Simple Origami Patterns : How to Make a Traditional Kite Base

Simple Origami Patterns : How to Make a Traditional Kite Base

All origami begins with several simple bases
that have been around since forever, since the art of the folding of origami. And my
name is Robert Segundo and today I’m going to teach you how to make the kite base. With
the kite base you can make things like this ugly bird that I’ve made here. And it’s –
you can use it for a lot of different things, it’s usually starts off for many profile shots
of birds and many other animals. So to do this what we’re going to do is we’re going
to take our paper basically just fold it like so, line our corners up. And if you cut your
paper square, your corners will line up, it looks like I did. Mine are lined up pretty
well, and open this up. This is really simple, you’re just going to take it and fold these
in like so. Now, when you’re using your kite base, I mean this is one part of it, but when
you start getting into more advanced origami, if you start and unfold your origami as you’re
doing it, and open it up, you’ll be able to notice many different bases used in many different
parts of your origami. You will find this kite base in different small little squares,
that you have made in other spots. And this is really just it, it’s only three folds,
and then from there you can just go many places with it. But that is it, this is your simple
kite base, play around with it, have fun and enjoy.

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  1. Thank you SO much. I've been looking for just a simple, easy base like this and every video I found was for complex actual kites. Thanks a bunch.

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