Simple 1.14.4 Automatic XP Farm/Bank (UNLIMITED XP!)

Simple 1.14.4 Automatic XP Farm/Bank (UNLIMITED XP!)

Experience farms in Minecraft are some
of the best type of grinder because getting levels is the only good way
that you get good enchantments on your armor. But a lot of times the best XP farms
are very late game that use Enderman as their XP source. With this farm
you don’t need to kill any mobs. It will store all of the XP for you in
like an experience bank and then you can withdraw that XP any time
you want. Once again, this can be done in really it can be
done in peaceful mode because there is no killing of mobs with this farm. This farm design was from EagleEye621 I
will put a link to his original video in the description below. So make sure you check out his
video and without further ado, let’s build this thing. I’m going to
be building it in survival by the way. So let’s build this thing [inaudible]. So here we are inside of Minecraft and
this is what we are going to be making. You can think of this as an XP farm. I’ve also heard it being
described as an XP bank, but basically what is happening is we
are creating bamboo and cactus incredibly fast. As you can see, the bamboo breaking
off of here, that’s super duper fast. And then every once in a while there
will also be a bit of cactus that is created as well. Both of those using these super awesome
farms right here will be fed into furnaces and automatically smelted up. So the bamboo’s being used as fuel and
the cactus is being used as the thing that is being made that outputs
a ton of green dye right here. And you can either keep that around
or just throw it out. It’s up to you. And then whenever you need
experience, you can switch this lever. And what it will do is it will lock
all of the hoppers on the bottom, allowing you to actually grab the
green cactus dye out of the furnaces. With this turned off, the green dye
will just disappear immediately. It looks like nothing is coming out. Uh, but you do need to be able to grab
something out of a furnace in order to get all the experience that has been stored. And all of this is based off of the
behavior that whenever you smelt up items, you sometimes get experience. Uh, depending on the item you can get more
or less experience and that is actually stored inside of the furnace until you
take that item out of the furnace and that is still stored. Even
if a hopper pulls it out, you just need to pull out a single item
and then all the experience that has been stored up inside of that
furnace will be given to the player. So currently I have zero experience and
I am in survival and this hasn’t been running for too very long. You can kind of see here how
long it’s been running for. This first one has been
running for the longest, so I’m just going to go ahead and pull
the green dye out of and look at that nine levels. And obviously you
would be running this for a long, long time, probably all the time. And then you would get all of the levels
out that you need and they’re just stored there for whenever you
need to walk over and grab them. This I’m going to build in survival, so let’s switch over to
survival and do it together. So here we are inside of Minecraft and
because what we’re about ready to build is so loud, I’m going to purposely build this up high
in the air and that’ll also make sure that I’m not too worried about how like
how deep into the ground it’s going to go or anything like that. Cause you do need to make
sure that it is above ground. I especially where you start quite a ways. So I’m just going to look for an area
that’s kind of free and right near this a tree thing is pretty free. So I’m just going to build up
until I can’t hear the blocks, the scaffolding being placed anymore. And that means that nobody else will be
able to hear this super loud machine up here. Okay. So I’m sort of
building a temporary platform. I may move this down in just a bit, but first we are going to build
the first half of our AutoFarm, that super fast farm. So we’re going to go ahead and
place down a single block like this. Then we’re going to come out and place
two down and that block in the middle, we can go ahead and break.
