– Oh! Oh! Ahhh! What’s up, it’s Collins Key, and welcome to the Thursday
vlog, now for today’s video, I’m wearing a shock
collar, and I’m really, regretting what’s gonna be happening, but first of all, I
need my little brother, Devan, to join me, so. (finger snap) Hey!
– Hey! What’s up! – I thought it didn’t
work there for a second. – Dude, you spit in my eyes. – So yeah, for today’s video, we are doing the shock collar challenge, and basically how this is gonna work, is I had you guys on Snapchat submit to us a whole
bunch of different dares, and then we’re gonna be
performing those dares, with shock collars on, getting shocked, while we’re doing them, so first of all, if you guys have not already
added me on Snapchat, my code, is right over there,
so go scan it, right now, my username is CollinsKey, I’m also doing a whole
bunch of behind the scenes, shenanigans, messing around with Devan. – Shenanigans. – Shenanigans, pranking, a whole bunch of crazy
stuff on my Snapchat, go add me right now, also, Devan’s social media links are all, down below!
– Down below! My Snapchat link is right there! Yeah, it’s gone now. – It’s actually gonna be right over there. – Just kidding, it’s right over there. – I’ll put it actually over there. And Devan and I are gonna be
in some serious pain right now, so if you guys could give
this video a thumbs up, for some encouragement, that
would really mean a lot to us, because I’m not excited about this. – I am not at all. – A thumbs up would really mean a lot. Also, I wanna let you guys know we’re doing a huge giveaway this month, giving away a Macbook, so if you wanna win a Mac, book, computer, boom, mind blown, let me know by… – Liking this video, – Comment down below
what your favorite video I’ve ever posted on this channel, and subscribing to this channel! So without further ado, let’s
jump right into the video. (shared laughter) Alright, the moment of
truth, first things first, we’re gonna put these on,
and just get shocked with it, so we gave the shocker
to our friend Lindsay, and so she’s gonna be shocking us. – (Loud zaps) Ow geez whoa, oh, whoa! Okay, stop it, stop it. Stop it!
– Stop it, stop it! – Alright we off, we off. We’re starting the challenge, we’re starting it, we’re good, we’re good. – I dare you to juggle,
while being electrocuted. – That’s going to be so hard, like juggling is already very difficult, and when you’re getting shocked, I don’t think it’s even possible. – I think it’s possible. – Alright. We’ve grabbed some grapefruits
to juggle, and, go. – (Short zap) Ah! – Oh! (loud grunts and screams) Got this man, it’s so easy. Ahhh! (laughs) Dude, my arm is so
messed up, look at that. – Oh my gosh! – I dare you to call McDonald’s
and add for reservations. Good luck, love you! – Alright.
– Love you too. Can you even make
reservations at McDonald’s? I guess we’re about to find out. – Can you, oh, I didn’t
even think about that. – Alright, we got McDonald’s on the phone, and Devan will shock me periodically, and then I might hand it over, so wait till we get on
the phone though, please. (scream of pain) – [Employee] McDonald’s. – Hello, my name is Collins, and I would like to see
if (short zap) I can, make a reservation. – [Employee] What, I’m sorry? – If I can make a (short zap) reservation! – [Employee] Reservation? – Yeah, reservation. Ow! Yeah, like, a reservation for two. – [Employee] Okay, just a second. – It’s taking so long. – [Employee] Hello? – Hi. (short zap) Ah! Hi! I’d like to make a reservation, please. – [Employee] A reservation, for what? – A reservation for your
restaurant, for two, for two– ah! – [Employee] For you? – Yeah this is for us, for two. Hello? I think he hung up– ah! – A sandwich. – What, just a sandwich? – Just a sandwich? – I’m guessing it’s make a sandwich so, right now, we will make a sandwich. – I guess we’re making a sandwich. – Sandwich. How hard can it be, we’re just gonna make a couple sandwiches. Alright, so we’ve got the bread here. (short zap) Oh, oh geez! – (Short zap) Ah! – No one uses the end of the bread, – Ah! – The end of the bread is the worst. Oh! It’s okay, I’ve got… Here I’ll get you your two pieces, I’ll get you your two pieces, here, take your two pieces, where did your plate go, okay. (prolonged shock) Ahhh! Okay, lettuce, (loud zap) ah! I forgot to tell you guys, (loud zap) we put this on maximum
volume for this one! (continual zaps) – Ow, it hurts so bad!
– There’s your… (loud screams) – It literally, I cannot
tell you, this one hurts– (loud zap) – Okay, okay, okay! – Mayo, mayo, mayo! Ow, my gosh! – I made it! I’m done! – Gah! (heavy breathing) that was the most painful round! (loud zap) Ah! Stop, we’re done,
we’re done, we’re done! – Hey Collins and Devan, I dare you guys, to put a egg in a spoon, and have a race with the shock collars. – I’m down. – I like this one, yes, I like that, major key alert! – Let’s do it. – So the goal for this
challenge is to carry this egg, to that wall. – [Devan] That’s so far! – I know, and if we touch it, – That’s so far! – If we drop the egg,
before we get to that wall, then we have to get shocked
for like five seconds. – I’m, I don’t even know
what’s happening, alright. – We’re gonna be getting shocked, as we’re going for this,
so three two one, go. – (loud zaps) Ah! – Oh! Ah, I dropped my egg! Ow, ow ow ow! (continual zaps) – Ohhh! – Ow, ow, that hurt so bad! – Oh, oh oh oh! – Yeah, so I have to now get
shocked for, for five seconds. – (continual shocks) Oh geez, ow, ow ow! Oh my gosh! – I’m so glad I won! – Oh, that hurts! It hurts so bad! Okay, next challenge, let’s do it, oh man. – Alright. – [Viewer] You guys should do jump rope, while having the shock collars on. – Bro, we’re gonna get
like, whipped in the shins, with the jump rope. – Oh my gosh. – Alright, yeah, wow. – Alright, let’s do it. – Yeah, let’s try this. Three two one, go! (zapping noises start) – Ah! Ohhh! – Oh! Oh my gosh– ohhh! (continual screams) Power it through, power it through! (continual zaps) Okay, we’re good! Everyone stop, okay. – That’s how it’s done, son (loud zap) oh! – I dare you to, drink a glass of water, with the shock collar. – Cheers.
– Cheers. (loud zaps) – I got shocked like
three times (loud zap) oh, oh! – That one came out of nowhere. (zap) – I feel like the water
makes it worse. (short zaps) God! (loud zap) – This is so hard! (quick zap) Dang it! (repeated zaps) Done, done done. Done, done, ow! – Ah! – I’m still thirsty man, didn’t get to drink any of my water. Alright, that was extremely painful, so if you guys could give
this video a thumbs up, that would really,
really mean a lot to us, go follow Devan, all the
social media links are down, – In the description
below, so go check’em out. – If you haven’t already, make sure you guys
subscribe to this channel, and turn on my channel post notifications, there’s twice weekly Youtube videos, one on Thursday, one on Sunday, so I will see you guys
again, on Sunday, bye! (finger snap)

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