well, a tesselation is a way of tiling a plane
surface in the same shape repeated again and again. take a square 8cms in diameter and
draw two lines from midpoints as shown and cut them to make a shape of a house. take
these two triangles and transpose them, shift them to make the ears of a cat. take both
the ears and tape them. cut a small triangle as shown. this triangle, you shift and make
the beak of the bird. also tape the beak in place. and this readies your stencil. now
take this stencil and put it on a blue thick card sheet and draw the outlines. draw several
birds. tesselation means, using the same shape repeatedly to cover a plane surface. its like
tiling. so draw several birds. after drawing them cut out the birds so that you have a
large number of birds almost like a huge flock. once you have these birds, draw eyes to give
them a character. now you have a whole flock. you can arrange these birds, one on top of
the other, just like tiles and you can cover a plane surface. you can arrange them to make
extremely lovely designs. this is a very simple tesselation or a way of creative tiling.

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