That was a temporary block. Then I’m going to place one up here
and off to either side on both sides, so one there and one there. So here are the materials that
you’ll need to start building. I’m going to be using these
smooth stone as the block. These can just be really any solid block
at all. You’ll need at least four sand. You’ll need four sticky
pistons, 10 normal Pistons, at least nine redstone dust,
three levers, two observers, five furnaces, sixish glass, or you’ll just need glass of some
flavor. And this can also be, it doesn’t have to be glass,
it can also be a solid block. It just kind of looks a
little bit better with glass. But I’ll actually need to
go grab some more glass. You’ll need some amount chests
and at least 27 hoppers. You may need more depending on how big
you want the the overflow to be when it comes to the hoppers, you’ll
also need four redstone torches. Then you’ll also need some
bamboo and some cactus. There’s a cactus farm right there, so I’m going to go grab some
cactus in just a moment. So we sort of have this shape that
almost looks like a longhorn of a of some flavor. You’re going to take one of the torches
and another or the torches and put them on either side of that. Then you’re going to take some redstone
and place it over there on either side and one of your levers. You’re going to grab that and put it
on the opposite side of this block. We may want to turn that on, which will turn off the torches just
so that things don’t start firing like crazy. Now we’re going to
take our sticky pistons. We’re going to put one facing
this way, one facing that way, and now it is time to put down our sand. We’re going to put one right where
we’re standing and one on either side. It doesn’t matter which
side that you choose. Now it is time for the regular piston. You’re going to put a one on either side
above the sticky piston and then you’re going to have to come below
and do the same thing. So you have pistons above and below,
both firing toward the sticky piston. This is actually ready to start
growing whatever the heck we want. So we can either start with bamboo or we
can start with the cactus, the bamboo. Make sure that it is not a baby. Make
sure that it has grown at least once. And then you can go ahead start this
farm and it will fire like crazy. And if we just go ahead and break this,
it will make another one very quickly. As you can see, I’m going
to go ahead and stop that. And the you do need to know that
your bamboo needs to be lower, one block lower than whatever
you’re going to be furnacing up. So that will be our cactus. So we’ll
start to build our cactus area over here. So if that very first block
that we placed was right here, we need to make sure that we leave an
empty block and empty block and then up one block just like
this for the next block. So we’re going to head
up here and place this. This is our first block for the build
right there and just like the other one we’re going to come out. But we are doing this as a
mirror image of the first. So we are making, I feel like it’s like
a bull’s head or something like that. But uh, we basically make sure that
if our first one was pointed this way, the other one is pointed
at the other direction. These will look like this
once you are finished. Now we do the exact same thing
we did on the other side, which is to put down redstone on either
side of that first block that you placed redstone dust on the ones just behind it, a lever on the other
side of your first block, a some pistons firing, which will
fire above these redstone torches. And then your normal pistons. The
first ones were sticky pistons. Your normal pistons above and below, making sure to point towards
those sticky pistons. Now we can place down our sand one
there one there and it’ll start firing. So we’re going to jump to the other side
of this turn. Switch off that lever. There we go. So now it
is quiet. As we build, we can go ahead and place down
our cactus and turn this on. See how long it takes. There
we go. That’s pretty fast. Ah Yeah. There we go. It’s working
just fine. Yeah, even on a server. So now we need to set up
our auto harvester of both
the bamboo and the cactus. So what we need to do is get
our observers, our pistons, and a little bit of a some solid blocks. So first we’re going to put the
observer facing into the redstone. It can be on either side,
so that doesn’t matter. So we’re just going to face it into the
redstone and make sure that little red dot is on the top. Then we’re going to take a solid block
and place it on top of that and then a piston. And we’re going to stand on top of this
cactus to make sure that it fires over the cactus. So this will be pushing
the premade cactus off of that. And we’re doing the exact same thing
over here where we placed down our solid block and then make sure that our
piston is going to fire into the bamboo. So now we are going to capture what
those make and to make it easy on us, I’m just going to go ahead
and put a buffer chest. This chest is just make sure
that things, if items overflow, they go into this chest here instead
of just piling up in the hoppers, which don’t have a ton of
room. And I of course, I hate scaffolding Uh, so now we’re going
to take a few of our hoppers, specifically two to be exact and we’re
going to put one and one into each of these chests. This one will
capture the bamboo bamboo. That one will capture the cactus. Now it, we need to put glass around this to
make sure that our items don’t go fly in every direction. And
we’re going to do that. Let me grab some temporary blocks so
you don’t have to break all my glass, even though I have silk touch, I guess
I don’t need to do that. But anyway, we’re going to put one above and one to
the side and then another one over to the side that’ll make sure that it
doesn’t go flying off in this direction. And we’re just going to
continue that for two, for two. So you’ve got two blocks there.
