Shopping at JOANN Fabric and Craft Store 🛍️ [Makeup Free Edition!] SEWING REPORT

Shopping at JOANN Fabric and Craft Store 🛍️ [Makeup Free Edition!] SEWING REPORT

hey there welcome to this makeup free
edition of the Sewing Report thought I would take it on the road this Sunday
afternoon I’m at Joanns haven’t been here and about a year we’re gonna see
what they’ve got this section seems to be very targeted towards people trying
to make Disney inspired costumes this is kind of intense all this fun I know what
you even do with all this so at this location there is a bag section and this
looks like it’s all clearance fabric there’s a lot of it here it’s also right
by the bathrooms look at all this fabric get them on a band but you know windows
should have two people so just mirror these things like all the rage made it
to the clearance section interesting things here I’ve always got that person
that leaves their cup randomly on a shell just like Joanne’s but I’m about to do
some grocery shopping I did end up giving some stuff and I have a couple of
thoughts it’s been a while since I’ve been to Joanne’s but their selection in
my opinion has gotten better than the last time I was there maybe it was just
the location I was at and also I noticed they have added like this little like
corral you have to go through to get to the cashier and they’ve got all those
like really fun impulse purchase stuff sort of like a t.j.maxx
so I thought that was sort of interesting and I found out from the
associate that you can use more than one coupon at a time as long as like you’re
doing it on the item that’s not on sale so I was not only able to use a 50% off
coupon I was also able to use a $5 off a 25 dollar purchase and I got more
coupons with my purchase so I know they’re really just kind of inhibiting
you to spend more money there but I guess that’s the goal I’m gonna do some
grocery shopping and when I get home we’ll do a little bit of my Joanne’s
pull but overall I have not been to a jo-ann seriously in at least a year and
a half maybe two years and I was pretty blown away but all the like changes they
made and all of the stuff that was in there the selection I just spent like an
hour wandering around alright so I’m back home I’ve got some laundry going
and I wanted to show you my Joanne’s little home
overall I spent about $31 have some good coupons so I saved $5 because I made a
$25 or more purchase I also got 50% off off my two dollar and fifty cent
aleene’s tacky glue but hey you know what every dollar helps this is for my
dollhouse endeavors because I’m almost out of my first bottle but I really like
this variety because it’s got a really fine tip and it’s stored upside down so
I am a fan of this particular bottle design I also ended up getting some
stamps these were really cute and they come with a lot of different
I don’t really I have a lot of stamps although I do it with the alphabet set
and it also shows you on the little label all of the stamps I think these
are really cute bottle or glass of wine pineapple unicorn lots of fun stuff and
that one was originally 1499 it was marked down to 1099 10:49 and then of
course I’ve got the $5 off the entire purchase I thought this was a really
cute thing all right what else do we have I got this stamp pad comes with
four metallics these got pretty good reviews online so I am very happy with
these and I think this was like $6.99 so pretty good price is $6.99 for these or
move this out of the way all right got some coupons this is for a free
month of creativebug I haven’t really tried creativebug although I already
have a crafts the unlimited subscription 65% off your entire custom framing order
and I want to know has anyone actually gotten custom frame Ian’s at Joanns I
know that’s like a big part of these craft stores I’ve never really had a
need for custom framing but I want to know if you’ve gotten a custom frame at
one of these stores what was it that drove you to do that like did you have
like a specialty picture size with it art I’m just curious less I got some
other coupons 20% off your in-store purchase definitely enabling you to come
back and oh this washi tape I really like these they’re like really tiny and
they come with like was it not ten of these so I thought this was adorable
these cute alright and the big stuff all the paper I got all of the open stock
paper was 50% off in the past or 50% off I’m gonna have to store these carefully
but I got a really good assortment of scrapbook papers I’m gonna use these for
photo backdrops you know when I’m taking pictures for Instagram and I’m also
gonna use some of these for wallpaper in my dollhouse so I’m
pretty excited about these anyways this is my Joanne’s haul and shopping trip
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projects I’m gonna play with some of my new craft supplies I’ll see you guys
next time you

10 thoughts on “Shopping at JOANN Fabric and Craft Store 🛍️ [Makeup Free Edition!] SEWING REPORT

  1. I'm glad you were able to find some good stuff on sale but the store looked so messy and unorganized that I'm not all that anxious to shop there.

  2. I went to Joann's yesterday. All I bought was the new Tilly and the Buttons book. Used my 40% off coupon. Wanted to get some black knit fabric to make a very simple skirt to go with a top I have. Their selection of knits is very poor.

  3. Omg. I hate it when people leave their cups on a random shelf. Really? Walk 100 feet to the trash and throw it away. LOL. Smh.

  4. I did get something framed many years ago at JoAnn and the reason I got it done, was my Mom told me to. They did a good job. The JoAnn closest to me is about 1/4 the size of the one you went to.It's an old Western Auto store.

  5. Hey I have gotten custom framing done at Hobby Lobby before because my husband bought a large super hero canvas picture since it was canvas we had to get it professionally wrapped it looks really nice now.

  6. I had 2 custom frames made at Hobby Lobby about 5 years ago. I had pictures of my kids done, but they were 30" × 10". The frames were 1/2 off but I think I still paid around $85 total.

  7. I had a few cross-stitch pictures frames at Michael's, with the reason being – the pictures were abnormally shaped. They came out good, but honestly, I've framed similar pictures just as well.

    JoAnn drives me nuts! I am so disappointed after every visit. I wish so much that they would have a more extensive fabric coection for garment sewing. The store really caters to the quilting crowd. I also can stand the coupons. I wish JoAnn ( as well as other retailors) would just lower prices instead of making us play the coupon game.

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