100 thoughts on “Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello – Señorita (Live From The AMAs / 2019)

  1. All about sex these days. Sensuality, self worship self love, fantasies, lust. Its all about sex these days. Everything ppl do and the reason for their existence is about sex. Sex is your god.

  2. I have always shipped them! They are so perfect for each other!!! Hey guys, I made a cover of Senorita… check it out and support me by subscribing……..

  3. The fact that they’re both actually so in love when singing and performing this song in front of thousands of people🥺🤧🤧💘💘

  4. I still don’t understand why are y’all so invest in a kiss from them.. if they together let them be, if they doing it for publicity let them have it.

  5. Everyone help push this guys views he a young rapper he is amazing an deserves more than 300 views https://youtu.be/gOYr76_4uCc

  6. 2:47 Taylor
    Like waw😘
    3:23 they are really dating or something ?😉
    So much chemistry !
    3:19 Taylor did they forget they are on stage😍😚

  7. Kids this is what the real camila cabello and Shawn Mendes sound like no damn auto tune if you watch this then the video they made you see the difference

  8. Their performance is exceptional…Taylor's reaction is adorable ,her performance is phenomenal,Halsey's performance is emotional and Selena's performance is beautiful…
    In short this year's AMA goes in history as one of the most epic ones ever!!!

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