Same thing over here, two blocks, another block, another block, and
then two blocks, just like so. And if for some reasons,
every once in awhile, uh, a bamboo or a cactus may fall down
this, if that just annoys you, you can place up some glass like
down here and below it, but, uh, that doesn’t tend to bother
me. So, uh, that’s just fine. But we’re just gonna make
sure that there’s pistons. We’ll push it over into
our hoppers right here. Now we can go ahead and turn both
of these on and get them started. But of course it’s a lot of piston noise. So we’re going to go into our music
and sounds and turn, block sound off. And that way we don’t have to listen
to those pistons firing all the time. So if you remember, our bamboo is going to be the fuel and
the cactus is going to be what we are using that fuel to cook. So we
need to now make our furnace array. And how this will work is
we’ll have one line of, Oh man, it looks like we’re getting
a little bit of lag here, but we’ll have one line of furnaces,
uh, kind of headed this way. And then another line, uh, poking
into the furnaces this direction. So we want to start by placing down
our furnaces in a way that we like. So it looks like because of how I made
these, I didn’t really plan on this, but the furnaces will face this way. So this will be the front
of the furnaces over here. So we’re going to go
ahead and place them down. We’re placing these directly
underneath the chest. So right there, so you can see that it’s directly above
the cactus chest and we’re just going out for five. Five is really the
limit that this farm can produce. So you only really need
to make five at all. Now we’re going to take our hoppers and
we’re going to put them facing into the backs of the furnaces. So just like that, and now I’m going to put down a temporary
block and point all of the hoppers into each other on this temporary block. That’ll mean that they
try to flow this way. If there happens to be
a hopper below them, that hopper will take priority
before it pushes to the next hopper. So this hopper will suck it out
and put it into this furnace. And so you can already
see there is bamboo, uh, in that furnace and we’re just gonna
drop the rest of our bamboo in there. And I’m going to drop the rest
of my cactus in there as well. Now for the cactus, we’re
going to do the same thing. Basically we’re going to put hoppers
pointing into the top because that’s where the cactus needs to go. We’re going to put down some temporary
blocks here and then we’re going to point all of our hoppers into that
so that they go down the line. And with this one right here we
should see our first furnace turn on, which is exactly what happens. Awesome. We are really close to
this being finished. First we need to add some hoppers into
the bottom of this and so I’m going to go down and make my scaffolding go a
little bit further on here. Okay, so these are my furnaces right
here. This is the last one. I’m going to place a temporary block
there and we’re going to try to point all of our hoppers into that so that they
will push down the line and we’ll finish off with that one right there. And I
don’t suspect this to get too too full, so I’m just gonna go ahead
and break right there. And these were all my temporary blocks
from before so that the hoppers would point correctly and I’m just going to
take a chest and place it here and here and that will just filter all of the
green dye into this double chest. Finally, we need a way to stop the
hoppers from pulling away the cactus, the green dye, I should say too fast because after
it finishes it’s just gone. Oh, I can’t grab it. So we’re going to use our redstone and
our final lever and we’re just going to place those in front of all
of the furnaces and then
the lever just on the end and that way when we power it, it’ll
power the block underneath the redstone, which will actually end up
powering the hopper over there, which means that once it’s finished, the
hopper below will not pull out the dye. Currently I’m at three levels exactly, which is kind of interesting and survival
and we’re just going to pull this out and I go up a level so it
hasn’t really done a ton. We can see exactly how much
cactus it’s done. 16 cactus, so 16 cactus gave me a level. And the idea is that you would
let this run for hours and hours, maybe even days before you come up here
and try to snatch some green dye out of there and then that is when you would
get lots and lots of levels and this is like your level bank. I’m going to finish up this bill just by
placing a few jack-o-lanterns down as a nice light source for everything and
that means that nothing should spawn. Maybe I need to put a few extra up there, but this is just been
running just fantastically. We’re already at a stack of
cactus. Let me look back here. We got a full thing of bamboo in a
whole bunch of these. Oh my gosh. Yeah. In the first two and then the cactus
would show up and here you have one bamboo in there. It looks good. It looks,
looks like this is running just fine. By the way, don’t worry too much if you
get a few pieces of bamboo up in here, as long as they’re not taking
up every single item slot. Then this will run just fine. You may
want to check every once in awhile, but because this will have cactus here, it’s not going to try to force
bamboo into that top slot. So you don’t have to worry
about that. Oh, by the way, remember to turn off your redstone that
way the hopper underneath can suck out this, uh, this stuff for you and you
don’t have a backup, uh, for that. But that’s it for this XP farm. Hope
you enjoyed this farm. Once again. Big thanks to EagleEye621
for the original farm design. Check the description for that video. I
hope that you enjoyed this. If you did, please give this video
a big ole thumbs up. Leave a like that really
helps out the channel. Also, make sure you subscribe for future
videos, tips, tricks, tutorials, and spotlights here on OMGcraft.
See you next time. Bye!

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