Simple Mixed Media Card Ideas + Fast Cards with Craft Kit 26

Simple Mixed Media Card Ideas + Fast Cards with Craft Kit 26

Hi I’m Gerry from Gerry’s Craft Room In this video I’m going make more cards with craft kit 26 I cut the ribbons out of a piece of ultra-smooth card and I am going to use it as a stencil to add the glimmer paste to another card I use the nuvo spatula which is great for small projects like cardmaking Just so you know I added the main products I used in the description box for you you can find the full list of supplies on my blog and if you are new here and you like what you see don’t forget to subscribe I put this aside to dry that will take about an hour
depending on how thick your added the paste and the temperature you are working in I also am going to use the leftover piece I just spread the paste all over the card
this will give a bit of a grunge look if you want the complete card covered you
let it dry and then add another layer In the meantime I go on with the next card I cut the ribbons out of mirror card
and I cut a panel out of the blue card and I cut some ribbons out of glitter card
and two more out of the mirror card I am going to glue the open one on the glitter
card and put on an acrylic block to let it dry about the glue clean the tip before you put the cap back on this way the glue tip stays open and the cap clean even when you put it upside down like I always do I have tape to the back of the frame and I am going to add the mirror card piece then I add the ribbons on both sides this will add to the dimension I have shimmer powder and I cut snowflakes
out of ultra-smooth card I spray some water and add the powder
just tap on the bottle and I use a sponge to spread the colour a
bit you can leave it as it is also I use the leftover colour to add to some more
snowflakes by dipping them in the colour and dry them
with a heat tool I stamped and embossed the sentiment
and I am going to assemble the card I have a piece of twine and make a bow I add some tape to the card so the bow stays in place and then I add the snowflake with a piece of foam tape to the card and I finish with the sentiment the card with the glimmer paste is dry and
I distressed the edges with my scissors I added foam to the back with some space in the middle and I am going to add some twine I make a loop and keep that in place at the front and then I add that to the back with tape in the open space between the foam and I add another loop through the first one and tape that to the back also and I add the snowflake and sentiment on top and here I have the grungy looking card I add that on top of a piece of mirror card I add that to a white note card and I have some coloured and stamped snowflakes and I add them on the card and finish with the sentiment for this card I have classic card and I stamp the snowflakes with clear embossing ink I just stamp them with different pressure so not all snowflakes are evenly dark or light the ink will appear in the same colour as the card but slightly darker and this gives a fun background I am going to assemble the card with stamped
snowflakes and a sentiment I use foam tape for extra dimension and I cut of the bits that are sticking out I distress the edges of the card with my scissors and add the card to a white note card and I finish with the last snowflake for the last cards I have some easy ones I cut the inside of the baubles out of a complete piece of card and I am going to add some vellum to the back I have white note card with a slightly smaller
piece of paper on top and I added the cards with the vellum and I cut some snowflakes out of vellum and I add those to the card I have a pre made stone drop and I add that in the middle using my stone drop as a glue It’s always great to have some cards on hand that can be adjusted at the last moment by adding a sentiment and these will make great winters cards for any occasion so here are all the cards I made together and you have some more ideas to use the products
from this month’s kit I hope you liked the video don’t forget
to like share and subscribe and make sure to keep on crafting

6 thoughts on “Simple Mixed Media Card Ideas + Fast Cards with Craft Kit 26

  1. How beautiful!!! I loved the first card and the Christmas balls !! Thanks for your ideas Gerry! 😘😘😘💕💕💕👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Beautiful! Love the colours and the mirror card, glitter card and the paste. The first card looked like it was a beautiful window

  3. Great cards. Loving these colors and every card is so pretty. This kit is a winner! I really like how you used the vellum on those 2 cards, and I am going to give that a try.

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