Silver Bells Gel Pen Illustration on Black Paper

Silver Bells Gel Pen Illustration on Black Paper

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative!
Today is December 1st, and that means you’re watching the first of 25 videos I’m going
to upload this month. Yes, 25 videos. I don’t know if I’ll survive. Most will be holiday
themed in some way. Some will be shorter than normal. All will be art! Weblight Dreams and
Darkest Raven Designs are also uploading every day this month to celebrate Christmas, so
if you want lots of artsy content, make sure you’re subscribed to them as well. Technically
this isn’t a collab, but we are all members of the Art Addicts Alliance, we do chat about
our creations and video ideas, and I know they’re also doing this, so I’m plugging them.
So yes, I will be uploading every day this month up to and including Christmas day, and
then I’ll be taking my usual holiday break over New Years. I’ll actually be going to
visit family on Boxing Day and I’ll be away from my art room and my proper computer until
the week of January 9th, so at this point Thursday January 9th is officially when I’m
coming back in the new year. If I manage to get something extra prepared, I may have a
video scheduled for Thursday January 2nd. Definitely nothing else in December after
Christmas, and definitely nothing on Tuesday January 7th because that’s when we’re travelling
back home. But anyway, if you’re new here, I’d love it
if you would subscribe and turn on notifications. Normally I upload twice a week at minimum,
on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and some weeks I have bonuses. I’ll be back to that usual
weekly 2-3 video schedule in January. If you like this video, don’t forget to hit like
and leave a comment down below. Unless you’re under 13 and hanging out here on the main
YouTube platform. If that’s the case, my content is not intended for you, and you’re really
not supposed to be on this part of the site. Everyone else, if you’ve noticed that I’m
adding a little “14A” symbol in my thumbnails and mentioning that my intended audience is
14+ in my descriptions and also sometimes in my voiceover tracks, that’s just me protecting
myself with the new COPPA compliance changes on the platform. I do consider myself a general
audience channel, but where the USA and the FTC protects kids under 13 (hence media ratings
of PG13, Parental Guidance under 13), Canada’s media ratings use 14A, 14 or with adult, and
I’m Canadian. I’m not going to suddenly swear more or explore more “adult” topics and draw
more “adult” drawings, I’m just stating that my content is not meant for the portion of
the population that needs a parent with them to buy a ticket to see Star Wars.
So on with today’s actual content! A couple of my videos will be centred around a Christmas
carol, and today is one of them. Can you guess which one? Maybe I’ve spoiled it in the title,
I don’t know yet. One of my absolute favourite Christmas songs is Silver Bells. I love singing
this song, I love listening to this song, and I honestly haven’t heard many bad recordings
of this one. My favourite recording, though, is the classic Bing Crosby’s Christmas Song
Book version featuring Carole Richards. Whenever I hear that one, I think of my maternal grandparents’
living room in the house they owned in the early 90s when I was in elementary school.
It reminds me of looking at all their beautiful older tree ornaments, and watching snow fall
on the street in front of their house. They ended up contributing to the house that Mom
built in 1998 and then they lived with us in that house until it was sold 8 years later,
so I had lots of Christmases with Grandma and Grandpa in our shared house, but when
I think of Christmas with them I still think of the house they were in before, their antique
ornaments, and Bing Crosby’s recording of Silver Bells.
What about you? Are there any carols that have really strong memories for you?
Well, the footage on this one isn’t very long, and I’ve got 24 more videos to make, so I’m
going to keep this one short. See you tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Silver Bells Gel Pen Illustration on Black Paper

  1. I love Silver Bells too! Great video! I look forward to following you through the month! You got this!!😁✌❤⭐⛄🔔👍🎄💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚

  2. It was so satisfying seeing you draw on black paper. I also have a pad of black paper that I've never used. Hmmm now I want to. 🙂 Can't wait for tomorrow's video.

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