simple origami parrot turorial

simple origami parrot turorial

First you should have white side up…. Then fold the corner so it lines up with the opposite corner… Repeat on the other side to make a X…. Then fold it in half so it is a rectangle…. Turn 90` (degrease) to the left or right and repeat…. Squash fold as shown, There are tutorials on squash folding on YouTube… Fold the edge along the line going strait down as shown… Ignore this as long as you have colour on the outside, if not reverse fold… Repeat on the other side… There should be a triangle shape at the top, Fold that down and lift it back up… Open up the sides and lift up 1 section and reverse fold the sides as shown….. Fold down and repeat the everything we just did on the other side…. Sorry for the lighting….. Turn 180 degrease and squash fold as shown… Fold the edge inwards, similar to before…. on both sides on both squash folds….. Pinch the triangle flap from the centre line and fold the base in half at the same time… Repeat on the other side… Fold the edges along the diagonal line on all 4… Fold both edges to the centre line as shown.. Fold in half….. Fold this flap down as much as you want in your own way, this will be the tale…. Again do this in your own preference, this will be the wings…… Fold the triangle flap down… Reverse fold the bigger triangle like this…. Reverse fold the front half only (NOT the tail end)… Voila! Reverse fold the fold you made as shown 3 times…

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  1. It was so beautiful ¡¡¡¡. Thanks, I use it for the enviromental billboard. In order my students to value even more the beauty of nature.

  2. almost 60k! I am speechless :O I hope every one of you IS or WILL BE a huge youtuber. that is my one dream. If I had 1 wish though, it wouldn't be for me to be madly famous, it would be to who ever sees my videos to be insanely popular.

  3. What a lovely origami tutorial! Do check some origami ideas on my channel when you'll have time and share your feedback!

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