever consider making a sketchbok tour video? love your work sm!! :'^)))

  14. TRY ME I LIVE IN WISCONSIN! this week here is a warning to not stand outside for 10 mins or u will get frost bite and my district ( aasd ) might STILL make us go to school.

  15. suddenly I now want to draw how I want my soon to come ball joint cat doll to look like when I make her a wig and whatever, anyway #DRAWINGFONOREASON?!

  16. Dollightful 2 years ago: I love the winter weather!
    Me, today, in Minnesota, getting school off because of winter weather, in April:

  17. I LOVE YOUR ART lol watching your art cuz I haven't seen u in a while, but yeah! 💛💛💛🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠 Lots of love 💜💜💜💜 Carousel❤️♥️🧡💛💚💙💜

  18. You're so adorable! I feel like I know you better after watching only two of these Sketch with me videos? But I love it; I'm in to bookbinding, too! (I really love recycling weird materials into the covers of a long-stitch; they can be so fun!) And THANK YOU for giving me something to do with all my old brown paper bags! 😂 I just keep saving them thinking I'll reuse them someday, and I never do, haha.

  19. for some reason im adicted to drawing sally face but they are all never good every thing i draw sucks ahhhh!!!!

  20. Goodness, I’ve had such bad artblock for the past week so I’ve been watching a TON of sketch w/ me videos and speedpaints to try and get back into it. Thanks for the amazing content and helping me get back into the swing of things! <3

  21. I actually sketch while you're sketching because I feel more inspired than usual when I'm watching your videos lol idk

  22. My fav thing to draw is horses and mlp and I use pencils with a white gel pen sometimes with lineart with a ballpoint pen cuz I can use markers water color or brush tips it just doesn't work for me

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