Shadow Puppetry | A Chinese folk art (Hello China #83)

Shadow Puppetry | A Chinese folk art (Hello China #83)

A long time ago a monarch missed his deceased concubine so much, he got sick. His ministers reproduced the image of the
concubine with cloth and put it behind a screen. The monarch could see the shadow of his concubine
on the screen. This was the origin of
the shadow puppet (pi ying). Pi ying represents interesting stories with
lively songs and shadows produced by lights. It is the earliest animated technique
in the world. The images are always made of patterned
donkey leather sewn with thread. The bodily movements and facial expressions
of the puppets are created by bamboo sticks. Pi ying tells stories with traditional methods
and is popular all over the world. It features not only interesting stories but
also Chinese folk art.

6 thoughts on “Shadow Puppetry | A Chinese folk art (Hello China #83)

  1. Actually the greeks did and do it too. It is so great to see that my favourite counties have that same kind of animation. Even though the Greek one is about other topics and with other figures.

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