Shelly (Brawl Stars) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Shelly (Brawl Stars) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create Shelly from Brawl Stars! Brawl Stars is the new Game from Supercell and you know that I have been playing Clash Royale really passionately over the last years. So, Clay Claim club is our clan in Brawl Stars. I wanted to give this game a try and in this video we are creating the very first character Shelly. And you have seen that I used this pane, piece of glass in front of my tablet so that I don’t accidentally… oops! Just rejected this team request, sorry, but I’m creating. So, that I don’t accidentally screw up on the screen and I tried it. At first my creation of Shelly with the aluminum wire. I started this tutorial as always like the Fortnite ones, to create the aluminum wire skeleton and to put around the clay. But well you will see that I was struggling a lot because when creating in this tiny scale I wanted to create the same scale as Brawls appear on my tablet screen. The wire is too thick. I tried a little bit more, but it became even worse. Now I threw in some white clay mixing it with the purple. very bright purple, because around the arms there is this outline, so I place it there, as well. And probably you think this looks nice, but just give it a minute and you will see that the whole posture is screwed up. Put it away! Let’s start all over again. First time I showed a screw up. It’s way more easy to create without wire on such a small scale and this is pretty great for beginners. So, if you want to start creating again… I’m sorry, no team invitations right now. If you want to start creating with clay you don’t need the wire, because the creation is that tiny and the clay will hold itself when placing onto the plate for oven hardening, for example. Now we are creating the tiny tiny shoes. And they are also pretty simple all the Brawls, all the characters, the skins from Brawl Stars, if you will are in this comic style and very easy without much details. Shelly, for example, most details are in the face, probably. The scarf, well… that’s it for the body decoration. Maybe the weapon. She’s carrying this shotgun and when walking around, let me just show you a quick gameplay. You can see that she is shooting different bullets, so she has a widespread, yeah. I’m really screwing up in this game. Let’s return to the clay creation of Shelly. At least, this is what I’m good at. The game, when I wrote in the community, in the club, Clay Claim club on Brawl Stars that I’m not really good at this game. I was relieved when I got the comments, which said: Dude, this game is just two days old. Don’t worry, we are all really bad it just takes some practice. And maybe this is true. I have stuck with this very first brawl with this very first character in this game. I have tried out the next ones, as well. I just unlocked this man, I don’t know how he is called, I will look it up later. And I’m making some progress. I haven’t been playing much this week, but I will definitely take this game up again and practice a bit more. Now, let’s mix ochre and this bright brown which is called caramel and threw in some red to get the skin tone. The skin of Shelly is really a mixture. It’s not too bright, but also not too dark. And we are just creating the arms and also the hands. I saw this posture in the news, where Shelly is putting the left hand onto her hips and the right hand is holding the weapon, the shotgun This will be the face, and I really liked this posture, and this is why I decided to go with this one. Now putting the nose, which is really small. While I’m making progress with this creation I think it is getting good, but the face is a bit too big. I don’t know what you think about it, but the face may be good from all the proportions, and the height of the eyes. but maybe the face is just a little bit too big. There is this outline from the eyelid and on the sides there are these tiny thorns. Let’s open Shelly’s mouth, it’s a nice smile. I really like it. I think I didn’t get the smile right. like the ones in 3D renderings and I think it’s even more disturbing that in the game itself there’s also a drawn version of all the Brawls and also Shelly. And this one looks disturbingly not like her and not like the 3D rendering. I get it when they wanted to include these cartoonish drawn images of all the Brawls and the faces, but I would wanted it way more if they looked exactly like the ones. Well, like in Clash Royale for example, you get the card itself and you see the face of let’s say the Hog Rider. And in the game itself the 3D renderings are exactly the same. Well, maybe you think differently than me, but for me all these tiny details matter in the game. Now, this is Shelly’s characteristic hair and I think I really got this right. And now we take some more of the caramel brown for the handle of the weapon, of the shotgun. Is it really a shotgun? I don’t know. This is bright silver and also dark silver and I was working again on top of my tablet, by using the panel, the glass thing window. And it got really hot, so the clay was really melting on top of my tablet. I couldn’t do this for a longer time. I would have loved it, because it usually looks interesting to work on top of the tablet, I think. This is the pump thing from the shotgun. Yeah it is the shotgun, because it has this pumping. And we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Shelly and freshly baked shotgun. Now let’s take a black pen for the inside, the black hole of the shotgun, where all the bullets are coming out. This is the superglue and we start with the hair. We put some glue on the head and also the neck. I didn’t show you how to create this neck, but I think it shouldn’t be a problem for you. It’s like a guillotine. It’s so cruel! My channel isn’t family friendly anymore. I’m placing the weapon as well, and now we take the last working step. We take some transparent polish for the shiny effects in eyes and also the weapon. And this is the comparison side by side. I guess that’s it… …Shelly from Brawl Stars! Thanks a lot guys for watching the first Brawl Stars tutorial on my channel. Let me know what you think of the game, of the tutorial and also my creation. I’m really looking forward to reading your comments down below. Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t and I hope to see you next week on Friday! Take care guys. Bye! That was close.

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