Six Origami Mice

Six Origami Mice

Hello, it’s a new week, it’s Monday, how are you? I had a Witcher 3 stream this morning And I’ve just filmed a Discworld Discourses
which I’m going to get to work on now And then later on I have a YouTube livestream, yay! A nice day today, quite a long day, but a nice day. Good morning, it’s now Monday,
a bit of time has passed. I didn’t film much last week,
I wasn’t really in the mood to film last week. Normally when I don’t film stuff it’s because I’m either too busy Or not busy enough and I don’t think there’s anything worthy of filming But last week, it was kind of like a normal week And there were things probably worth filming,
but I just was not in the mood for filming. It was a bit weird but luckily it doesn’t happen that often. I’ve made a little bit of progress on my Jester cosplay from Critical Role So I’m gonna show you that at some point later But today I am not filming a video,
I have set aside some time And I’m going to do my first ever miniature painting. We’ll see, it’s a learning experience! Also at the weekend I put up these six,
you can just about see that there are six of them, Six origami mice, I made them in my Patreon livestream last month And there is one for each patron, But I can see them when I’m on my computer And also they’ll be visible in my review videos in future
so that’s kind of fun. I’m so happy with her, I think for a first try,
I am so happy. It was better than I was expecting, it was a bit easier than I was expecting to be honest. I’m sure that in the future once I’ve done a bit more
I’ll look back at this one And be like there were so many things
I would do differently, But for my current skill level I was surprised
at how not terrifying it was. It was quite easy to correct mistakes Which is something that I was worried about about the Critical Role miniatures, Doing something wrong and then being stuck with it, But it was quite easy to either mop up the mistake immediately Or else paint over it later. So it was really good to do a practice run And it also let me know some things about the paints
which was good. For instance, both of the green paints I have are not very pigmented, They’re a bit watery no matter
how much I shake up the paint. And one of the browns I had was also similar, Although luckily the other brown was better. So the next step is to paint the other three
test miniatures And then finally, finally, I’ll start
painting the Critical Role ones. Okay, progress on Jester, my Jester cosplay
from Critical Role. For the last week I’ve been working on some gloves,
they go right up my arm. It was really difficult, I’ve never made gloves before,
I had to get my mum to help me. They still need to be tweaked a little bit
and I need to put the fake nails on them. I’ve made them so they’ll be more practical So I don’t have to keep painting my hands and arms when I’m wearing my Jester cosplay. So yes, there’s been progress on that. And also of course the miniature painting has started And I’m excited to continue because it was
really fun and relaxing to do. Anyway, that’s it for this week’s Mouse Moments,
well, this fortnight’s Mouse Moments. I’m hoping I should have a Mouse Moments next week, I’m going somewhere fun on Sunday
where I’m hoping to film. And I also have Discworld Discourses next week, I’m reading Men at Arms now, I really love that book,
I forgot how much I liked it. So I’m gonna finish reading that at the weekend
in time for Tuesday. But first I’m going to edit this video
and watch Critical Role. I hope you have a fantastic weekend whatever you are up to, and I will see you very soon!

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  1. Early access rules!!! – Did you have any inspirational music playing or anything while you were painting your miniature? It looks like you found it very relaxing. Also can’t wait to find out where you are going on Sunday!! I hope you have a great time and the weather is kind! 😀

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