Shopping Cart (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Shopping Cart (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the Shopping Cart from Fortnite. When I started this tutorial I had no idea how to create this Shopping Cart from Fortnite, but as you asked for this Shopping Cart a lot I gave it a try. This is the clay extruder we are filling up right now with silver clay this is the way i figured out to create this shopping cart First i thought about creating it with wire. Well it seemed somehow very obvious to create it with wire as it is made out of some kind of wire originally, but in the end this is not clay. My channel is all about clay so this was my claim to create this Shopping Cart also from clay. So, let’s give it a try! Let’s create the Shopping Cart. I used Rex. You have seen him in the intro for a size comparison because in the future I want to place one of the skins inside the Shopping Cart and this is only possible when the size is right. So, beside silver I think we only have two different colors, the one I’m currently creating. The corners are red and I think for the wheels we need some black as well. Yeah, I really hope that most of you are not disappointed by this tutorial because well normally there are two types of difficult tutorials. The first type is you create a very difficult tutorial. Oh we also need grey. And you just love the end result. You really fall in love with your creation. And the other type of tutorial would be very difficult and in the end you just don’t like what you have created. And to be honest I think this is one of those tutorials. Well it’s not that ugly, but for me it was more of a test of what is capable or what clay is capable of being. So what is possible with clay. Yeah. But of course there will be another tutorial for this week. Well you have seen my livestream on Monday. Thanks a lot for all who have watched it live and wrote to me nice comments, messages and also asked a lot of questions. I answered most of them. Well not most of them. It was just too quick. These questions and comments appeared so quickly in the live chat so this was difficult to handle, yeah. Meanwhile we are not creating the handle of the Shopping Cart, but we are creating the four wheels. And these shopping cart wheels all look pretty the same I think. So, it’s a well known construction. And I think this is the part I like most of this tutorial where I created the wheels. And now we will also work on the seat which is for a small child for example. So this is the handle of the handlebar which contains out of two different colors red and this ochre. And there is the possibility to attach it while the clay is still soft. Now we are changing the adapter of my clay extruder. But i decided to go after oven hardening to glue the handlebar together. Some more silver clay! Some more lines. We will make them just straight and put them into the oven! Freshly baked assembling pieces of the Shopping Cart and now we will start assembling this all. I start with the wheels. This is my favourite part I already told you. Yeah, what to tell about the Shopping Cart. I think most of you are familiar with it in the game. Shopping Carts are great. Well when you go shopping without a Shopping Cart and you really have a lot of stuff to carry with you, this is the moment where you realize why shopping carts are ruling the world. They are the real conquerors and heroes, because they are carrying all your stuff and for some of you even outside the shopping mall. I think I’ve been to two parties where people showed up with shopping carts, but well this is a story for another time. Now we are attaching the wheels, this is the fourth one, to the frame. And there are some more… …yeah, what’s it called? I think this is just for stuff to load onto heavy stuff. This was too much of glue. And we will attach the frame in a minute, but before that, I’m happy to use some old clay to create this negative form of the Shopping Cart of the basket itself and you will see why I chose chose to take this technique. And we are covering this piece of clay. Yes the frame is working. That’s making it a bit thinner and try to get a smooth surface. And we are covering this one with aluminium foil, So that it makes it way easier to remove the clay after oven hardening, to remove these silver stripes we are attaching and assembling right now. Yeah, this was the solution which I came up with on how to create this basket, because this was the trickiest part, the most difficult one. I asked you on Twitter. How on earth should I create the basket and I think I also asked this in the Instagram stories and I got some really great ideas from you guys. Most of you suggested that I should create it with just regular wires. So this will be the side pieces for the handlebar. Also this is easy to create. And for the seat there’s also a frame around. And after finishing this piece we put everything into the oven. Freshly baked assembling kit for your own tiny puppet Shopping Cart! Yeah, some of the pieces broke. I didn’t care much because I used super glue to fix all the broken pieces. I will show you in a minute. But first let’s collect all the pieces and put them together and these need to be shortened. This needs to be repaired. Yeah there’s another bar right there. I think the feet of a small child would go just above, through the basket, because this is where the seat is located. And now I don’t know what it means because I’m still not familiar with Fortnite although I have played like 2 minutes of Fortnite to get familiar with the controlling and I got killed within two minutes, so. Yeah, man! The pen, dude! Don’t waste money on cheap pens. This one was a cheap pen and you saw what happened. Now, we can glue it NOMS. Is it pronounced Noms and what does it mean? I would suggest well I would guess that NOMS is a shop. A tiny mall in Fortnite, but not really sure about that. So using some glue on the frame and putting it together and now we need all these straight bars we created and we glue them to the side. I think there are four… …four lines on each side. Here we go attaching also the side piece of the handlebar. Also on the other side as well. And the handlebar And well before this tutorial is over it was not only quite boring, but I also have a boring giveaway for you. So are you curious? This is the giveaway for you! Just write to me in the comments why you should get this piece of old clay and let me know in the comments what you would do with it and I will announce the winner in tomorrow’s tutorial. And I guess that’s it the Shopping Cart from Fortnite! Guys, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as always. It was kind of complicated. Let me know what you think and also which skin should be created next. I guess that’s it for today thanks a lot for watching. Take care. See you soon. Bye! Okay, we are going shopping. What do we need? Clay. Some more clay. Even more… No, no, no! Yeah, not for heavy stuff.

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