84 thoughts on “Shimmer Powder Techniques

  1. I love shimmer powders! It makes for quick and easy backgrounds. Thank you so much for sharing the different techniques πŸ’•

  2. Stop everything and watch Jennifer! I love these videos! Makes me want to go buy everything and craft craft craft!!!!!

  3. I love waking up to a new video from you!!! well 2 actually today so even better!! These are so beautiful. I now must go buy all of these shimmer powders!

  4. So fun! I love using the shimmer powders for fabulous backgrounds. Thanks for sharing this video β™₯️😊

  5. Thanks so much for doing a video on Nuvo shimmer powders as i never know what to do when i'm done playing with them (as far as turning into cards). Thanks for doing a video on Brutus Monroe night shift embossing powders. I saw them and immediately checked youtube to see them in action but there aren't many videos on them. They sounded awesome to me and i'm so excited they are on their way to me soon.

  6. They should have a "LOVE" button just for Jennifer Mcguire Ink videos! β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

  7. I seen powder watercolor , but not with shimmer. TFS! All the backgrounds and created cards are fantastic πŸ˜πŸ’•

  8. Gorgeous cards as always Jennifer!!! Time to go pull out my Tonic Shimmer Powders & create something beautiful! So grateful you shared your time and creativity, blessings and hugs!!!

  9. These look like so much fun and each background is different and unique! I was wondering where to get one of those boards you tape your water color paper to? I've looked everywhere and can't find anything like it!

  10. These shimmer powders are so beautiful!!! And of course I want all of themπŸ˜‚ And I want to make all of these cards, and have all of the stamps and dies too!!! I think I’ll start with some powders firstπŸ€—

  11. My craft room has become a bulk storage facility for ironing for a long time. Today after watching this, I'm going home after work, ironing EVERYTHING and still put it away so I can get my shimmer powders out and get beautifully inky fingers.
    Thanks for this particular video, it was the motivation I needed to clear some space.

  12. Oooh these are beautiful! I just went and ordered every color of the shimmer powders I could find haha. My favorite is the artsy blue and green background!

  13. These cards are all superb. I took a card classes with powders last year and really enjoyed using them. These Nuvo shimmer powders really seem like a great addition to a craft room. Jeannine

  14. I’m so glad you showed a card with the Lawn Fawn Just My Type set. I jumped on ordering that one as soon as possible since I love vintage typewriters! Can’t wait to get it! Thanks for some inspiration while I wait!

  15. That second example was really nice before you played with it. I know you wanted a blended background, but sometimes I feel you fiddle with this type of thing too much! Try restricting your urges and see what you achieve. It frustrates me to see the natural patterns disappearing.

  16. Thanks for another fantastic video! You're a paper magician and I LOVE your card samples. Thanks for your generosity in sharing all you do, I appreciate it very much. Cheers, πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  17. Thank you. I have some of these shimmer powders but have not used them. These gorgeous examples have given me inspiration.

  18. They look so nice, and they seem easy to work with even for a beginner card maker. Thanks for showing the powders, so helpful! Amazing cards and yet another great video!

  19. Such a lovely new product. The technique is amazing.
    Such a cool collection of cards you've made.
    So much inspiration.

  20. I love the flora background and these powders ty for sharing with us! I have the products and will need to try this soon. And loved your chat with Simon @inklipse and Rina K @rinakdesigns

  21. I love the word mix stamp and die but I wish I could use the Thanks word mix die with this stamp set… I don't think it will work but it would have saved us money… Same idea as Taylored Expressions die and stamp set for sentiment strips

  22. Amazing cards! ❀ I've had the shimmer powders for some time and I love playing with them. But one thing you should've mentioned, the powders go everywhere! So a good clean up is needed after. I have started to use a big box so I don't get the powders all over the place 😊

  23. I have been watching your videos for a few years now, and I think these may be my favorite cards you have created. Just beautiful!

  24. I have all the colors and Love the wonderful backgrounds they create! Now I need to use them over stamped and embossed designs. Great ideas, beautiful cards!

  25. I like the powders. Will have to try them. I haven't done any mixing of paints or any powders. So it'll be interesting to see the results. Fantastic video & TYFS

  26. Wonderful Video. You always present the best products. Powders are out of stock currently but will be back, I use Ranger perfect pearls too.

  27. You inspired me so I made three backgrounds while I was watching this video last night! I dried them with my heat tool, then left them for 24 hours. I just cut one up for a card front and it left a quite a bit of color on my Tim Holtz paper cutter – and I can't get it all off! (I've tried four different solutions, so far). So now my paper cutter guide is no longer clear, but has a slight pink (Catherine Wheel) tinge to it. Next time I'll use the fixative spray, for sure!

  28. I am so glad you did this video. I bought the shimmer powders awhile ago but needed some inspiration on how to use them. Your video did the trick. Thank you very much!

  29. Not only do I love watching and listening to you Jennifer, but you make me want to buy everything.
    Love these powders that I knew nothing about, but are now added to my list.

  30. So these powders are essentially Bushos with shimmer? I love my Brushos and have a bunch…seems I could just add a shimmer spray to a card done with Brushos…for a similar effect…am I correct?

  31. I looked for a set of these on Amazon but they are just two sets of 4 each and most you buy individually, rats. I like to buy sets, these are really fantastic and remind me of alcohol ink. Ken Oliver has some very pretty bright colored powders too but I didn't see where he also has shimmer powders and I don't know if his do the same thing but he has some really nice sets of bold and bright colors. Reviews complained that his containers are somewhat difficult. The Nuevos look very good.

  32. Thank you so much for remind me of this mica powder, I’ve got it somewhere πŸ˜‰ Love your backgrounds and your beautiful cards, you’re such an inspiration! TFS 😍

  33. Breathtaking nice. It gave me a few ideas to use some older stamps and a stamp Who takes to much time to color.

  34. As always, you inspire us with your creativity. I ADORE your work – thanks so much for sharing. Just a thought – you could always add the shimmer with the spray – meaning if you use other non-shimmery brands of powders (Ken Oliver's Color Burst, Magenta's Nuance or Brushos) and use Rangers Perfect Pearls Mist in Biscotti or in their sheer colour "Perfect Pearl". Or in a pinch just add some mica powder to water and spray with that. Having said that, I also have some of the Tonic Nuvo Shimmer powder as well and am going to go up to the craft room to make a creative mess!

  35. Another winning video, Jennifer! I ALWAYS learn something new from you! I am going to do some experimenting with my Brusho powders and Perfect Pearls…BTW: I LOVE your inky fingers!!!! Awesome!! Always sending love and blessings to you!!

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