Simple Origami Patterns : How to Make an Origami Pinwheel

One of the original origami bases is called
the windmill or the pinwheel. My name is Robert Segundo, and today I’m going to teach you
how to do that. What we’re going to start with is we’re going to start with square piece
of paper, it doesn’t have to be yellow. You can use whatever you want. And as you can
see, I’ve already got this pre-creased here. And I’m going to show you what I did to get
it to this point. What you’re going to do is you’re going to start off by folding your
paper into thirds. And how you do that is you just bring this side over until this length
is equal to this length. Now, as you can see mine is just a little bit off. But, that’s
fine. Fold it this way in thirds. And then once you have your lines there you can just
take this side and fold it straight into that line which will give you your third over here.
And do the same thing here on your horizontal side. On your horizontal side we’re doing
it the same way. Now after you have that, you’re going to have this checkerboard shape
here. What you’re going to do is you’re going to take your point corners and bring them
in to the edge of your line here. You’re going to do that on all four sides, all the way
across. And then you’ll have this checkerboard this way. Basically, you folded your paper
into thirds on your diagonal side. Now that you have this, what you’re going to do, is
you’re going to take and you’re going to fold over like so, and you’re just going to open,
it’s almost like an open squash fold is what this is going to be. You’re going to open
it up, take it, squash it down like so. You’ve got this little off shoot here. What you’re
going to do is you’re going to do the same on this side here. Just going to bring it
up. Open squash fold it. Like so. Now you’ve got your two points. Now we’re going to do
is we’re going to take our bottom point. Do the same thing here. Open it up. And bring
it out like so. And then the same thing here. We’re going to come out just open this up
a little bit. And bring this. What you’re going to do is you’re going to open it up
and bring this across like this on the bottom. Then fold it to where it has that boat shape.
And then fold it back over. This is it. This is your windmill, or your four pointed star,
or your pinwheel, or whatever you want to call it. There it is. My name is Robert Segundo,
and enjoy folding your origami.

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