100 thoughts on “Singing plates – Standing Waves on Chladni plates

  1. Could you use 4 EM waves focused at 2 points each with opposite wave intensity to push something from the area of higher into lower excitation? If so what if you set up the positions of these points and the emitters to be fixed to the object moving from one area to the other.

  2. The representation of the standing waves on a violin plate is inaccurate relative to the real way that it would act because the part of a violin that vibrates doesn't include the corners, and because the sound doesn't reach the back of the violin in the middle, but it reaches it where the sound post is, which is underneath the bridge.
    Cool video though!!!

  3. Would be far more interesting if you do the presentation without clothing. Altough interesting, it does not justify your cocaine behaviour.

  4. adding another frequency and scrolling up and down with it will create moment vary similar to living organisms. that is why i am a complete AETHER physics guy.

  5. How much does the thickness and uniformity of the steel (or other metal) plate matter? Obviously, I thicker or less compliant plate would take more energy to vibrate, but are the patterns independent of the plate and only dependent on frequency? Inquiring minds, etc. etc.

  6. I always felt like the sand was being attracted to significant parts of the waves. Instead, they are just settling where there is no wave activity. I see…

  7. this is actually how god creates light. he has his spirit bitches moving an electromagnetic rope. there must be one on each side

  8. What happens if we not only place speakers on the sides and front and back but also top and bottom?!?!?🙄

  9. In grade school we did this but we created the waves with a violin bow. It makes different nodes and anti nodes depending where the point of contact is. For example centered or at a quarter etc.

  10. So, theoretically, this means that Uraraka's quirk (My Hero Academia) could be that she makes the air around whatever she touches float using sound at a frequency so high that humans can't hear it…

  11. @Physics Girl: Can you please give the name of the equipment manufacturers for your experiment so I can replicate the experiment for personal entertainment purposes? Kthnxbye!

  12. @physics girl

    Can you try the below frequencies in the given sequence and post the video ..I don't have this infrastructure hence asking you…

    Please please .. I will share rest of the sequence once you post the video….thanks and waiting for posting

  13. Funny enough, this is one of the first lessons they teach you in audio school. We had a pretty cool experiment, where we calculated the frequency that represented the length of the room. We played that exact frequency from an oscillator and where the node would be, we barely heard anything. One step away where the antinode was, it was loud and clear. Crazy. I urge you to try it!

  14. I L❤O❤V❤E this type of information!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌 I don't know why this video doesn't have 1Billion views!!! ✨

  15. OoooooMmmmmmmGgggggg…….really!!!!! I may never had understood such a complex topic this easily if you wouldn't explain……loved it

  16. SloMoGuys just did a video about waves. How the ocean and the moon are linked. a little more in depth about the tides

  17. But why do the sand particles need to take those nodal positions? Is it because the plate itself vibrates? Why?

  18. How thoughtful of you to show also Chladni patterns on a violin plate…You got me to stay tuned.
    Fun experiments, in higher measure when fooling gravity with standing wave acoustic levitation !


  20. 3:02 “you could, hypothetically, place an object there and cause it to levitate.”
    You should’ve just asked Tyler Joseph- Oh I know how to levitate up off my feet

  21. But shouldn't the experiment on circular plates just produce concentric circles?…since the nodes will all be at the same distance from the source?

  22. When I moved into an office in a new building, the motors of the fume extractors of the labs below hadn't been properly damped (they had faulty shock absorbers), so standing waves were developed. I could feel the nodes and antinodes by moving to different places in the room. 😀

  23. heyyyy i really enjoyed this video! im trying to recreate this for a school project and it would be really helpful to know where you got the materials from! thankkkkssss <3

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